Mustang Bullitt Wheels (94-04 All) Review

Mustang Bullitt Wheels (94-04 All) Review

Hey everyone Justin here with
and I’m taking a look at a classic Mustang wheel design and by far our most popular wheel
here at American Muscle, I’m referring to these Bullitt wheels for all 99-04 Mustangs.
Bullitt wheels have long been the favorite of many Mustang owners everywhere, from their
classic 60s muscle car styling, in addition to the factory built Ford Bullitt Mustang
in 01, then again in 08 and 09, it’s easy to see why these wheels are so popular on
Mustangs of all ages. Our Bullitt wheels are available in 17” 18” and 19” diameters,
and your choice of either gloss black, anthracite silver, matte black, or a chrome finish. The
wheels are also available in either staggered or non staggered fitment, now a staggered
fitment means that your rear wheels and tires are going to be slightly wider than your fronts,
giving you that classic muscle car appearance, and that’s exactly what we’ve done on
our 2000 V6 behind me. We have our gloss black 17×9’s on the front, and our gloss black
17×10 ½ ‘s on the rear, giving us that really aggressive stance. Now this will also
help your traction as well, thanks to the fact that you get to run a big beefy tire
out back to help you get that power down to the ground. The wheels are also available
with a very cool deep dish option, now deep dish refers to the lip around the wheel itself,
as you can see the face of the wheel is set further back into the rim, giving you that
really nice lip that’s sure to get you noticed. If you want to check out what some of the
other finishes might look like on your ride, then you’ll want to check out our 98 GT
back there on the lift that’s sporting the chrome finish, or our 2000 GT back there on
our dyno jet, sporting the anthracite silver look. Now whatever finish you decide to go
with, rest assured that we have your back, with a 1 year warranty on our finishes, and
a lifetime structural warranty on all wheels. Of course you can purchase these wheels individually
if you like, however the smart move would be to take advantage of one of our pre built
tire and wheel combinations. This pairs your new Bullitt wheels up with some of the top
performing tires on the market today, in sizes that are guaranteed to fit your ride without
rubbing, even if you’re lowered an inch or two. You also get to take advantage of
our free mounting and balancing, optional nitrogen fill, and as always free shipping
and handling. Installing a new set of wheels is something any backyard mechanic should
be able to tackle, all you need to do is simply crack your lugs loose first, then jack up
the car and swap the wheels, start to finish should take you about an hour using standard
hand tools and a floor jack. So if you want to evoke that classic muscle car styling on
your modern day ride, then these Bullitt wheels from American Muscle will give you an aggressive
look that’s sure to never go out of style.

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  1. @secomejia12 bullits only look good in anthracite or how ever you spell it. but imo black saleen wheels just looks like pure utter sex. maby cause i had 2 sets of bullit wheels clouds my judgement but after im finished woth the mods on the stang then saleens are on the list.

  2. If you are expecting to get the hard edge finish on the bullitt wheels, don't. When I bought mine they were rounded edge even when they advertised the hard edge.

  3. Does anyone know if the chrome lips on the rims on the orange mustang can be re-chromed? cuz i have the same rims but mine are flaking due to sitting out too much! i want to re-chrome them but i dont know anyone that does it! if anyone knows plz msg back!

  4. HELP….
    I got a 96 cobra and still undecided what color to get its either chrome or black deep dish bullits any suggestion

  5. please answer my question im plannig to buy some rims but i dont know if 18 x 10 will fit into my v6 mustang 02 ????

  6. i just ordered, and installed 18 deep dish motorsport bullit rim/tire package on my 03 GT. I am so happy with the service, the rep knew exactly what i was looking for and sizes i needed. And shipping, it took two days, so fast. They came ready to install, free nitro fill, and mounted and balanced. I just bought my GT four months ago, i owned two 90 LSC's before that. brought it to first show, finished 2nd at Long Island Flowerfield car show. Anyone looking to get ur car looking good but rather spend money elsewhere on their mustang then on $4000 rims, $1352 got my GT looking tight and left me extra cash for the Raxiom front dual halos and rear L.E.D. lights w/sequential kit, Steeda shifter, Steeda quadrant, OEM clutch cable, 3.73 gears, BBK 73mm throttle body and intake plenum, MAC catback w/3" rolled tips, Bassani o/r x-pipe, Chrome mustang billet gas cap, push button ignition, and a bunch of billet accent pieces for my interior, and an SCT Tuner. My GT turns just as many heads with the rim/tire package from American Muscle, with everything else I was also able to get for her to look, sound, and drive better. Or just get a really expensive pair of rims…with not so many extras.

  7. I own a 00 GT convertible and I just bought 4 "Deep Dish" Bullitt's from you guys. I had to order them separate cause you guys didn't have them in a staggered set or a wheel and tire combo that I could find.

    Your site recommends or uses Sumitomo HTR Z II 285/35-18 for the 18×10 rear and Sumitomo HTR Z II 275/35-18 for the 18×9 front… for your 18" staggered wheel combos. Would that tire size setup work with my Deep Dish Bullitt wheels on my car? Thanks!!

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