Minecraft – Pacific Rim pt. 1 –  Romeo Blue

Minecraft – Pacific Rim pt. 1 – Romeo Blue

Hello, today, uh I’m Rantax and today I’m going to be showing you this Pacific Rim Jaeger that I built um, this is Romeo Blue from the movie Pacific Rim this Jaeger appeared as a Cameo in two scenes I think, and was not a major part in the movie at all nonetheless, I built this Jaeger, simply because of how he looks his cosmetics, he’s a really cool looking Jaeger, and uh he’s one of my favorite um, favorites so yeah, um, this is him, and um Romeo Blue, he’s a Mark 1 Jaeger, 255 Feet tall um, however he is one of the slowest Jaegers ever to be built with a speed stat of 2 slower than Cherno Alpha which has a speed stat of 3 um, however he is pretty strong he has 7 strength, power which is pretty good, and 6 armor so Romeo Blue was one of the first, second American Jaeger deployed, as part of the Jaeger program right after um, Brawler Yukon but before Tacit Ronin and um, Horizon Brave yeah, so this is him already showed you, I’ll show you the back, he has this fin sticking out which heh, I’m not sure has that’s very practical but it looks cool um, he has a spine here in the back I’ll go ahead and show you the inside I’ll change this later um, this is, I’m changing the doors later here’s the two pilots, pilot 1, Bruce Gage and his brother Trevin Gage and yeah, this is the Drift and um, just the screen and this just goes out, oops so yeah, that’s uh my that’s my first Jaeger that I’ve built, um I will be building Horizon Brave after this one, Horizon Brave is the Chinese Mark 1 Jaeger, oh I forgot to mention this Jaeger has a record of 2 kills in his career before he was destroyed but yeah, like I said, next Jaeger I will be building is Horizon Brave which I mentioned before, he is a Mark 1 Chinese Jaeger he’s a big, tanky, I mean not tanky big fast brown Jaeger and yeah, with two big Cryo like units on his shoulders so yeah, I’ll be building that one next, and thanks for watching my video on Romeo Blue, so yeah, Thank you for watching

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  1. WOW! This creation is awsome.
    Just one thing, it looks very squared up… but who am I to blame others creation? 😉
    Really love the build, and you made it full sized (in difrence from me)

    Trytix approves! =D

  2. but not trying to be rude to you but all jaegers are girls ( sorry if I’m being a little harsh on you for reminding you )

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