My Hercules Tire Review

My Hercules Tire Review

(drill sound) Hey guys! Welcome back to another one of my videos. Today we just had these Hercules Terrier track AT2s installed, replacing my Michelin tires. It’s not my typical tire, but I want to review ‘um and see what I think about them. They get a good 60,000 miles out of ‘um. It’s worth a shot. I’m gonna take you through a little tutorial of what I think of the
tire, and we’ll go from there. Hey guys, here we are with our new tires
freshly installed. At first glance they seem to be a pretty appealing tire. Don’t
see anything wrong with them. They are well sipped, which should make good for traction, with no serious imperfections from the factory. Well, we’ve ran these tires on the highway in the city streets with great results, very little road noise, today we want to try something different and drive them off the road. I’m gonna take them onto some sand and gravel, and see if maybe we can spend some tires. At first glance you can see they tend to get pretty good traction in the sand leaving a nice pattern. They also pick up a lot of rocks, but this is typical with any new tire with deep grooves. I even tried to get the tire stuck and buried in the sand a time or two Thus failing multiple times given my locker did kick in and pulled me out. All in all I’m fairly impressed with the tires, and I wouldn’t kick him to the
curb, and I would recommend them as of right now. I’m gonna run them for good
60,000 miles and return with a second review. To anyone looking to purchase
these tires, I hope this helps, and don’t forget to subscribe. (Techno music)

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  1. Have these tires right now , they are wearing great , I also put them thru deep mud , deep snow , and dirt roads, these tires do amazing on highway driving every single day. love the tire , I would recommend these tires all day long …

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