Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All Terrain Tire review

Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All Terrain Tire review

The Mickey Thompson Deegan 38
all-terrain tires. The original Deegan 38 is a mud terrain tire you can be forgiven for thinking the 38 is the tire size it’s not, it’s Deegan’s racing number. Two years after the successful intro of the mud tire Mickey Thompson
just released the Deegan 38 All Terrain and naturally we had to test a set. The current size range is 29 to 33 inches for wheel sizes of 15 to 22 inches in both standard and light truck ratings. We grabbed a set of 5 LT 285/70R17 wrapped them around a set of Mickey Thompson 17 x 9 Deegan PRO 2 wheels and started climbing. We aired the tires down to 10 psi which provided a nice bulge in the
sidewalls and a good footprint against the earth. As we climbed – the tires held
effortlessly in the loose dirt and rocks. Further up gathering winter runoff
created axle high mud and bumper high water pools. Finally changing to sticky wet snow. Naturally, you don’t know how far a tire can take you until you get stuck and so we did. When the snow finally reached the frame that is. I needed a quick tug to break free, get over the crest of the hill and we
continued on our way. The tread pattern shed the small rocks the mud and the
snow cleanly always providing some empty tread ready to eagerly cloth the trail
and what Mickey Thompson dubs the side biter to technology the pattern of
alternating shoulder tread blocks they work like tractor treads to move you
through anything they can hook their talons into sharp rocks and fallen trees
are always a cause for concern on the trail but again the silica reinforced
rubber compound proved tougher than the trail proving Mickey Thompson’s claimed
that the tires are chip and cut resistant
so I’m rode on the highway it’s solid we put through some hard corners I swerved
back and forth it’s not a lot whole entire really is confidence-inspiring
your truck needs to be your daily driver not just your off-road rig Deegan 38
all-terrain is a terrific tyre for great road manners as well as a great tire for

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  1. Yeah I gotta see how they look in person. I thought they the AT but hard to tell from the video. They seem pretty capable. Thanks for answering

  2. what are the sidewall ply like? I have a Jeep and the tires on it now or general Grapplers at2 and I keep puncture in the sidewall and they are 2 ply. would these be any better?

  3. I have them on my '03 Tahoe with a 3" lift and I gotta say they are extremely good. Real quite on the road and great off road.

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