My RC Vlog #3 Dollar Stores X5C’s And Glow Sticks

My RC Vlog #3 Dollar Stores X5C’s And Glow Sticks

Alright guys. We are heading to the last place. I flew which was that abandoned golf range like fun Center. I Stupidly forgot my sunglasses there God bless you, and I want to make sure that I get them so no one else does ain’t that right? Look at that for you guys amazing right there. I know about you, but to me that’s living Got a mechanical bird about this Yeah, that’s obvious if you’re coming down You need to do drugs or something right? I mean you’re not coming down here to flight walk up Alright guys, so we are back here at the abandoned building and we’re gonna go back inside. Hopefully my sunglasses are still here I think I see them over there. Let’s go check it out Smells like what nice? Got his face look at him. He’s like actually she sorry. I don’t want to be incorrect Alright guys. I’m at one of my favorite places next to Walmart, and we’re gonna go inside and we’re gonna get something for tonight’s festivities Dollar Tree Well, you’re gonna have to stick around till the end of video to find out hopefully you do let’s go alright guys I am walking into the Dollar Tree. I Am super excited about what tonight it’s gonna break Hey guys mission accomplished. Got what we needed we’re on our way home now. So stick around. It’s Gonna be crazy Lady at the counter was like. What are you gonna? Do with those well? Who’s the baiting? I tell her what I’m really gonna do with them now should never understand told you I was having a crazy rave party All right guys. We are home now time to put this stuff to good use all right guys We are in the woods right now behind my house We’re Gonna go set everything up So let’s do it Monix time for the whole Is recorded on two separate shots each one giving special emphasis to certain sections of the orchestra as vary from those positions? All right, here’s our box of goodies you have to generator over there. All right guys Walking back into the woods in the dark as you can see it is pitch black We are not messing around here Be good Let’s turn on the generator and get that little you’re gonna turn on the generator now And light up this forest a little bit so we can see what we’re doing you got Alright guys what we’re doing is we’re breaking these bad boys up And we’re lining the whole course with them. I know you can see them. I know it’s kind of dark As you enjoyed this video? Please don’t forget to like and subscribe leave any comments below and we’ll catch you on the next one happy flying Bigfoot oh no it. It’s just Matt

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  1. Great job brother.. When you hit that dollar store up and bought those heap of glow sticks I had a feeling you had an fpv course planned for night flyin ๐Ÿ˜‰ great idea brother.. Looked like fun.. I flew my x5 clone fpv today but mainly got heaps of flights in with my Bugs8 using my fpv goggles. Im getting heaps better now after a few flights.. Loving the fpv flying. Keep up the great content Rusty.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

  2. DUDE GREAT VIDEO me and Oren Had a great Day to yesterday we took out the Nitro and electronic Slash and recorded 3 videos

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