Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Radial Tires Tutorial Overview

Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Radial Tires Tutorial Overview

How do you know you’re looking at a serious
street machine? It’s rolling on Mickey Thompson DOT tires. Generations of performance enthusiasts
have taken their cars to the track with the unfair advantage of street legal rubber from
Mickey Thompson Tires, and the ET Street S/S writes a new chapter in that story. The ET Street S/S is a DOT-approved tire that
does more than just get you back and forth to the track. It’s designed to let you hook
hard at the strip, while still providing durability and excellent ride control on the street.
We’ve taken our proven polyester-ply steel belted radial construction and paired it with
our well tested R2 rubber compound to create a tire you can drive on every day and run
hard every grudge night. Our decades of experience at every level of
drag racing competition has culminated in the ET Street S/S, a tire bred for serious
competition and engineered to hook under a wide variety of track conditions, while delivering
safety and confidence on the street. Available in 18 popular sizes in 15 to 20-inch wheel
diameters, the ET Street S/S is designed to maximize the drag strip performance of street
driven vehicles, from classic muscle cars to late model sports cars. The tread face is engineered with void space
kept to a minimum for excellent drive traction, and the thread pattern is strategically designed
to boost hydroplaning resistance. Thanks to its street-smart design, you’re never on the
wrong tire, whether you’re headed for home or the finish line. Get the unfair advantage
for your own street machine with Mickey Thompson Tires ET Street S/S. To learn more, visit us online at mickeythompsontires.com.
Be a part of the legend.

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  1. I've just bought a set and am have trouble hooking up from a dig and rolls I'm guess the tires are just not broken in enough any recommendations??

  2. Its well know that drag radials an rain are not a good idea , anyway how bad are this ones in the rain? many people claim that this are good as any normal tire on rain (hellcat user)

  3. Any good on a front wheel drive?

    How does weight compare to that of a Firestone firehawk gt?

    What is the speed rating and drag co-efficient?

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