Mountain Bike Tires: Maxxis (Which is Best For You?)

Mountain Bike Tires: Maxxis (Which is Best For You?)

Look at all this rubber — and it’s even
knobbed for my pleasure! What’s up guys? Jeff from Worldwide Cyclery. This is going to
be a quick video — nothing too complicated — on tires. Hopefully to just demystify
all of these crazy amounts of options when it comes to mountain bike tires (and
let alone just one brand) which i think is probably the biggest name in mountain
bike tires, which is Maxxis. I don’t know, Schwalbe is pretty big, and there are
some other ones, but Maxxis is one of the biggest ones out there. They make a bunch
of different models we’re gonna go over some of the popular ones — some of
the tires that have been around for a long time that are kind of iconic in the
mountain bike world. So right off the bat let’s start out with all the
different tires, which one’s right for you? That really boils down to what
you’re doing on your bike, where you’re riding, the dirt where you’re riding,
and just the type of riding style, right? So you can go all the way from a cross country mountain bike. The
Icon is a super popular cross country tire. You’re
gonna notice some of the key differences between a cross country
tire and something that’s a little bit more of a downhill tire or an enduro
tire. The weight and overall width of the tire make a big difference. So cross country tires are
gonna be anywhere from about a 1.8 maybe to a 2.1/ 2.2, whereas a trail
bike tire might be 2.3 to 2.35 all the way
up to a 2.7. Tires are sort of getting a lot wider these days —
or i guess they’re not getting wider, but people are just using what used to be
called downhill bike tires on their trail bike because they love the
Traction. It’s just a good overall tire and works really well, so
weight and width are kind of the two biggest things when it comes to tires.
The lighter the tire is, and the skinnier it is, it’s going to be more geared to a
cross country mountain bike, and the beefier and knobbier and heavier
that thing gets it’s gonna be more geared towards a downhill mountain bike or an
enduro longer travel bike. The tires these days we’re talking about — again
we’re kind of just looking at general mountain bike tires — we’re not really
gonna go into plus tires or fat bike tires or any of that sort of stuff. Just
some of the basic ones. So Icon’s general cross country mountain bike is a really
popular, fast rolling tire, super Lightweight. You can tell these knobs are
really small, so this isn’t gonna be like a crazy good traction tire — but it’s
really made more for decent traction. But
the idea behind this tire is speed, rolling resistance, and being lightweight.
Stepping up a little bit you have an Ardent Race, so that’s gonna be
…maybe you could put this on a cross country bike as well. A little more
traction going on here, but it’s still lightweight and has a good
center tread pattern as well. Ardent Race is a pretty popular tire
cross mark. Again we’re talking cross-country tires here. Great rear tire
on the back of a cross country or a trail bike, the Maxxis Ardent tire is just
the regular Ardent, not the Ardent Race. This is kind of a
do-it-all tire. At 2.4 it’s a pretty common size.This bike behind me right here, Yeti
SB4.5 is a 4-½” travel called a mid travel 29, or trail
bike. Yeti specs it with Ardent tires — they’re great, they roll fast, they’re
super lightweight, and again it’s kind of like a light use trail/general mountain
bike tire. I know that’s kind of a vague terminology, but pretty common on like a
4” travel, 4-½”, 5” travel, 29 or 27.5. Popular
Tire. Works great, they’re not the grippiest. So we definitely have seen people
even on a bike like this who are gonna put on some beefier tires just to get more
Traction. Something maybe like a Minion DHF. The Minion DHF is probably
the most popular Maxxis tire there is, at least when you’re talking
downhill and enduro and sort of modern-day trail bikes these days that
people are putting on. This used to be a 2/2.5 tire. This is a 2/3 right
here, but a 2.5 used to be kind of exclusively for downhill bikes. But these days
almost everyone’s running 2.4/2.5 on their trail or enduro bikes,
so a pretty common thing. This is an SB6 though it’s a six inch travel 27.5
bike (you call that an enduro bike) that’s got a DHF on the front. Again, DHF is a
super popular tire. You see this on anything from a World Cup-winning
downhill bike to your enduro bike, to even a mid travel 29 or so. Very
versatile tire. It is pretty heavy and beefy, but that also means it’s
really strong. It’s got a thick sidewall, it’s gonna be a lot more
durable than something like an Ardent — So. a very popular tire. Next up Minion DHR-2.
So this again was kind of more originally intended to be a
downhill bike tire, but people are running it on enduro and trail bikes these
Days. Another phenomenal tire, a little bit different middle
section of tread right here, but the same corner knobs as a DHF is gonna have. So it’s
not a hugely different tire than a DHF, but i think the idea here was a little
bit faster rolling resistance or maybe a little bit different reaction when it
comes to braking. What else have we here? Maxis Aggressor. So this is pretty
popular for a rear tire these days. You can see how much knobs and how flat they
are in the mid-section. This makes the tire roll really efficiently, which is
why it’s a commonly used rear tire. So these are the stock tires that Yeti
specs on their SB6 enduro bike. Again, 6” travel, 27.5 bike,
DHF in the front and an Aggressor in the Rear. Very popular combo these days.
Beefy tires, super good traction, thicker sidewalls — great for
a trail bike, but more commonly seen on an enduro bike to a downhill bike. And
again, when it comes to tires, Ardent’s are really popular for sort of general trail
bikes Minion DHFs are probably the most popular of all Maxxis tires that have
been around forever and got a ton of World Cup downhill race wins under their
name and I think some enduro World Series wins under their name. So a lot of
tires to choose from, but some of the key things to look at are the width of the
tire (the wider that thing gets you know the more aggressive it’s going to be) and
you can tell by the pictures how aggressive the knobs are. The more
aggressive those knobs get, the more traction you can expect to get out of that tire.
And the wider that thing gets, it’s probably gonna be more toward an enduro
bike, where it’s a little bit more narrow. Or if you’re comparing the
weights between the tires, you can really easily see. All these tires are listed
everywhere and they usually have the weight in grams. So you can tell if it’s a
lighter weight tire versus a heavier tire, and you kind of know what use case
it’s made for. And it really just depends on where you’re riding.
Whether it’s something like an Icon or an Ardent or DHF, it’s gonna work on your
bike. So where you’re riding, how you’re riding, and the type of bike you’re
riding we’re gonna determine which tire is gonna make the most sense
for you. We’re also happy to answer that question. We all ride bikes here, And
we eat, sleep, and breathe mountain bikes! So we’re happy to offer any advice on that
sort of stuff. Tires are kind of a loaded question because there are so many
of them and there are so many different terrains. You know we’re filming this
video in Southern California right now and most the time out here it’s dry and
dusty and loose over hardpack, whereas you can go all the way out to
Pennsylvania and you’re gonna have mud over roots and it’s going to be wet all
the time. Well maybe not all the time, but a lot of the time more so than here. So there are a lot
of different terrains out there — and tires to match. That and different bikes for
different tires. Well, hopefully that cleared up some questions and didn’t
make the whole topic any more confusing! Thanks for watching! We would love to
know in the comments which tires you guys are riding right now. There’s a lot
of different brands, a lot of different models, and a lot of different sizes.
Leave a comment below and let us know. And hit that “subscribe” button to check
out some more cool mountain bike content coming your way from our Channel! [Music] cut

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  1. I'm riding a rockhopper hardtail 29er with 2.35 ardent race in front and 2.20 ikon rear . Very fast but not comfortable leaning on flat turns . I was thinking of trying a 2.3 high roller 2 front and 2.3 ikon rear and was wondering if this is a good combo or should I go with a dhf front ? I'd like to keep my speed but just a little more grip in the front .

  2. Was wondering which tire would be best for my Aggressor Pro. I ride mostly paved bikeways with the occasional trail ride.

  3. I run Maxxis Crossmark at the back and WTB Wolverine 2.2 at the front for extra grip. I like the Crossmark coz it's easy rolling.

  4. All good points but you forgot to talk about the type of dirt you’re riding. Is it a groomed bike park, Moab slick rock, high alpine, or loose sand? One thing I’ve found helpful is to use a good sized TelePrompTer even just for using as an outline, it helps a lot to make sure you hit all your speaking points. It’s really hard when you start talking on camera to remember them all. Keep the content coming!

  5. Always use Maxxis but I have three sets of wheels for my All Mountain bike what they now call Enduro so I don't have to change my tyres depending on where I'm riding . All 2.5"x26" old school size. I have Wetscreams for muddy woods where I ride in uk winter there the most aggressive tyres you can get they bite hard and never loose grip and High Roller 2 for mixed riding and Hookworms for road and dry hard tracks. Maxxis are the best.

  6. I have 27.5 hardtail that i use to do trails with, Its my all around bike and i use to commute, Have fun in light xc trails and sometimes shred light bumpy trails

    Im gonna ask if Ardent was a good choice for me or should i go with the Ardent race or ikons?

  7. I just switched to 29" wheel from riding 26 couple years now. My 26" has 1,8" tires whitch felt great. I've got 2,2" on the new 29er and thay feel very heavy and unnecessery because I usually ride on road. I'm also considering going tubeless. Any tips on what tires should i get?

  8. I am using ardent race 2.35 front and back but was thinking of getting a 2.4 for the front. Is there any difference between the 2.35 and 2.4? I'm looking for slightly more grip than the 2.35. But i don't think there would much difference. Any input on this?

  9. Hi hi. Kind of new on the tire topic, .my dad use to do that for me but now going solo, or sola to be more accurate.
    Question, I'm tall and heavy so for me it's better a tubeless tire like the one I have or go to a regular tire. Asking because someone made a hole on one my rear tire and need to change it ASAP.
    For what you explain made my mind an agressor, but I still have this question on the back of my mind:tubeless or not. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. The Maxxis Minions are TRULLY special. I know you have a bunch of other good tires out there, but Minions are kinda an ''go to'' in DH and they make a good combo with High Rollers (1 or 2).

  11. There's an advantage to being an old and tired MTb rider, you no longer care about details. Any tire will do ,because i rarely get up above 30 KMH . 😜

  12. It would be good to have a video explaining the best rear tires and the best front tire when someone wants a combo of different tires. Many of my friends have different front and rear tires but I don't exactly get the formula to choose… thanks…

  13. I run a Maxxis Ardent 29×2.3 in the front and a Continental Trail King 29×2.3 in the rear. For the trails I run(Kettle Moraine) here in Wisconsin, I really dig that tire set up.

  14. These are Chinese brand, right?

    I was looking for a car tires and this brand pop up and it was Chinese, so is it the same manufacturer?

  15. Definitely prefer the Combo X-King (front) Race King (rear) 2.2 for XC/Marathon. Rolls much better and lives longer than than the Maxxis Ikon/Ardent .

  16. Hi I ride Continental X Kings and I not very happy with it so am looking for a better tyre now am not sure what.

  17. Maxxis crossmark II on the back, ignitor up front. Its on a XC race bike. I previously run ikons but they have too thin sidewalls and not enough traction for where I ride (Chile)

  18. I have Maxxis Ramblers on my Giant Crossbike. Since most of my riding ends up being on pavement I think I need different tires. I'm thinking the Ikon may be what I need. I tend to ride 150 miles weekly sometimes on wet pavement and often on loose surfaces–not usually gravel, but blacktop in poor / rough condition. Any advice?

  19. I ride a norco storm 1 on dusty and loose but dry singletrack. Which tyre do you think is best as im choosing between maxxis ardent and maxxis DHF. All abit confusing and would really appreciate the help. PS 1st time to the channel and its epic

  20. Would be curious to get your take on the best XC faster rolling tire for a Procaliber in the Florida circuit. Sand and roots galore.

  21. Please recommend me some opinions for my trek x caliber 8 29er, this is my all around bike, but I do ride on my local single trail once a week. Thanks

  22. I ride a 29er trek marlin 7, I hit the trails several times a week. which tires should I get and which are durable. Edit:I live in Canada bc so the trails have quite a lot roots and mud

  23. Is it possible to upgrade my 26×19.5 tire to a 26×2.2 one? Would it fit? I'm sorry if it is a stupid question, I'm new to biking.

  24. I kept getting tired all the time and then I realised it was because I am such an aggressive knob… ba-dum-ptissss 😏

  25. is it better to have a mix of tires like one in the back and a different one in the front, thats what im doing for my bike. on the back of mine i have the forekaster and on the front i have the Bontrager connection trail tires. are those good?

  26. What is the best tire to run in combo with a Ti hardtail single speed w/ front suspension? Having some traction issues going up hill cranking hard with the (IKON) 2.35 on the rear and definitely a little bit of traction loss on the down hill sections running the (REKON) 2.6 on the front. Main trails are in northwest Georgia mountains. Thanks!!

  27. This is the exact video I was looking for, Thanks!!

    I just bought a bike and I’m pretty sure the guy put too small of a tire on because it doesn’t seat properly on either rim and I ended up popping my tube right at the top of the trail and had to walk the rest of the way. (Of course it’s the one time I didn’t bring my tools on the trail) anyways thanks for the very awesome video.

  28. I have a Trek X Caliber 8 2019 and I ride mostly street and a lot of enduro trails and I would like to know which tire is best for me?

  29. Gonna slap on Ardents 29X2.40, EXO/TR skinwall both front and rear on a YT Jeffsy as soon as it arrives 🙂

  30. Looking for new tyres on my yeti asr-5, 26" but not sure which combo to get. Looking at Maxxis DHF 2.3 on the front, then an available choice on the rear between Ardent 2.25, DHR II 2.3 or High Roller II 2.3, all tubeless ready options.
    I ride in Thailand, so generally dry, dusty, loose-over-hard or occasionally muddy clay in wet season.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  31. Where are the pedals on that beautiful blue Yeti? Whos bike is that? I want a set of those crank-condoms….oh yeah!😜😳

  32. For me I used aggressors on my old trail bike rolled well and still have good grip , on my DJ front and rear ikons and haven’t been happier , on my freeride/DH DHF and high rollers 2

  33. i notice mountain bikes kinda went just for noby type tires but i rode a just kinda cross country style bike for just a little bit of offroad had a really freakin good tread and it slipped a couple times on my regular run instead of my noby tires slipping and me having to walk it up some parts

  34. I put in about 600 to 700 miles on a 26 X 2.25. I'm new to riding bikes, Is that a good distance for a mountain bike on pavement?

  35. Just getting back into shredding busted of the old Kona explosif 2001 and blew £1000 on upgrading it.. ( was my old man's.. hard ass) yh I know that I could have had a great bike for the same price but in giving this frame a new life an wanted the thickness tyre with the most aggressive tread on the rear and something lightweight man on the front any suggestions

  36. I'm on a Scott Comp 29er, ride in CO, mostly trail (gravel, hard-pack, dusty) fast trail with some sharp turns and some single track hard-pack with medium technical (rocks, roots, tough on sidewalls). Currently running MTB Wolverine 2.3 in front & MTB Trail boss 2.25 in back not too happy with the grip in turns on faster trail and time to change out. I was hoping to go tubeless. I'm on ETRETO XC 49 Alex Rims, 622×17 mm. I'd like to go faster rolling with better cornering. What's your thoughts?

  37. hello .. my friend i hope you can assist me with this matter .. i want to change my bike tires to as fat tires i can use .. my tire size is
    so which tire is big and fat suitable for my bike on raods … i hope you can help me

  38. I am running the Ardents on my Giant Stance. I ride here in Northwest Arkansas and it's pretty Rocky here. I recently got a cut in the side wall of my front tire and a puncture in the sidewall of the rear. What tire would give me a tougher sidewall to help prevent this from happening?

  39. Damn, is there any company besides a Chinese company (Cheng Shin Rubber > Maxxis Tires) making good products these days…Smh

  40. So I live in Australia, loose dirt, rocky terrain, and very dry mostly.

    I’ve got a GT aggressor expert, and I’m thinking of switching out my stock tyres to Maxxis, which one?

    I ride street and single track a lot

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