What is up everyone, my name is max and today today is gonna be a fucking exciting day for me you know why, cause i got new wheels i got new fucking shoes for my car gotta shout out for Niche out there i don’t know is it the right way to pronounce your name but for god damn, one thing is right, here it is, is that, their wheels are fucking sick! tbh right now i’m just fucking excited fucking happy for this and i really want to do this right now so i’ll be right back with you guy, i gotta put this thing in my car, i made appointment at 2PM with discount tires today and lets hope everything goes well, I’ll see you guys later [Music by Rewind Remix] What is going on everybody so we’re at discount tires and i just got the payment done i got the paper works done, i’ve paid already So i just talk to the guy and he has a pretty cool Z and i just posted it on my snapchat I’ll probably try to link it with the video (Didn’t happen Sorry) His name is Brody if i’m not wrong so he drive a 350Z and freaking hell, his straight pipe, spit and it’s sick! so right now i’m just waiting for them to get it done, i’m next on the list. As you can see there’s tons of cars, not sure if you really can see them I’m fucking excited he can even tell from my fucking face that i’m excited He’s like ” I can tell you’re pretty excited of your new wheels ” so let’s just hope i can get that done as soon as possible today isn’t suppose to rain but look at the sky is pretty gloomy but i don’t really care, i’m having a good time and i probably no’t even go to my class today will see how that goes i’ll probably wash my car after this As you can, a lot of people are into this sexy ass wing right here it’s a knightsports from Japan that i got it with my uncle i got it from Malaysia, supposedly from Japan, got it with my Uncle my uncle was the one that bought it for me i’m not sure the price, i actually check on Knightsports once in a Japanese Website i recalled cause i check that 2 years ago it was about like, near a thousand dollars (It’s $600 without shipping) that’s insane but my Uncle got it for which we did the paint job back at Malaysia i’m satisfy with it and a lot people actually like it i’m surprise that every time i post this people just message me in my inbox and they be like ” hey man where did you got your wing” and i’m like, i can’t help them out but recently i found one on ebay I’ll try to link it on my description i’m not sure how many are they left so i’ll try to link it and i’ll let you guys know cause there’s a replica version, that is much smaller a bit the width is about the same size is just the sides as you can see the side there, it’s pretty small compare to mine Right now he’s driving my car I’ll cut that short and link it he’s driving my car right now lets film it and see how it goes and how it looks or whatsoever I’ll see you guys later well that took me a good one and half hours i got there at 2 now it’s like 3:30ish the clock is just there but it’s not accurate so, swap those wheels out they look pretty sick i liked them a lot i was pretty much worried that it won’t look good because i lowered it with corksports lowering springs i was never good with tires sizes i had to asked my brother because he’s really good with cars he used to race in tracks i know he has a RX-7 FD SWEET [Stranger] “you want to wipe your dash” “wipe your dash out” Nah it’s okay “this is a Speed 3 right” this is just a normal Mazda, i just modified it “Dude, it looks sick and shizz” Thanks man! (REALLY TQ) I’m just recording a video right now “my bad” it’s cool, it’s cool i appreciate people like that they always say nice things about my car and i’m really happy bout it ^_^ it’s pretty much like that but anyways, i’m gonna fill gas after i filled gas, i’ll probably have to head to school I’ll probably round this video up with some car videos of how outside looks like maybe do a good shooting cause my friend recently got a really good camera which right now i’m just using a go pro hopefully that works out and i hope you enjoy my first video (It’s not lol) Hit me up, drop me a comment! i’ll link everything below in my description the wheels size the wheels where i get them from trust me, if you’re in the United States get your wheels from CARID because if you order it from any other place they’re just gonna charge you unnecessary tax which CARID doesn’t tax you that’s what i recommend although I’m not from here there maybe better option out there where people recommend but this is what i recommend Anyways, i’ll see you guys Have a good one! PEACE! THUMBS UP FOR DYLAN’S MIDDLE FINGER

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