Man killed outside Walmart in Coconut Creek, police say

and we’re following another developing story this one out of Coconut Creek that’s where investigators are trying to track down a killer after a man was found murdered in a Walmart parking lot local tennis IRA owner is live at that scene with what sweet they actually know so far do they have much to go on yet saira they’re actually not telling us quite yet exactly what they have to go on and you know it looks like a quiet normal day at this Walmart Supercenter but this is actually the scene of the very first murder in Coconut Creek of 2018 police say they found a body in this parking lot at 3:00 a.m. a rare crime for such a safe city police say the victim was do at a friend’s place and that concerned friend called police saying one of the places he might be at his Walmart officers followed up and found the victim’s body in the store parking lot outside of his red Camaro police say they have no doubt this was a murder Coral Springs CSI responded along with Margate Fire to clean up the blood from the area the Walmart Super Center is on Hillsborough Road and 441 the victim’s car was towed away shortly before police cleared the scene around 8:00 a.m. the store stayed open as police investigated and it’s still open police say they know how this man was killed but have not yet released that information citing concerns of an interference with their investigation and you know if you weren’t here this morning when the scene was active you’d never know this was a murder scene it looks like just business as usual for shoppers now but police say if you have any information on this murder call Broward Crime Stoppers they’re number nine five four four nine three tips live in Coconut Creek I’m Saira anwer local 10 News

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