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  1. I’m ready for this game I got a new account on Xbox one just for this game and many more off-roading games and this would be the first game I’m putting in my new account on October 31 if u want to add me because I will be on Xbox a lot when this comes out my gamertag:JackassKicksAss

  2. Other than first person cam this is the same game without the mods which is what keeps spin tires from getting repetitive and boring so I am not getting this version of the game until mod support

  3. А VR поддержка будет?
    Хотелось бы… я бы покатался от первого лица 🙂

  4. This game needs map with super deep and wet mud. Where your goal is to at least get to other end. This might be a destroyed road through forest or somthing. Super challenging even for big trucks.
    Also would like to see vehicle with tracks instead of wheels, would be cool.
    And how about making the guy get out of the car? Like you could walk around and inspect how bad you have sinked down that mud pit. (That would make game more realistic too)

  5. Смотрю видео и думаю поиду скачаю но потом я асазною что у меня телефон

  6. I play the original and still playing today and Mud Runner is a saving grace. Love the new graphics and playability improvements. But most of all is that first person view, been waiting for that since forever!

  7. I see literally nothing here that wasn't in the original, and they expect the owners of the original to buy this even at 50% discount?

  8. "Look! you've spent 30$ on a game with no content left alone with no updates? You can spend ANOTHER 30$ for the EXACT same game!'

  9. Мудранер?шикарное название.надеюсь игра будет клёвая и синглплеер тоже будет

  10. This game looks like a piece of shit! Not worth $40, why do we only get to play with big tanker trucks and one jeep? Where are all the lifted trucks and rock crawlers?

  11. Сто пудово обосрутся. В день выхода скажут, что они стараются и нужно еще чуть-чуть. Делаем ставки, господа.

  12. Played Spintires 1 for about 10 hours. I wish there would be animal encounters, like Bears and Moose. Would be nice to be able to exit the vehicle too for certain things. Hope some of it will be implemented in MudRunner someday.

  13. вид из кабины без зеркала… Интересно а мир будет бесшовным или аля прошлый век с подзагрузками? Можно было бы простить и пустоту мира, если бы сделали огромную карту как в gtav, тут ведь ничего сложного одна копипаста.


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