Mountain biking Hole in the Ground trail

Alright, we’re starting our ride on
hole in the ground we parked near the fire station if you
want an exact GPS spot check out my Strava of the ride or my link to my blog
where I have all the information at the bottom so let’s not get too specific
here you can check it online. But, we’ll head left on Donner Pass Road, head over
the freeway. Alright, this is Bunny Hill Road. We’re
going to take a left here. So there were no services where we
parked, so make sure you bring your water, bring your food and use the bathroom
before you head out. Love the smell of this fresh air. Alright, we’ll pass through this gate
here. Limbo. Nice warm up OK, we’ve got a split in the trail here.
We’re gonna head left because it looks easier. Alright, we are now emerging into the
Boreal parking lot we’re gonna head left. Coming through Boreal now. We’re gonna
head left, go under the freeway. Keep heading straight on this road here. Alright, we’re amongst all the cars.
Very popular Saturday morning. We’re gonna head straight. Try not to hit the Tesla.
Go right through here. And we’re going to follow this fire road up.
If you’ve got a girlfriend or a boyfriend that will take your bike up
here, you could cut a lot of the riding time out but i like to get the
full loop in. We’ll get to a single track trail here eventually. We hang a left
here go into the darkness and actually get on
some single track. I hope some of you guys are watching
this video in the dead of winter when this is all socked in with snow,
just waitin’. The number one thread on MTBR in the
Norcal forums is always “Is Hole in the Ground open yet?” Well, right now it is! [laughing] That is some view. Woo hoo hoo It’s some high elevation up here, so
bring your lungs bring your legs. A full deck of cards found on the trail I’m taking it. If I can pick up a dirty
diaper on the trail I’m going to pick up a deck of cards. OK, like i mention in every trail guide
video, you need to have Trailforks installed on your phone so you can do
offline mapping and make sure that you’re in the right spot. This trail is not that crazy,
once you get on the trail, but there were quite a few different turns and
different things before we even hit the singletrack, so get Trailforks, use it. Man, is there a more photogenic ride? It never ceases to amaze me how busy a
parking lot can be or how many people you see at the start of the trail and
then you get out here an hour later into your ride and there’s
just nobody. You just have it all to yourself. Get on
a bike and get out there man. Because you never know what’s going to
happen tomorrow. Get out there today. That’s really what
this channel is about. My mission is to ride the best trails in the world, but
really that’s about sharing them with you guys and inspiring more and more people to get outside Pedal strike! Hey, don’t tell Justin I just had that
pedal strike. Alright, let’s come through here. Keep hiting the trail. So if this is your first time stumbling upon one of my videos, this is what I do. I go out and try to ride the best trails in the world. So if you like that, subscribe, turn on notifications, you’ll be the
first to know when I do a new ride. A little split in the trail there but
we’re gonna head right. See if the shoots off to the lake here. OK, after we’re done with the lake look for this fork in the trail we’re
gonna head right to finish out [GUNSHOT] [laughing] Jesus Christ Doing some shootin’! [GUNSHOT] Alright, let’s keep an eye out here. Hit that left. Ready for some chunk Coming up behind you Thanks Not a problem Alright, thanks Yeah! Quite the little traffic jam on the
staircase, but not a problem. Oh-ho-ho, it’s chunky! Solid Ohhhh [laughing] Got it! Rattle them bones! I wish I was clipped in! [laughing] Woo! Huh, I think we’re gonna head downhill. Justin: The knobby tires are no bueno on gravel. Brian: They just get sucked up. Let’s head right at this fork. So, here’s the deal, I made a wrong turn there was a split in the trail. I was
supposed to go left, I went right. So now we’re going to ride the road back to the
car. Don’t make the same mistake, check Trailforks when you hit a split in the trail. So that is the end of the dirt for Hole
in the Ground. Just loop back to the car. I have to say, there’s a lot of road
riding, there’s a lot of kind of nothing fire road riding, but for the sections
that you get to ride singletrack that are awesome, they’re fantastic. It really is worth it to put in all this
work. Alright, we have finished the ride. Let’s see the totals here 17.9 miles. 2 hours 30 minutes. 2,300
feet of elevation game Fantastic! Thanks for watching, you guys.
I’ll see you out on the trail

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