Maverick Trail Walk Around

Maverick Trail Walk Around

hey guys recently I did a trip to West
Virginia and I took my maverick trail on that trip and I got a lot of questions
about how had it set up and I like to share information because I’ll go on and
surf on social media and see how people set their machines up so that way maybe
the next ride I’ll make some adjustments and figure out what worked for them and
what might work for me so I’m just gonna give you a quick walk around tell you
some of the things I did for this ride to make sure that I was prepared for no
matter what happened one of the first things I really like to do on any
machine that I get is upgrade my tires and wheels and the Maverick Trail comes
with a 26 inch tire on it and it’s a 12 inch wheel and one of the things you’ll
notice is you get a lot more ground clearance off of this this is a Sedona
mud rebel r/t and what I did was I went to a 28 inch mud rebel r/t with a sparks
wheel now this is a 14-inch sparks wheel and this is a 12 inch wheel now the
reason why I like to go with a 14 inch wheel and a side-by-side is because I
have left side wall you know you got a lot of sidewall with a 12 inch wheel so
you’re gonna have more flex and body roll with your machine whereas with the
Sedona tires it’s more of a structured sidewall so you don’t have that flex and
body roll when you’re going into corners so it just rides better it handles
better and with the sparks wheel I went with a six plus one offset because I
wanted to keep it as close to factory as possible I didn’t want my tires hanging
way out because if I did get on a 50 inch trail I didn’t want it to be all
tire and not be able to fit so that’s one thing that I really like to pay
attention to because when I started this out with a 26 inch tire I had ten and a
half inches of ground clearance now when I put the 28 inch Sedona mud rebel r/t
on I got about twelve twelve and a half inches of ground clearance without a
lift kit and I didn’t want to get too crazy you know mess up the center of
gravity it is a narrow machine so I didn’t want to go too high but I wanted
to get up off the ground a few more inches so I clear some more obstacles
and that’s exactly what I got with this tire and then something else I did was I
threw HMF front bumper on here and this is really easy to put on this thing is
just a matter of minutes you drill a couple holes in the existing bumper
that’s on here and you just bolt it up and then you
also have places to put lights and then you also have a little bit more
protection and it just kind of adds to the accent and the machine makes it look
a little bit better another thing I did was add an HMF rear bumper to the Maverick Trail and a lot of guys were concerned about the shocks being exposed so this
kind of eliminates that worry and it also looks good
now HMF stuff I’ve been using it for a couple years now and one thing I noticed
about everything I order from them is it’s easy bolt on, it’s only two bolts
up here two bolts here and two bolts in the bottom and this thing is on which is
a good thing because I don’t know about you guys but whenever you order
something for a ride you want to go on the UPS guy always seems to bring it the
night before at like 6 o’clock or 7 o’clock so you’re out bolting stuff up
on your machines in the dark or in your garage trying to get it ready for your
ride that you’re leaving next morning really early so that was the case with
these bumpers so I’m glad that they were easy installation it saved me time and I
wanted to get him on for my ride and then up here I didn’t have a box I
didn’t have a bag so what I did was I put a Yeti cooler in here and I wasn’t
really using it for a cooler I used it as my toolbox and I needed something
waterproof because it was gonna be cold and rainy so I put this in there and I
used the cooler commander strap this guy here a couple years ago he sent me some
of these and I’ll still use them they do a good job they hold your cooler down
you know they don’t get out of control and just using straps and strapping it
down and flying all over the place or running across the top and then you have
to take it off every time you open it up so this is pretty much you know easy
access. Can am also has over a hundred accessories for the maverick trail and I
only have a couple of them on here one of the things I have is the sport roof
and then I also have the rack extender and a lot of their stuff has the link
system on and what that is is it just kind of snaps right in you can take this
and put it on really quick and this here is the link system you just put it in
and snap it on and then if you want you can use this lock down screw and lock it
down so you can’t take it off or it doesn’t come off or you can just let it
out like that and undo it if you want to clean it or take it off for any reason
but it in a matter of minutes it just goes on and locks right in whenever you’re out on a trail ride you
never know what time you’re gonna get back so I like to have extra lighting on
my machines and on the trail for this trip I put a thirty one and a half inch
open trail light bar on top and I like to keep it nice and low profile so that
way it’s not up real high in case you go under low limbs you don’t take it off
and with this light here I have a double row set of lights so I get a lot more
light out of it instead of a just a single row I mean you’ll still get some
good light out of a single row but a double row man it really lights things
up and in my opinion you can never go wrong with extra lighting.Then we come in here to the cab and some of this stuff I have set up I do on every machine that I
have like a mirror I like to see what’s going on behind me I make the helmet
hooks here I just make these out of like a bungee strap I just bend them bolt
them in there and then I can hang my helmet up keep it out of the weather
keep it protected another thing we used on this trip that
really came in handy was a rugged radio setup now this is where it plugs in and
then what happens is you have earpieces in here and it’s just like it’s almost
like stereo there’s one on each side and then you also have a mic where you can
talk and it’s crystal clear you don’t have any wind coming in and you can hear each other it’s great for safety if there’s something hanging out on the
trail like a log or somebody coming the other way or they’re making a turn and
it also comes in handy for all that stuff but then again you can also
socialise and bust each other’s chops while you’re going down the trail which
is always a good time here’s the radio I was using this as a portable radio from
rugged and this is the a ATV set up the antenna extender is a game changer you
want to make sure if you use this radio you put the antenna extender on there
because the standard antenna that comes with it it doesn’t do a good job at all
so the extender is the way to go and then you just basically plug this in
right here when you get in your machine and you’re good to go and anyone you
want to communicate when you’re going down the trail I have my button set up
on my shifter here I just hit that talk to them let off and that’s all there is
to it excellent communication and this is the
portable setup so if you don’t want to set it up on your machine full-time this
is a this is a good option here’s another thing I did and this is not how
you’re supposed to do this I put a seat heater on here you’re supposed to put it
under the seat cover but this was a last-minute deal it was 30 degrees cold
snow and rainy so I put this on here to keep my butt warm and it’s really simple
I just put it in like that and I have the controller here you can put it on
low put it on high and this made all the difference in the world because I had a
heated vest on and a seat heater and I stayed warm even though it was cold and
rainy so that’s how I had my machine set up for my West Virginia trip now what
I’m getting ready to do next is I’m gonna put a warn winch on and then I’m
gonna put this HMF exhaust on now this just came in the mail yesterday so I
didn’t quite have it in time for my trip but this bad boy is going on here today
or tomorrow as soon as I can get to it I’m gonna do the install now I’m
supposed to get four more horsepower out of this pipe and I got the standard pipe
I didn’t get the one that’s loud I got the just a regular decibel pipe because
I don’t like a real loud pipe because the trails we go riding on we just like
to keep them open and noise is one of the number one reasons trails get shut down
I also got the optimizer so this is an electronic fuel injection controller I
put that on and I don’t have to take it anywhere to have anything done I’m all
ready to go try it out and get out and do some riding so I hope you guys
enjoyed my walk around if you have any questions or any details that you want
to know about what I put on feel free to hit me up and I’ll fill you

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  1. Good to see you're spending time with the Maverick Trail ! I sure love mine. It's really great right out of the box, but a few little tweaks and it's really an awesome machine. Keep it real brother 👍

  2. Looking at the HMF exhaust myself for my 2017 Viking VI EPS SE. Haven't found much reviews on the exhaust for the Viking series of side by sides.

  3. How did you find the break-over point on that Trail, Brian? Longer wheelbase is nice for the ride quality, but my old Chevy tracker had a wheelbase of 86.8 inches and I remember the maneuverability issues with that. Hangs ups and tight turns between trees i tend to see a lot of on the east coast trails I run in NS, Canada.

    Any input from yourself on the chassis Can-AM went with would be appreciated.

  4. I love the setup and am looking at getting a maverick trail soon. How high is top with the new tire/wheel/light package? I would also like to have an enclosed trailer and clearance can be an issue for getting through the door.

  5. Great advice……you and your family have real nice helmets….I saw your video on how to fit one…..what do you use? always thanks for another great video….

  6. Thanks Brian!

    Did you change the snail cam setting on the shocks? My RZR trail was sagging about an inch because of all the stuff I added :). I set the snail cam up two clicks to get my ride height back. I like what you did with the wheels and tires. Is this a better way to go?

  7. Been watchin your show for years and finally got a sxs for the family. Plenty of trail riding ahead for the summer for the 5 of us. Y’all take care!

  8. Hey Brian awesome show and info! Where can I get the communication system you showed? Is it water resistant? Thanks

  9. Hey Brian, Ryfab just released their Aluminum Cargo Box for the Maverick Trail. I just got mine and it is awesome, you should check it out. 👍

  10. Great Video , quick question for you , how do you find your Clutching now ? With those tires? Did your max RPM change? What is your a RPM now? Thanks again !

  11. Great videos. Got my trail about a month ago and absolutely love it….Let the accessorizing begin!! Have you installed you Warn Winch yet and did you do a vid, I haven’t found it if so.

  12. I got my Maverick Trail 1000 in November and this is my first vtt. Full cabin, rancher bumpers front and rear, winch and the rack extender (which I didn't know how easy until you showed). We are in between two seasons and all trails are closed, but as soon as they open, we will be riding pretty much. Great video and thanks.

  13. thank-you for mentioning noisy exhausts and machines,, great review, we have been thinking about adding a maverick trail 1000 in camo to our atv family,, we have a 2015 outlander max xt 1000 2up in camo,, we love it,,

  14. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and setup but this was nothing more than a infomercial of your sponsors (or ones you may want), with NOTHING to do with a Maverick Trail “walk around”.

  15. Thanks for all this info. I just ordered my red Can Am trail 1000 dps this weekend. Always love watching your shows! Fun and very informative!

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