Motocross Wheels On Mountain Bikes? | GMBN’s First Look At The All New Zipp 3Zero Moto Wheelset

Motocross Wheels On Mountain Bikes? | GMBN’s First Look At The All New Zipp 3Zero Moto Wheelset

(upbeat electronic music) – [Blake] When it comes
to mountain biking wheels, there’s only so many ways that you can make a bike wheel, right? Well, apparently, Zipp didn’t get the memo and have developed their first mountain biking wheel in over 20 years, and it’s nothing like
anything else out there. (impactful crash sound) – As mountain bikers,
Zipp might not necessarily be a brand you’re that familiar with. For most our drop
handlebar touting friends, It’s serious business in the
world of specialist wheels. Now, when they first
came onto scene, in 1988, their first product was actually an aerodynamic disc wheel but following on from there, became a tri spoke wheel, and then various deep section wheels, all in the name of trying to cut through the air as fast as possible. Next up, came the cyclo-cross wheels, and following on from there, came the mountain bike wheels. Like this, the 3ZERO MOTO wheel. And this is a really weird
(dirt bike drowns out speaker). What are you doing?
What are you doing here? – Well, Zipp asked us to shoot
a video about Motorcross. – No, they didn’t, they asked us to film a video about the MOTO Rim. The new mountain bike rim. – Oh, my bad. Sorry. (upbeat electronic music) (upbeat electronic music) (upbeat electronic music) – So, lets take a closer look
at this wheel set from Zipp. So, it’s called, as we
know, the 3ZERO MOTO. Now, it kinda takes it’s name MOTO from the world of motocross where the rim design is actually
a single-wall design, like a motocross wheel, they
can be incredibly heavy, but you can actually do this with carbon. Now, the especially
cool thing about this is some carbon rims available
on the market are a little bit too stiff and it does mean, hold on Blake, it does mean, when you’re riding those
wheels through really rocky terrain, you’re in danger of either pinching or slashing the tire, or damaging the rim itself. Now, the thing with these
is they have something called ankle flex built into them, and it actually enables the rim to deform slightly, where it might otherwise crack. Now, this is a really
cool feature and actually it’s why he is here because
we’re actually gonna, yes Blake. – Can I have a go? – You can have a go in a sec. This is why Blake is here because he’s gonna go and razz these head to head against a motocross bike. Go on then. (excited laughter) Don’t be long Blake. – [Blake] Yeah, I won’t be, Doddy. (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) – Where the hell’s he gone? He can’t have gone that far around here. (motocross bike engine sound) (motocross bike engine sound) (motocross bike engine sound) (upbeat rock music) – Well, a motocross rim has been the same for as long as I can remember. Simple as it can be,
this single-wall design making it strong but
yet a compliant as well. Now, in the cycling
industry they have used this but it’s considered as a budget option. Made out of steel and
generally very very heavy, where weight is no matter for the bike, because this goes powered
by a motor, but it is when it comes to a human
powered mountain bike. However, the use of carbon fiber, that changes everything. (upbeat hard rock music) (upbeat hard rock music) – YouTube presenter who
crashes a bike a lot. Ah, that’s easy, that’s Neil. (upbeat hard rock music) (upbeat hard rock music) (upbeat hard rock music) (upbeat hard rock music) – And ultimately, they
believe it can make you go faster as well
because if you’re running a real rigid wheel and
you hit some rough terrain it sounds really loud, it’s like (imitates bike on terrain sound) and that’s transferring
all those shock waves into your body and ultimately
bouncing your bike around no matter what tire pressure you got running in your tires, it will bounce you around down the trail, ping ponging. Whereas this sounds different. It sounds crazy, it’s like (imitates bike on terrain sound), not (imitates bike on terrain sound). I’ve got more trail to go,
I’ll see you at the bottom. (upbeat hard rock music) (upbeat hard rock music) – Geeky tech type from GMBN. No idea who that is. (upbeat hard rock music) (upbeat hard rock music) (upbeat hard rock music) (bike on terrain sound) – Well, you’ve probably gotta question, why a single-wall rim? Well, that thing is
twisting underneath you. Just like a human ankle, just like this. Moving side to side, it’s doing that, and that spoke is just twisting in there. Now, let me explain. When you’re walking on
some really rough terrain, like I’ve set these rocks up here, your ankle’s gonna twist
to try and get your foot to get maximum grip on the
terrain underneath you. Also, try to keep yourself
upright just like this. Now, it’s really hard to show that out here on the trail,
so Zipp have sent in some of this test footage from their lab. Take a look at this. That is insane, it’s definitely
moving, definitely moving. Right, I think I’ve had
too much fun out here and I bet Doddy is twiddling his thumbs. See you in a bit, Doddy. – Where’ve you been? You’ve been ages. – Ah mate you don’t wanna know
– Dude, dude, Actually you can help me with this. – Yeah. – Can you help me with this one? – Tech geek on GMBN, five, that’s you. – Just reminded me.
– D-O-D-D-Y – If you wanna watch the tech geek edition of this very video over on GMBN Tech, click that bad boy there for all the details about the rims. Yeah, don’t forget to hit
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if you love zipping about. Alright, who’s gonna wash the motorbike?

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  1. Blake was just itching to ride that MX bike! Take a closer look at some of the Tech that goes in to these wheels over on our Channel 👍

  2. I would love to see more videos with blake and that 😍fresh ktm, i ride a ktm sx85 an that 250 he rides is soo nice

  3. It’s so funny you can always tell some one that does mostly moto or mostly mountain bike just by where they have their body on the bike, mtb will always be middle to back of the bike all the time on a dirt bike, moto guys will try and get to far forward and back on a mtb. But loved the video hope you can do another video with Mx!

  4. Next to come to the mainstream mountain bike scene, inverted forks

    Edit: I know that there are already inverted forks, I meant for the downhill scene.

  5. I've always wondered why MX style tyre layouts aren't used on MTBs. With say a 27.5" rear with a big fat boy tyre & a 29" front with a little efficient 40mm or something.

    Gets the traction to put the power down, but gives the small footprint front tyre to roll easy over hard stuff, and dig in and give steering grip on soft stuff.

  6. 3.11 who puts there moto kickstand down with your hand. lol ohh i know , a rook. Maybe youll start a trend. Love your videos guys!!

  7. Blake killing it on the KTM 2stroke! Any other enduro fanboys also mountainbikers like me?

  8. "Weight is no concern for a motorcycle" said when dismounting a what probably is a sub-100kg motorcycle which is a result of years of weight reduction.

  9. This could be the perfect kind of rim for rough road touring — tough, less prone to failure from ruts and rocks, and more comfortable. Kinda pricey, but I've paid more for a lot less comfort.

  10. Sorry mountain bikers, but no MTB stands any chance against a MC motorbike. It's just an too uneven fight – like fighting a main battle tank with a knife.

  11. Like lmao my dad had some BC Carbon wheels(Australian Brand) for more than 2 years now and the Zipp are exactly the copy of them so disappointing that you review the copy and the non original one

  12. Stellar production value on this video. Worth every scrap of effort you guys evidently put in 👍🏻

  13. A really helpful vid would be!,How to stop destroying £50 back tires on flints in wiltshire ,two rides two sliced back tire on my cube stereo 160 sl,I've tried slowing and being more careful but that's no fun,what's the answer ?

  14. The sweet sweet sound of a 2 stroke. Put a smile right on my face. I only watched this video because of the dirt bike. Rims are cool and all but you should make a video of Blake cross training from the enduro bike to the mountain bike.

  15. PDS suspension, kickstand, headlight… yeah that's an enduro, not MX. Still a blast seeing Blake go for a rip on a 2T 😀

  16. I want to get into mountainbiking as a cross trainer for moto enduro riding and to access trails where i cannot ride with a motor.

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