Mustang 1995 Style Cobra R Wheel (94-04 All) Review

Mustang 1995 Style Cobra R Wheel (94-04 All) Review

Hi I’m Justin with, and
I have with me the 1994 Cobra R style wheels, fitting all 99-04 Mustangs, available in your
choice of either silver, black, chrome, and black with a polished lip. The 99 Cobra R’s
were all about one thing — performance. Only 250 of these lightweight high horsepower SN95’s
were built, and besides their awesome track worthy performance, included some very unique
styling cues, which feature these aggressive 5 spoke wheels. These Cobra R style wheels
are cast from lightweight aluminum so they’re not going to be adding any unwanted weight
to your ride. As for sizing options, we’re looking at a 16, 17, and 18 inch diameter,
with widths ranging from an 8″ wide wheel, all the way up to the very wide 10.5″ option.
Because of the wide range of sizes available, you can always stick a 10 or 10.5″ wheel in
the rear, and an 8″ wheel up front which will give you that classic muscle car staggered
fitment. Besides looking great, this will also allow you to run some serious rubber
in the rear, which should definitely help your traction. In addition to the staggered
possibility, these Cobra R style wheels are also available with the always cool deep dish
option, this sets the face of the wheel further back into the rim, resulting in a nice big
lip, what’s great about this is, you can run a deep dish wheel in the back, and a non deep
dish wheel in front for a more dramatic look, or you can just run deep dish all around for
a more uniform look, it’s entirely up to you. As you can see our 98 GT right here is sporting
a very stealthy 17″ gloss black Cobra R’s and on the lift behind me our 2000 V6 is equipped
with the 18″ chrome version. Finally our 2000 GT back there on the Dynojet is equipped with
the 16″ Cobra R’s in silver. If you’re interested in picking up a new set of tires with your
wheels, then you should definitely check out one of our prebuilt tire and wheel combinations.
Here we pair your Cobra style wheels up with some of the top tires on the market today,
in sizes that are guaranteed to fit your ride without rubbing, even if you’re lowered an
inch or two. In addition, you also get to take advantage of our free shipping and handling,
and free mounting and balancing. Finally, don’t forget that all American Muscle wheels
are backed by a lifetime structural warranty, and a one year warranty on all finishes. If
you’ve never installed a set of wheels and tires before, don’t worry it couldn’t be easier.
All you need is a floor jack, some basic hand tools, and about an hour’s time. You’ll first
want to make sure the car is on level ground, and then crack the lugs loose before you get
the car in the air. After that jack the car up, swap the wheels, and that’s it. So if
you’re a fan of the aggressive 5 spoke wheel design that looks right at home here on the
SN95 and on the New Edge Mustang, then be sure to check out these 95 Cobra R style wheels
available right here at

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  1. You guys suck!!! I subscribe at first hoping to see some muscle cars but you guys only talk about mustangs ima unsubscribe buuuu you guys SUCK!!!

  2. Are you challenged? First, your grammar is revolting. Second, if you go check out their website thats all they sell is Mustang products. Because they're a Mustang website. They don't suck and are the most popular website on the inter-webs for Mustang owners. Don't say things you know nothing about, please. Just makes me shake my head and feel sorry for you.

  3. wow i bought my black white polished lip deep dish 95' cobra r wheel 6 months ago. glad to see american muscle thought they were worthy of a video like i do. Nice video btw, keep the 94-04 coming!

  4. Just got the 17"s cobra R's in black on my 96 GT and they look amazing!!! Just gotta lower it with some Eibach Sportlines=)

  5. Wanting some for a 97 tbird but dont know what size I should go with. At first I wanted saleens but, I feel like they are too wide

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