Massive Bike Check & Dungeon Build!

Massive Bike Check & Dungeon Build!

You guys keep asking me for a massive bike
check video, and I’ve been avoiding it. There have been so many bikes on this channel,
some of which are no longer in my possession. Plus, the bike dungeon is not exactly in showroom
condition. This is long overdue. Not just a cleanup, but a reorganization of
this space. Everything’s piled up in here and it’s
hard to get to it all. So while the dungeon is being remodeled I’ll
do my best to summarize the bike situation. First of all I make bike videos for a living
now. Just like MKBHD has a lot of phones, and george
sprav has a lot of slingshots, I’ve accumulated quite a few bikes. I didn’t plan it, it just happened. The truth is that 90% of the time this is
the only bike I ride. My Diamondback Release 5c. It’s a carbon mid travel trail bike with
150mm of travel in the front, and 130mm in the rear. This particular 5c is a bit different because
it’s sort of a Seth’s Bike Hacks edition, with a Box drivetrain, carbon wheels, stem,
handlebar, and grips. It also has different suspension and brakes
from the stock 5c. If I could only have one of my bikes it would
be this one, so it’s no coincidence that I ride it the most. Lately the bike I’ve been riding second
most is the murder machine. It’s the only bike I’ve given a name. Originally it was a stock Diamondback Sync’r
Pro, and after being overshadowed by many new bikes I decided to breathe new life into
it. That meant turning it into a single speed
with 150mm of travel, plus Box carbon rims which aside from being overkill do make this
bike really responsive and fun to ride. But when I revealed the murder machine you
guys could have cared less about the components. You were happy to see something different
that we cobbled together right here, something purpose built for fun, and nothing else. While we’re still looking at Diamondbacks,
here’s one I’ve never really ridden. They sent this El Oso to me in the winter
to promote fat biking, and then it never snowed again. With big ass tires, a suspension fork, and
a granny gear, the El Oso is a monster truck. So once my wrist heals I’ll need to think
of some summer fat biking activities. For now, it’s a reminder that I still live
in the South. On to my Orange P7, a beautiful steel hardtail
that I don’t ride very often. By the way, I do ride it sometimes, but it’s
just—not what I thought it was going to be. The reach on this bike is long, even on the
size small. Although this makes it fast and stable, it
also makes it difficult to bunny hop and throw around. Hardtails, in general, awaken the animal in
me (animal clip), so I like my hardtails short and snappy. This bike will likely find a home elsewhere,
as it’s sooo nice and not being ridden enough. On to another bike I rarely ride: this Thrill
BMX Race bike, decked out with Box components. Box built this to show me what a state of
the art BMX race bike looks like, but I have no experience racing BMX. So, to the delight of my subscribers, I spent
a Saturday jumping a couch on it with Phil. Despite having featherweight components including
a carbon fork, the bike handled the abuse. But we haven’t seen the last of the Thrill
bike. I’ll take this out to a proper BMX track
when I get the opportunity. Time to check back in on the dungeon. Things look like they’ll be ready soon,
so let’s talk about some bikes that I don’t have on premises. First of all, my Diamondback Mission 2 is
now Kevin’s. You might have seen Kevin on the Singletrack
Sampler, as the roady that alex took mountain biking. Shortly after that video he was looking for
a mountain bike, and the Mission 2 fit the bill. Another bike we haven’t seen in a while
is the Trek 4900, which is the hardtail that started it all. You’ll be happy to know that it’s still
very much in service as my sister’s mountain bike up in Rochester. All the same parts including the DNM dropper
post are on it. Also missing is my Steel Panasonic bike, which
is still mine but with a friend in Florida. While I already did a video featuring my freak
bikes, I’ll update you on the whereabouts of the Fat Ripper. I left it with my mom in Florida because that’s
a place I’ll actually ride it. Here in Asheville it’s not of much use,
but for Miami rides it’s a dream come true. Let’s check out the dungeon again. Much better. I built a ramp for easy access to the top. With proper bike storage it’s noticeably
less cluttered in here, and dare I say, primed for more bikes. I’m also surprised at how good of a place
this is to get work done, with very little noise and no distractions. With that let’s have a look at the long
term storage up here. Starting on the far left is the inexpensive
Overdrive XC bike from this fall. I used it to demonstrate what a decent entry
level hardtail should have at a minimum. I also made some upgrades to it like adding
a chain guide and better tires. I’ll probably find it a home with a deserving
beginner this summer—someone who doesn’t ask for it. Next is this SE Lager, which belongs to my
wife. With so many other bikes to choose from this
doesn’t get much use these days, but it’s a solid single speed urban bike with all the
necessities and no frills. To the right of the lager is something entirely
different—my street trials bike. I bought this over 5 years ago now to try
and learn some trials on. I didn’t stick with it long enough, and
maybe that’s why I didn’t find it all that fun. Trials is incredible to watch, and one could
be deceived into thinking that it’s easy to get the hang of. Some of you said I should use it as a dirt
jumper, but the geometry and components are laughably unsuitable for that. So, I’ll either break this down for a cool
project, or sell it to someone who can use it. This is an old steel schwinn that weighs about
4 tons. It’s not mine. And speaking of bikes that weigh 4 tons, here’s
the Genesis Walmart bike that Alexander descended 3500 feet on. I had an identical bike which didn’t survive
the descent. As you can see the Genesis is now kitted out
with some parts I had laying around, but I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t feel any better. This process was going to be a video, but
it got me so frustrated and pissed off that I decided to work on something else. And here we have the Freway Buffalo. You might remember the Freway from an older
video, where I reviewed this thing. It felt like a decent ebike, but not the e-mountain
bike that it was marketed as. I gave it to my 86 year old grandpa, and he
loved it—until it stopped working. As far as I can tell the brushless motor controller
is NFG, and Freway seems to barely exist as a company now. So I’m going to try and repair it myself
and get it back to grandpa. Here, we have the swing bike, the half bike,
and the unicycle. If you want to know more about these I’ll
link to another video at the end which showcases them great detail. But let’s just say I’m really happy to
have these. Next to the unicycle is my SE everyday BMX. Unlike the Thrill bike, this is made for concrete
and ramp smashing. I bought it for $300 to make a BMX series
on over two years ago. Since then I’ve replaced only the front
tire, the chainring, and the chain, proving how far you can push a BMX bike this cheap. Granted I haven’t ridden this very much
lately, as I always seem to get hurt when I do. Still it’s good to have a BMX street bike
around for when I need it. On to my Mission Pro . It’s long and slack,
has plenty of travel, and takes a serious beating. For those reasons I use it to ride park, and
might even race it this summer. Diamondback will likely replace this bike
with something more modern, so the last of these Mission Pros can be found at insane
prices, considering the components they come with. Here we have my least capable bike. And finally, my road bike. It’s a Lightspeed Antares. The most we saw of the lightspeed was during
my camping trip to Key West, where The Singletrack Sampler and I rode over 200 miles through
urban hell, endless swamp, and finally, tropical paradise. We encountered many challenges along the way,
making the key west series an instant classic. Despite being over 15 years old, this bike
weighs around 19 pounds, features great components, and rides smooth as butter. There was a time when I rode this more, and
I might pick it up again for cardio while my wrist finishes healing. So there you have it. I hope you liked this bike check video because
you probably won’t see all of these next time. I plan on changing up my fleet in the future,
but I don’t plan on growing it. I’m not a collector, so it feels weird owning
things I don’t use. But I might make exceptions for some things,
like the frame to my Diamondback Release 3, which is on what I now call the wall of frame. The wall of frame is for parts that aren’t
in use, but may or may not come out of retirement for future projects—projects like the murder
machine. With that, thanks for riding with me today,
and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Hey Seth, it's 2019, and I was wondering if you still have that El Oso. It would be really cool to see a video about that

  2. When your a bmx racer and you see the literal best race bike and he says “I don’t ride it much.” OMG GIVE IT TO ME!!!

  3. Awesome collection for sure. I hope to get back into riding one day when weight and acl issues are no longer an issue. Love the videos keep them coming.

  4. People be spending thousands on MTB but my 148$ Walmart bike that I broke my rib on is still holding up 😬🤪🤘🏼

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  6. I like ur BMX RACE Bike cus my mom bought a bike for me last 2 or 3 year and is still holding up I customise it to be a race bike but some stupid bike shop repairing my bike a completely destroyed my handle bar and my beautiful custom painted rim and they don't wanna fix it then I am left with a broken bike😢😢 but if I have a BMX RACE BIKE like ur I will be soo happy cus I'm 12

  7. I miss my Trek Hardtail! It was my go to bike with a 5” travel front fork. It got stolen a while ago and that ended my mountain bike riding.

  8. Hey seth you should of got the orange crush for how you ride not the p7 I have the medium and it doesn't look as big as yours and its a really responsive fast bike that's a bit of an all rounder mines like a jump bike frame with mtb stance it might suit you better and I'm sure there would be somebody who would do you a part ex if you use Facebook look up orange riders for the bike and check out my group united trail builders it's a group to give appreciation back to the guys that build our trails there's builders from all over the world on there

  9. Can i have 1 MTB pls i want to be a MTB RIDER but i can't afford MTB my only bike is BMX any kind of MTB PLS

  10. Also not sure if you know, but that Panasonic is worth $300 to $500 based on the model. It's made
    In Japan

  11. Hi seth
    Big Fan of you
    I want to buy any old bike but my budget is very low around 275 £ . I can’t afford more than this.

  12. I want the light blue mountain bike I'll take it I need a mountain bike a new one my last one broke and went and went down and I had to jump in it and was a-goin Street 4 train I jumped off and I see through it 104 Cliffside and I found it in it was destroyed but I was fine

  13. I started my downhill adventure on a genesis v2100, rockshox dart 3 forks, xfusion o2 rear, several other upgrades. You could make it ride like a caddy, but you couldn’t make her weigh less 😀

  14. No distractions?! Having berm creek would be a heck of a distraction for me. Especially after the sicknic table and the drop were added.

  15. Do you know of any builders who build kid mtn bikes or a one stop shop that has all the high end parts for some super nice kids bikes?
    Carbon frame, wheels, bars, 1×9-13, seat dropper, hydrolic disk, fox forks, kid sadles. My kids range are 4,6,8,10,&11yrs old. I can spend up to $1,500 ea on the 3 oldest and $700 ea on the 2 youngest. I need that to include gear and essential bike specific tools.

  16. Look at 8:12 look at the bike it looks like a full suspension one and the front fork is different… look at it properly..

    If you notice it..

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