Michelin TRX

Michelin TRX

Michelin TRX Michelin TRX was
groundbreaking technology in that the tyre carcass allowed a more even distribution
the tensions within the carcass which improved grip and longevity and decrease
the heat buildup in the carcass what was particularly clever about this is the wheel
and tire combination together which is what designated the need for the
millimetric rim sizes instead of being able to put on to normal inch rim size
like other cars have and the rim the flange on the rim of a millon of a TRX
wheel is a shower flange with a different angle to it so it allows a less
complicated curve in the sidewall of the tyre as it flexes which which does all
those things I’m decreasing the heat buildup and spreading the tension
and what that allowed in the tyre was cars have extremely high speed rate
lower profile tires and what normally happens if you go low profiles you lose
you lose confidence and increase vibration which is bad for the car
so if you can get a low profile tyre which improves the directional stability and
diminishes the amount of flex and movement in the sidewall of the tyres while at the same
time of ofcorse giving you more out and out grip you can get a wider tire for
the same diameter so a groundbreaking tyre things like this one fitted to
cars like the citoren CX or BMW 7-series big powerful cars are capable doing
70 to 100 mph continuously for hours on end also this tyre here was a is the
rear tyre for a car for the renault 5 turbo so a real top-notch sports car
tire and TRX are also used by topnotch brands such as Ferrari for their really
swanky cars ferrari testarossa buy our TRX tyres we’ve got quite an extensive
range of these and its actually really good of Michelin to continue to make these
classic tires for us because for a lot of them the demand is very small for instance
their Ferrari Testarossa rear tyre I don’t know of another car that fits, just fits
rear of a testarossa for a few years so very good of michelin to continue to do that for us
more details from Longstone Tyres 01302 711123 or www.longstone.com

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  1. 220/55VR390 Michelin TRX B are available again (June 2012) the other sizes look like they might take more time. Longstone Tyres ship the TRX tyres free. if you want to go on our back order list we will contact you when they come in 00 44 1302 711123

  2. TRX – the Betamax of tyres 🙂 My (late) father, John had a set of these back in '83 in his "last of the V8's" 5.8L Charcoal black Ford Australia FD LTD. Swing forward to today and my restoration roject 1988 E32 735i BMW had a set of factory BBS style TRX wheels as an option – and there are 3 at the local tip !

  3. Great idea but they never caught on, and it just sucks now that if you need them, they cost 4 times as much as a regular tire of a similar size.

  4. Are they the same tyre sold by Coker Tire in the United States? I hope they are using a softer rubber for the tyre. I had TRX tires on my 79 Mustang Indy Pace Car and they sucked. Maybe the tires had dried out a bit before I had them as I was buying used TRX tires. My youthful enthusiasm plus a 302 V8 and a 4 speed in that Mustang didn’t favor any tires on that car lasting long. I did spin the rear tires purposely down to bald which made them hookup well in a race.

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