Man Living in a Sustainable & Innovative Earthship Home – Full Tour

Man Living in a Sustainable & Innovative Earthship Home – Full Tour

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  1. Disappointed to see the large amount of concrete used rather than rammed earth and heavy mass as the heatsink.
    The plumbing for the heating was interesting BUT the lack of insulation on the pipe work was surprising.
    The minimal planting area raises questions on the green fresh air quality.

    Very nice but leaves a fair amount to be improved on.

  2. Somethings wrong here. This guy isn’t bragging about it being 70F year round. He has heated water in the floors? He’s very much attached to the grid as backup. It’s just weird. Doesn’t seem much in the philosophy of earthship.

  3. instead of wood fire and propane he should have gone full solar for heating , yes it may be expensive but way more earth friendly .

  4. Some interesting improvments on the Earthship concept, and feels more modern which I think would be attractive to a larger audience

  5. 40K for 10kw worth of panels? these poor people are getting robbed by solar companies. if you are looking for solar do a little research before you sign you buy. you can buy 10kw worth of panels for less then 5k unless maybe the racking system is made of gold.

  6. terrible earthship, the face is lacking, you put a simple row of plants in for show, they could not sustain you
    . on top of that I don't see a second power source, the law of redundancy still applies

  7. Nice home but not an alternative for my husband and me. We’d be 60 by the time we could afford this. We can’t take off significant amounts of time from work to build for ourselves and “keep costs low”. Alternatives nowadays are becoming more for people who want to be different cause it’s cool thereby driving up the costs for those who can’t afford higher prices AND want to live green. Not saying this guy is doing that. Seems far from it. Is it too much to ask for to have the right to one’s own habitat without tying oneself to more debt on top of the mountains of student loans? Ugh!! Everything’s and arm and a leg even if you don’t care to cram yourself in the packed cities. Feeling hopeless.

  8. I see only one potential problem with the solar energy: if you need to wait 10 years to get the bills paid, then how much longer do the pannels last until they need to be repaired/replaced?

  9. Amazing design, but it's the terminology like "Earth Ship" , "Truth Wall", etc that doesn't help with making these designs appealing to the affluent masses who can afford custom builds.

  10. This is a stunner of an earth-ship house! I have seen some that aren’t as aesthetically pleasing BUT this is beyond beautiful! It is truly inspiring and one day I would love to build one. My question is would I have to study and take a course in NM with Mike Reynolds or could I hire someone who knows how to do earth ship homes? I’m guessing not many people know how to build one and by the looks of Matt’s garage you need to know what youre doing lol. Matt do you do this for a living? If so can you come plan/build mine in New Jersey lol no seriously 😊

  11. I wonder if he hooked up the solar panels in the right way so that they do not generate dirty electricity? He should get meters and test his house. Great place! 🙂

  12. Solar panels are so expensive in Canada/USA. We paid 25.000 usd for a 18,4 kwh solar set up including the installation with a crane and a comparable rack to hold the panels.

  13. The windows, alone, probably cost more than my house, and that solar system likely costs about 1/3 to 1/2 of what my home is worth. I keep seeing these so called "earth ships", and they are usually these half a million dollar (or more) homes. I guess if you're rich, you can build yourself a mansion on some undeveloped land, reuse some tires, and still feel like your going green as you lay a much bigger footprint than the ordinary man that just reuses an entire used house. But as long as you think you are "green", as you build a brand spanking new home with all kinds of expensive gadgets, you theoretically are saving the planet. Gotta love capitalism, a.k.a consumerism, re-branded as an Earth-Day celebration.

    One of the main reasons I bought a small existing house was to limit my material consumption, as the house was already built back in the early 1900's. Used tires or not, this house in the video used plenty of new materials. And when the solar system craps out, it will end up in the land fill with all the other consumer goods.

  14. I personally would rather have a spaceship and get out of this place, but evidently the Apollo "missions" were all staged…

  15. When he said collecting rainwater I knew he was not in America Because collecting rainwater in America is illegal ( This country is sad)

  16. 1) What is the total square footage of this rad looking house, and …
    2) How much was the build, in total?
    THANKS for humouring me with responses, and have a nice day 🙂

  17. I don't get it…this a huge use of natural resources. How many whole logs, how many cubic yards of cement, how many acres of land were used? For how many people?

  18. This earthship, and the earthship in Montana are the cleaner design and more my style with exposed wood, and stone.

  19. Super cool but most ppl cant afford these ideas so these architectural wonders aren't going to solve inefficient housing

  20. respect, cool house with lots of sustainable features! I also like the way, how the design was adopted to work better in temperate climates.

    however, I still don't get it, why people want to achieve a sustainable building by using lots of cement, e/xps-insulation and materials, that can easily be recycled more sufficiently in other ways (cans, bottles, pet) instead of really sustainable materials such as stones, reclaimed bricks, straw bales, adobe, hemp etc.

    I question also the propane heating system. with a more efficient wood burner combined with e.g. electric water heater from your solar panels, you can become independent of the fossil fuels.

  21. Since my summers are 115F I lost interest in building something like this. I did own a 3kw system once and here I am looking again.

  22. Me: I want an Earthship home! So How much?

    Earthship builder: ahhhh…only $2million.

    Me: ummm oh…so i really dont like the earth that much anyways. Rocks, propane, solar panels…who needs all that stuff anyways? We can save the earth some other time. 😂😂😂

  23. Absolutely lovely building.
    That said, I can't help worrying that all those exposed tyres in the furnace room, combined with tinder dry wood throughout the building makes for a gigantic fire hazard.
    Once tyres catch fire they pretty much carry on burning, no matter what.

  24. Doesn't ontario have enormous amounts of hydro power? Why would you want to burn wood if you had plentiful/cheap electricity?

  25. HI Love your Home! I will be building in the Appalachian mountains .. who could I call,please, to get help building my Home? …Earth ship

  26. 10 solar panel , this house is like green house.
    30. to 40 thousand dollars just for solar panel? No thank you!
    I bet in USA it would be way much cheaper.

  27. Not an earthship builder but I kinda doubt a 15 (?) ft length of underground tubing is enough to cool the volume of air. Seems a stretch….

  28. In earnest, I'm trying to figure out the benefit to heating using wood rather than relying on the electricity from the city. Are there any good articles that explain the cost/benefit of doing this? I would imagine the source of the electricity of course would differ according to region and availability of technology (not speaking of just developed nations here).

  29. I thought I saw a another show about earthships where it's illegal to have the gray water inside the building and that you have to pump it out of the building. You can't reuse it anywhere inside the building. Or is that like a regional thing.
    The people that built the Earthship had a pump that takes the gray water that's being drained out of the house and pumps it into their indoor greenhouse to water the plants. Their municipality told them that they couldn't do that and that they had to pump it outside. So they had to dismantle the pump and just let the water drain out.

  30. If I was building an "earthship" I would make it curved, this design looks to much like an uninspired container home or modular. Toilets would definitely be composting. F the black water in septic

  31. so he just allows people to live there and experience it. he does not rent out the sppace at all. of course not because he is an earther and earthers do not believe in capitalism, how did he build this I missed the cost mention. who built it. he built it himself?

  32. I stopped watching when i heard that cement is used for building.
    Cementproduction is responsable for 5% of the CO2 emissions world wide.
    There are so many alternatives..

  33. Wild, I had a dream this morning that I was walking/experiencing an elongated structure with much the same width but longer – couldn't figure what it was used for but had a lot of clutter throughout and different levels.

  34. don't want to be that guy ….

    but ……

    he should really clean up that garden … dead leaves are removing nutrition from other lively plants.

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