Metzeler Inside and Out: Reading Your Tire

Metzeler Inside and Out: Reading Your Tire

hi everyone I’m Christy Lee here on behalf of Metzler Tire to answer some common questions that many writers have about tires let’s start with what do all of the letters and numbers on the side wall of the tire mean and how can I tell how old my tire is let’s take a look at the d-o-t code first do T stands for Department of Transportation and that means that this tire is both street-legal in the US and Canada the second set of letters actually represents the factory that this tire was made in now the next six letters and numbers have no significance whatsoever to the consumer those are for internal use only and finally the last four digits that represents the week and year that this tire was made in so you can tell from the code on the sidewall when this tire was made for example this tire was made in the 42nd week of 2012 what about the other numbers and letters on the tire sidewall well that can tell you the size of the tire and the service specifications so let’s take a look at the first number that’s the section width of the tire measured in millimeters and that’s taken from edge-to-edge at the tires widest point the next number after the backslash is the aspect ratio and that’s the sidewall height as a percentage of the section width so for example this tire sidewall height is 80 percent of the 150 millimeter section with following the aspect ratio is a character that denotes the tires construction B stands for bias belted R stands for radial construction and a dash represents a bias ply or sometimes known as cross ply construction finally the last number in this segment of letters and numbers represents the tires rim diameter measured in inches on some tires the next two letters that follow the first segment of letters and numbers represent if the tire is a tubeless tire TL or a tube type tire TT but on this tire for example it shows that it’s tubeless here the final two numbers and letter in the segment represent the load index and the speed rating of the tire the load index is the tires load carrying capability the higher the number the higher the load capacity and the speed rate is a letter that corresponds in miles per hour and kilometers per hour that the tire is certified at we get a lot of questions about both of these the bike manufacturer sets the tire specs for each application and you must always install a tire that meets or exceeds the OE specifications for both the load index and speed rating for more information you can find us on facebook and twitter or you can check us out at Metzler comm thanks for watching

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  1. Really? Reading the tire means looking at the thread wear to check if the pressure is correct, if the suspension settings are good etc…

  2. Ногти конечно аккуратные, но кутикулы забыла подстричь, а так тёла супер)

  3. Cristy. Спасибо за видео. Ты- красотка)))) Удачи 2019))

  4. Nice and clear directly to the point. Though I was looking to find which way to put the tire on. Tires I just bought do not say, inside and outside on them.

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