Michelin tires are the BEST! #62

Galvatron coming online… CycleVlogger live, signing in… As we are heading out to this Oyster Run I’ll be in the back with Rulan here The guy I told you about with the Repsol And the Michelin Road 3’s A word on these Michelin Road 3’s man these tires man… I was worried that they wouldn’t hit the corners well but they hold up they’re good man I’m surprised but I can hit the twisties on these things The fact that they could go that long I have not maxed out the recommended tire pressure I will But it’s ok, because we’re about to winterize these bikes soon anyways here in the NW as you can see the clouds up there it’s going to start raining sometime this week and beyond it’s how it is here but I do ride in the rain i just don’t have a driveway a paved driveway it makes it hard to go up and down the hill in front of my house that’s ok though what are the tires you prefer? are there particular tires? leave a comment and let me know what it is you enjoy riding with those cruisers are not with us, they’re with a different crew we’re about an hour drive from here to Anacortes, which is where the Oyster Run is… I haven’t tried Oysters in so long My tires a little slick right now I got to take it easy, that’s why I’m in the back that’s one thing you got to remember too, guys if you just got brand new tires your tires are a little slick when you start out take it easy when you first ride first few hundred miles or whatever got to hit those turns, don’t go fast take it easy on the throttle on my next video, I’m going to talk about My helmet and my Scala G4 Rider snowmobile type of bluetooth the girl up ahead she’s a Riderette I’ll feature them at some point Some of the girls in her crew came out to ride with us she’s ok with us recording that’s good to know I’ll get them in the video more often guys she’s the one with the R6 there Tires have a 5 year shelf life on the average depending on how well you take care of them overtime, the tires will start to crack due to weather conditions the fact that the rubber is getting old take good care of your tires man thanks for watching CycleVlogger signing out Thursday, Saturday, and Sundays I post all my videos Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

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