Mickey Thompson ET Street R Race Tires Bias-Ply & Radial Tutorial Overview

Mickey Thompson ET Street R Race Tires Bias-Ply & Radial Tutorial Overview

Man 1: When you’re looking for a race tire
that’s street legal there’s only one name you need to know, Mickey Thompson Tires. We’ve
never stopped improving our line of ET Street DOT approved drag race tires and the ET Street
R is the latest evolution in hard core competition rubber that can still be driven on the street.
We know that there’s no one size fits all solution for DOT drag racing performance,
which is why the Mickey Thompson ET Street R lineup includes eight sizes with radial
construction and five bias ply sizes. Radial ET Street R Tires utilize our proven
R2 rubber compound specially developed for drag radial tires and extensively tested at
tracks across the country in all kinds of conditions. They share the tubeless radial
pro technology used by our competition only tires for the ultimate in DOT drag strip traction
and performance. For consistent performance in manual transmission
and pro street applications Mickey Thompson ET Street R Bias Ply Tires use a tube type
design and compliant sided walls. They trace their heritage to the classic ET Street Tires
that have dominated the history of DOT drag racing. M5 and X5 rubber compounds are optimized
for performance in bias ply applications. Man 2: This year on my 2013 Mustang I got
a volt 302 with heads, cam, rods and pistons. It does have a stock transmission, but it
is built up with the Kevlar pads and all the good stuff from your intermediate shops and
stuff like that. The car did make 850 horsepower to the tire, and the car made about 750 foot
pounds of torque. The car is launching beautifully. I got no wheel spin. I got no chatter. I got
nothing. I’ve run previous tires before and I’ve always had slippage. I’ve always had
to deal with retraction issues trying to, you know, lower the RPM, but with this I’m
launching the car exactly where I want it. The car drives perfectly down the track, no
issues at all. What I like wearing about a DOT tire versus running just a pure slick
is the fact that you can drive it on the street. It’s really making the whole experience much
more pleasant and a lot more fun to do over and over again. Man 1: Whatever ET Street R Tire you use you’ll
be running on the quickest tires we can make that still wear the DOT label. To learn more
visit us online at mickeythompsontires.com. Be a part of the legend!

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  1. What is the optimum tire pressure on these? Im runnng 21 psi it feels safe up top but not cutting a good 60ft 1.8 is what i get. Thx

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