Murdered Out or White Out Setup ?! |This or That EP. 35

– You playing patty-cake? (clapping) (chuckles) – You don’t want to play then don’t offer. (laughing) – Son of a bitch. What is up everybody, Gels
from Fitment Industries, I am here with– – Dakota from Fitment Industries. I almost messed that up. I don’t know how. – You’ve done this how many times? (laughing) – Welcome back to another
episode of This or That, where the game is real easy. You answer the question, would you rather go with this, would you
rather go with that? (laid-back music) – We’ve read the comments
from previous videos in the comment section,
all that sorta good stuff– – Even sometimes we’ll ask
people around the workplace if they have any good ideas. Cory’s pretty good at coming up with some This or That questions. – Cory is fantastic at
This or That questions. – But yeah, make sure
to comment down below if you have any This or That questions. But yeah, should we just get into it? – Other than that,
wheels, tires, suspension,
you know, like the thing that we do. – Also BBS shirt, check that
out at Could win a free set of BBS wheels just by picking up this shirt,
how awesome is that. – It’s pretty neat. – Uh, I love the shirt too, so. The shirt is dope, as I would say. – We gotta get on to the first questions. – [Greg] All right, and
question number one, is blacked out setup, or white out setup? – Okay, so I kinda did a
little bit of a white out setup on my Focus when
I had my work wheels, cause I had white work
wheels, my car’s white. However, when I think
like, white out setup, I’m thinking of like, whited
out headlights, taillights, kinda like CO2, you know, the truck. – [Gels] Oh yeah yeah yep. – [Dakota] So but car form,
which in cars I feel like it looks kinda weird. It looks good on CO2 though. – [Gels] Yeah, that truck
pulls it off really well. I think when you start to
get into like the clear and the white headlights
and taillights, you all of a sudden go back
to like the early 2000s. – Yeah, yeah. That gets dicey. – Oof. – That gets dicey. Um, I’m going to pick the
blacked out setup because back in the day I had a
Mustang GT and I had that all murdered out, and
I think black cleans up better than any other color. I know it’s a nightmare to keep clean, but when it is clean it
is so worth it and there is so much satisfaction, and
having it all murdered out and just all gloss black everything– – [Gels] Right. – [Dakota] I think would look cool. You lose some definition,
you know, like it looks like a giant shadow rolling down the road. I don’t know, have you
seen the new BMW that’s in Vantablack or whatever? – [Gels] Yes! – [Dakota] Like the blackest black? – [Gels] Yeah. – [Dakota] That’s pretty crazy. That’s insane. But yeah, I’m going blacked out. – That’s a tough one for me too cause like I’m not a huge
fan of like either, I guess– – Wow. – Like I always like to
have at least some sort of like contrast to stuff. I would probably take a
blacked out setup versus a white out, cause like
when you start getting like the white car, the
white wheels and everything is just white. – Yup. – It … Something with
white wheels on a white car like very bright white– – What’re you saying? – Nothin’, it’s just,
it’s … I would not– – I had that setup. I liked it. I thought it looked good.
– Well you don’t anymore and I like it better. – Okay, well, thanks. – There you go. – [Greg] All right, and question number two is would you rather
strip your oil drain plug or cross thread your wheel lugs? – Neither. (laughing) – What the f**k? – I think both. – (laughing) No! – Ooh this is– – That’s a bad day. Like a real bad day.
– Yeah that, either way you’re having a bad day. – Oh man. – [Gels] So I look at it this way, right? You strip your oil drain
plug, you’re replacing the oil pan, and you’re
doing it right now. Cause if you want to drive your car, you’re doing it right now. Cause like, you’re not driving your car until that’s fixed. However, if you like
cross-thread or whatever to a lug bolt, the wheel’s on the car. It just might not be comin’ off. – That’s, that is true.
– So you can deal with it later. – So, but are you going to
know it’s cross-threaded until you go to get it off? – That’s also true. – [Gels] I’m gonna go
with the cross-thread. I think what the amount of
work that you had to deal with, with like a stripped oil pan, you’re gonna have to take the oil pan off, you’re gonna have to, you know, either get it re-threaded,
get a new oil pan. For the most part it’s gonna be a mess. – It is messy. – And it’s gonna be a pain in the ass. – Cause I’d rather um,
cross-thread the stud, or lug bolt I guess,
in whatever application you’re doing. But yeah, I think I’d choose that too over just having to pull the oil pan, buy a new oil pan, or
cause you’re not going to re-tap that, you don’t want oil shav– or uh, metal shavings in your oil pan. – Yeah, then you gotta
spend like 50 bucks for more like oil and all that kind of– – Yeah, you gotta do another oil change. Next question, Greg. – [Greg] All right, and
question number three is, dish wheels or concave wheels? – [Dakota] Concave wheels look really good on certain cars, but I
love a good stance setup with nice lip on the wheel. I think a lot of people
are going to disagree with me on this one, but I, don’t get me wrong, I love concave wheels, but I really do just love
a good dish on a wheel. – I would have to say,
per se, I would go with a concave look. – [Dakota] I figured. – [Gels] Um, I don’t know why that is, like it’s not like I hate like, you know, tempered wheels or anything.
– I just like three piece wheels a lot too and stuff, so. – I think for the most
part of like the style that I would like to go
with with a lot of cars and stuff like that I
think the concave face with everything coming
to the edge of the wheel and everything is just more what I like. – Concave is definitely
more of a sportier look and stuff like that.
– Right. Yeah. So I, and then it does. It all comes down a per–
there’s no like performance aspect to it, or weight savings,
– Yeah. – It’s just, it comes down to a personal opinion on it. – [Gels] I love concavity with wheels, I love when you get like, you know, like especially with like
the Rohanas and stuff, they have a massive
amount of concave to them, I love that stuff. – [Greg] Question number
four is cut springs, or 22’s? (laughing) – Okay so– – (laughing) – We’re gonna just say– – Oh Gah. – This is what we’re going to have to base it off of. Completely bone stock car, okay? – Oh no. – And you’re either gonna put 22’s on it, or you’re gonna put cut springs on it. Pick 22’s. I will rub
until they fit, I guess. – You know, I don’t know. (laughs) Can we do modifications after? Cause maybe, you know, get some clearance, roll the fenders. – Sure. – Do some pullin’. Do
some cuttin’ probably. Remove the fender layers,
all that kind of stuff. – Sounds like they’re starting
on your car back there. – Yeah, they’re cutting
it apart right now. – (laughing) I don’t know why I’m gonna say this, but I would say chopped
springs, for the sake of actually being able to– – [Dakota] Be slammed. – Drive it?
– Just wants that low life. – And in my opinion
it’s going to look a lot better, it’s just going to be like, oh, it’s a lowered car. But like yeah, yeah it’s uh, it’s got some lowering springs in it, yeah. That’s what it is. – [Dakota] Think about your back, brother. For two seconds. – My back is already– – Well that’s what I’m saying. – [Greg] All right. And
question number five is: Blacked out windshield,
or blacked out headlights? – [Dakota] So either way
you’re impairing your driving quite a bit there. – So would you not like to drive at night, or would you not like to drive at night? – No, I got it. I got it. – What? What you got? – I am going to go blacked out headlights, and then buy brighter bulbs. – [Gels] That wasn’t an option. – They didn’t say I couldn’t! – (chuckles) that’s fair. – [Gels] Give me the
blacked out headlights. – [Dakota] I figured. You don’t even have tint on your car, let alone
just the blacked out windshield. All the rest are– – They’ll never see me from the front. – (laughing) – Yeah, uh, blacked out headlights I guess just for more of a
stylistic approach, I guess. Other than that, yeah
– We’re building extremely dysfunctional cars today, I guess. – We have chopped springs, blacked out headlights–
– Blacked out windshields, or blacked out, yeah. Oh man. – [Greg] All right– – Jinx. – [Greg] And our bonus question is, Hoonigan or Donut Media. – Oop! All right. Um– – Brought out the heavy hitters. Oh man, I want to see the comment section light this up too. – Yes. – Ooh. – Whew. – So you got Gymkhana,
and you got Up To Speed. – [Gels] I guess looking
at it like, you know, Donut Media like, their whole
thing is like, you know, going in-depth, like telling
the story, having like, fun with everything
that they do, but like, you’re learning something from it. – [Dakota] Hoonigan is
just like, yo, look at this crazy (bleep). Just nuts. – It really depends, I guess, like what the mood is
that I’m gonna watch. I’m gonna have to say
I’ve probably watched more Hoonigan stuff, than donut media stuff. – [Dakota] I’m the opposite. I was just about to say I’m going to pick Donut Media for this. – [Gels] Okay. – [Dakota] I don’t know, I love them both. – They’re both really great, yeah. – I love them both for
different things, but just picking on what I watch
on a more regular basis, and the more I’ve watched,
and I am a big fan of Up To Speed, I’m going
to pick Donut Media. – And I would have to pick
Hoonigan, just because I personally watch that
more than Donut Media. So that is going to go
ahead and wrap it up for this episode of This or That. Don’t forget if you want
your question answered in an upcoming episode, drop it down in the comment section below. We make sure to go
through them and we pick out our favorite ones and maybe not, like, our not-so-favorite ones. But don’t forget to pick up
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