Mount a Bike Tyre With a Wire Bead

Mount a Bike Tyre With a Wire Bead

Pump a small amount of air into the tube so
it holds a circular shape and is roughly the same size as the folding bike tyre. It’s good practice to mark any coloured label
or script at the valve hole. This may make it easier to trace a small elusive puncture
hole. If the wire bead bike tyre doesn’t have a label use the pressure information or some
other identifiable marking. Fit one bead onto the rim by getting a section
into the well of the rim — the bottom of the rim nearest the centre of the wheel — to
generate enough slack to get the rest over the rim wall. The tyre is half on. Feed the tube into the wire bead tyre with
the valve adjacent to the label. Put the wheel on the floor with the valve
at the bottom and the open side of the tyre away from your legs. Place your hands together
on top of the tyre with your thumbs on the side away from your legs. Point your thumbs
away from each other. Push the first section of bead over the rim.
Lock one hand in position and work the other away rolling the tyre bead over the rim wall.
Once your hand is halfway down lock it and work the other in the opposite direction until
it’s also halfway to the floor. Once you’ve reached the point where the tyre
will stay in position on the rim deflate the tube. Hold the valve open(link) while you
force the wheel against the ground to force as much air as possible out. The air holds
everything together so it also makes the next step more difficult. Go back to the start position with thumbs
pointing away from each other. Squeeze the beads together and force them down into the
well of the rim. Slide your hands apart keeping the tyre in tension so the length of tyre
above your hands follows the shortest path available. You don’t need to stretch the tyre
just hold it in exactly the right position. As your hands reach the three o’clock/nine
o’clock position you can lean on the tyre to hold the beads in place. Get your thumbs
to the point where the bead is going over the wall of the rim. Work the bead over the
rim with your thumbs as you keep the tyre in tension to concentrate the slack at the
area around the valve. Use this slack to roll the last section over the rim. Press the valve up into the tyre to check
the valve seat is inside the beads. If not the beads will lift off the rim when you press
the valve. If the valve seat is trapped wiggle the valve to force the valve-seat though the
tyre beads. If you don’t do this the air going in to the tube will force the tyre off the
rim, instead of locking the tyre on to the rim. Inflate the tube to about 25psi or 1.5BAR
work round both sides of the tyre, in turn, forcing the bead away from the rim to check
the tube isn’t visible. If you can see the tube it’s trapped under the bead.

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  1. If all tyres were this easy nobody would need a demonstration video. Ive snapped tyre levels and even broken 2 spokes from when my hand slips off of the level and i punch a spoke. I cannot get my tyres on or off without levers and washing up liquid

  2. I have been doing this wrong for the many years….This dude didn't say a word about using soapy water for cleaning the inside of tire and for easier mount of tire on rim….I will continue my way…and of course mounting levers…The only idea i got from this video was the placement of a printed wored on the tire close to the valve….

  3. I tried for a about an hour with soap and tire levers to mount a Maxxis Hookworm. I found this video and followed his instructions and had the tire on the rim in 5 minutes with no soap or levers. Pinching the beads to the center and working the slack to one side made all the difference. I am admittedly a 29er tire mounting neophyte, I was thinking there was no way to change a tube on these things roadside, now I'm laughing at how hard I was making it. It was enough to make me comment on a YouTube vid for the first time in many years – maybe first time ever.

  4. another useless video.All of you are demonstrating fitting a road no wire tyre…why dont you try to do it with a dual ply wired DH tyre?And show us how easy it is…..

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