(dramatic music) – New news! Did the Hot Wheels monster
truck start an avalanche? We go to sports. – That’s right, the Hot
Wheels monster trucks are not only racing each
other, but also boulders coming off of Crash Mountain. And watch out for Mega Shark! Who will get crushed? Who will get chomped? And who will win the trophy? Let’s find out. Round One. – [Announcer] Zombie-Wrex
versus Bone Shaker. Go big, go Hot Wheels. (intense music) What happened? Let’s go to the replay. Zombie-Wrex cuts
Bone Shaker off. Bone Shaker almost gets
eaten by Mega Shark, but spins to win. (cheering) Round two. Dairy Delivery versus
Chassis Snapper. Go big, go Hot Wheels. (shouting) Dairy Delivery
recovers for a victory. In the replay, we see
both trucks somersault, but Dairy Delivery,
finding its balance and its place in
the semi-finals. (applause) – What, whoa! – [Announcer] Round three. All Beefed Up
versus Psychodelic. That’s a big bird. Go big, go Hot Wheels. And we’re off to a quick start. But it looks like the Mega
Shark has eaten Psychodelic. Let’s have another
look, and yes, it appears Psychodelic
has become shark bait. Round four. Loco Punk versus Category5. Go big, go Hot Wheels. And Loco Punk spins
out as Category5 get a little help
across the finish line. Category5 takes home the
win, showing the chants favoring the boulder. (audience cheers) Man, that rocked. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no! (explosion) Woo! – [Announcer] Semi-finals. (engines revving) Bone Shaker versus
Dairy Delivery. Go big, go Hot Wheels. Dairy Delivery goes end
over end, but recovers. Let’s see that again. (crashing) That was a double front
flip for Dairy Delivery that had it flipping
into the finals. (shouts) Between the cow and
the burger decals, there’s some beef
between these two trucks. All Beefed Up versus Category5. Go big, go Hot Wheels. (cheering) It’s Category5 taking the win, but let’s have a look at what
happened to All Beefed Up. Oh, and it looks like Mega
Shark smelled it coming and had an early dinner. (crowd boos and cheers) And all this time, I thought
sharks only ate fish. – Uh-oh. – [Announcer] Championship. (epic music) Dairy Delivery versus Category5. (crowd cheers) Go big, go Hot Wheels. And Dairy Delivery
gets flung out, Category5 takes
out the Mega Shark and finishes with the victory. Let’s see it again. (crowd cheers) It looks like that
was one too many flips for Dairy Delivery. Category5 triggered
the Mega Shark, but narrowly avoided
being devoured, as it blows its way into
the winner’s circle. Oh, wow. What a race. (epic music) – Big congrats to our
champion, Category5, on the … What’s that? The other trucks are lining
up to race for third place? – [Announcer] Go
big, go Hot Wheels. All the trucks barrelling
down, and it is mayhem. And it looks like it’s
gonna be Loco Punk driving in reverse to
secure third place. Let’s have another look. Psychodelic getting
run down by a boulder, and Loco Punk backs its way in. – Well, there you have it,
another amazing competition on Monster Truck Island. Stay tuned for more Hot Wheels
monster truck competitions in this tournament of Titans. (grunts) Let me outta here. This isn’t funny. Guys, this isn’t in my contract. (energetic music)

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  1. Which trucks will get to the finish line and which ones will be crashed by these massive boulders? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  2. My son and I love watching your videos, you do such an amazing job! It has inspired us to start our own YouTube Channel and we already have a few videos uploaded. Keep up the great job!

  3. I love those cars! That was so funny! The races were awesome and so funny! Love the video like always!

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