My Cousin Vinny “Mud in the tire” scene

[Music] what nothing you stickin like a sore thumb around here hey what about you I fit him better than you leave somewhere cowboy boots oh yeah you blend I bet the Chinese food here is terrible I don’t see anything out of whack of the day it feels like the wheels went out of balance right after we hit that mud no that’s not it I think you should put on a rack and take a look what’s wrong what what’s the problem nothing shimmying on highway a little bit so you got murdered in your tires I got muddy mai-tais hmm let me ask you a question how do you get mud into the tires oh no you see that’s just a figure of speech see the mud gets around the inside of the wheel throws the balance off you ever hear that more than two tires no she never she knows everything about cars down here everybody gets stuck in the mud of a nine then yeah we famous for mud famous be a month how’s your Chinese food mm-hmm just keep on action about Chinese food can you tell they don’t have Chinese restaurants around here can’t let everybody know you’re with Poor’s come on Oh what are you a fucking world traveler you

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