Mencari Shoutcaster AOV Untuk E3 2018 – Arena of Valor Caster School

Mencari Shoutcaster AOV Untuk E3 2018 – Arena of Valor Caster School

[Music] we’re here to find two talented individuals to become arena valores next casters this is arena valor caster school eight contestants compete for two spots to cast the Valor series live at e3 your judges Cobra and sir Wallen will determine who graduates arena of Valor caster school [Music] with over 200 million monthly active players marina and valor is one of the most popular video games on the planet to be a caster for game of this magnitude would be a great honor it’s why we’ve gathered eight talented intestines from around the world to compete to find out which to become a RINO dollars next casters let’s meet our eight contestants hello everyone I’m Matt and Iberia Clin Daniel from the middle of nowhere Delaware I didn’t get involved myself until about two years ago and League of Legends I was the worst but I realized that I really enjoyed it so I kept going and I eventually started casting for a small volunteer organization called learning five and I’ve been doing that for the past two years and we’re still currently doing that I’m Thomas from San Francisco most people know me as TJ I’m gonna get to sit in a room with some of the best people currently casting and the Atlantic link I’m gonna get to learn a ton and become wave actually to commentate I’m told that they want to help me they haven’t met me yet so I’m gonna kind of withhold judgement as to whether or not they still want to help me Aloha guys I’m Josh from Hawaii also known as jbz what I do hope to learn from this school is definitely to improve on my play-by-play but it would definitely like to look into color and hosting as well and just overall increase my experience as a shell caster and make me better hey I’m Daniel d2e Kuta from Japan so I did a lot of like play as well as hosting color commentary with my specialties I’m hosting dad’s caster school Kim to teach me to apply and enhance my telecasting in to a MOBA hopefully that’s something I can get used to at this point even my family calls me back I’m from California and you can find me at twitch TV a brown-bag I’ve been getting into a lot of color commentary and sort of analysis I like really bringing the hype if I could go learn from people I’ve been doing this for like five to six years that’s only gonna make me a better commentator faster and ultimately you know streamline hey guys my name is karellen I’m from Toronto Canada and you can find me online as Kara I really hope to better learn how to make my collagen more accessible to general population and to give my analysis that one step up from what it is right now and to just elevate it to the next level and provide the best analysis I possibly can as a Koster hey everyone this is Douglas from Brazil so you can find me on youtube also known as Douglas yield I’m a youtuber from Brazil I’ve been into eSports for around three years I do a lot of casting all my channel and also in stage events but my main goal is to be all over the world casting a sports event for you guys hey bud my name is Alexander opal or Shambo I’m from the great white north of canada dowdy Alberta I’m the only guy into eSports around five years ago I’ve always been a player are you seeing a huge stadium Staples Center just filled to the brim with people they’re watching just being ten guys battle it out the excitement you got out of the casters not really what drove me to wanting to pursue this as a crew we sent our contestants to caster school work with possibly the greatest talent in the world [Music] see that we were going to work with lil Joe was just amazing because for us he’s a legend say very nice it just learned so much as far as hosting building a brand commentary play-by-play just everything around it on instant V for victory so guys welcome to the world here it’s just incredible that word being given a chance to be in that chair and beyond that dust doing what they’re doing like we have to be good so cool sitting at the caster desk was like a dream come true and it’s a place I want to be good luck good luck good luck good luck being a caster is incredibly hard you have to know everything about the game as one uninformed decision can ruin an entire broadcast eight of you are here today but only two will become official AOB casters I designed this challenge to test really how much these contestants know about arena valor and also how quick they are on their feet this is going to be the arena Valor quiz challenge answer wrong and you’re out the last one standing will get a huge advantage in the next challenge first question which hero features abilities such as God of War and monkey business all right show us your answers and the correct answer is indeed Wukong has all gotta correct good job our next question which hero has the abilities known as fire in the hole and concussive rounds three seconds time all right show us your answers the correct answer is indeed violet does Geo unfortunately I can remember all the skills in English gotcha opal being relatively new to the game I’m still learning it pretty fast but not fast enough well Doug and opal you guys are out from this challenge all right we’re moving forward with the next question the abilities known as suitor of pain and Nirvana belong to which era time all right show us your answers the correct answer is our jbz and bad you guys had Coleen and Mina which are incorrect those are not the heroes thank you so much for your out from this challenge step out to your left this next one’s a bit of a personal favorite if you are being damaged by booty foots or seeing someone being a bro which hero did you encounter that’s a softball question flip over thankfully you guys all got it correct the answer is tini the next question what is the name of zil’s ultimate ability mobility 3 and show us your answers only one of you got it right we all know the answer is tune in next week to find out who won our first challenge on arena valor casters eight contestants compete for the top two spots to cast Valor series live at e3 your judges children and sir Wallen will determine who graduates Arina valor casters [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Njir ada yang kek gini segala, sudah merambah segala aspek nih, udah bukan sekedar game aja nih AOV, mantep dehh, semoga mkin bikin yg sebelah kebakaran pantattt wkqkqkwkwkw

  2. Caster school….pengen banget gw ikut…..


  3. Sebenarnya rival internasional AOV utk kelas internasional yah VG, cmn yah kembali ke induknya si Tencent klo dibandingin sama SEMC ga ada apa2nya.

  4. 4:10 kayak komentator bola Valentino 'jebret' Simanjuntak versi Inggris ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #dukungjebretshoutcasteraov

  5. kalau yg nonton td pagi liar bener betman nongol dan jump suaranya serak sama ada dopplegager juga

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