Metzeler Motorcycle Tire Finder – Find the Perfect Tire – Video Guide: Tip of the Week

Metzeler Motorcycle Tire Finder – Find the Perfect Tire – Video Guide: Tip of the Week

What rubber are you trusting to get you safely
to your destination? Kyle from Cruiser Customizing here with your
Metzeler Motorcycle Tire Tip of the Week. Metzeler has been the elephant in the industry
when it comes to putting aftermarket tires into your motorcycle. They have direct stock
replacements for just about every cruiser out there; be it Metric or Harley-Davidson. The ME 880 from Metzeler has taken the aftermarket
motorcycle tire to a completely new level. They offer awesome performance gains over
stock. It created the oversized tire chart which shows you exactly which tire you can
mount on your stock motorcycle that will allow you to have that wide tire effect, tire look. The ME 880s come in basically 4 different
types. You got the standard 880. You got the Marathon 880 XXL, and you got the white walls;
both the wide and narrow stripe. While the tread pattern on all these tires are the same,
the carcass on what these tires are made of is slightly different. This right here in front of me is the 880
Marathon. This particular tire has a soft compound which allows excellent grip, allowing
maximum torque output with total control. It’s got a machine specific carcass construction
for exceptional riding stability in all speeds. This particular tread pattern was designed
with offset grooves, providing high mileage. Moving on over, we go to the XXL ME 880. This
particular tire is awesome. This 200 series tire right here is the most common upgrade
for most of the Metric cruisers out there who are looking to go a little bit wider on
their stock wheels. This tire right here features a zero degree steel belt; it makes it possible
to mount this tire extremely close to the fender without getting flexed, so the tire
doesn’t bottom out and burn against the fender. The XXL also comes in 240, 260, 280 and 300.Now
on Metzeler’s website you can see exactly which Metzeler tire is gonna be the best fit
for your motorcycle. From the Metzeler homepage it’s really easy
to find which tire best suits your motorcycle. On this list, I’m gonna select Honda, and
then I’m gonna choose VTX 1300, and I’m gonna click “Find Now”. It’s then gonna take me
to a page that allow me to accept their terms and conditions. Click “Go” which is gonna
take me my tire sizes and recommendations for my motorcycle. As you can see here, the
front is 140/80 17, and the rear, a 170/80 15. And they’re showing us the specific oversized
fitment right here at the bottom. Oversized tire chart shows you which tire
you can mount on your stock motorcycle that will allow you to have that wide tire effect,
tire look. You can take a look at our tire finder. Our
tire finder will allow you to find all of the tires that are available for your make
and model of your motorcycle. Once you’ve found the size of tire that you
need, you can jump over to Cruiser Customizing, and in the upper right hand corner of the
“Browse by Category”, you can click “Tire Finder”. From the “Tire Finder” homepage, you can choose
which brand of motorcycle tire you’re looking for. You can select “All Brands”, in this
case, I’m gonna select Metzeler. I can then choose what I want. A wide wall?In this case,
I’m gonna choose “No”. The width that I’m looking for is a 200 for the rear, and my
diameter is gonna be an 18. So the tire that I’m gonna need for my particular VTX is this
ME 880 200/50 VR 18. Now, if you’re looking for wide walls, the
process would be just the same. I’m gonna use the stock size wheel in this application.
So here I’m gonna select the brand as Metzeler once again. I’m gonna go ahead and choose
wide wall “Yes”, 170,and I’m gonna go ahead with a diameter of 50. I can click “Search
Now”, and I can now find the specific wide wall tire that I would be needing for my application. The ME 880 from Metzeler is the perfect tire
if you’re looking to put an upgraded aftermarket tire for your Metric or Harley-Davidson cruiser.

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  1. Hi! I have to buy a 170/80 R15 rear tire for my '91 Shadow. What's the one with "largest look" between Michelin Commander II and Metzeler ME880?

  2. Do you recommend tyres for other types of bikes as well or are they basically all the same? I've got Metzeler 160/60 ZR 17 on the rear and 120/60 ZR17 on the front of my Suzuki SV650. Are there equivalents in other brands or are you an agent for Metzeler?

  3. Ugly damn tread design. No information on how many miles you might get on these tires either. Car tires look better and LAST MUCH LONGER.

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