Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

[Narrator] The smell of barbecue is in the air at the Minuteman restaurant and pie shop in Morristown, New Jersey. [Lauryn] Hey Peter, you all by yourself today? [Peter] Yep. [Lauryn] Sounds good, right this way. [Narrator] And this hungry regular can’t wait to order. [Lauryn] Here you go. What can I get for you? [Peter] Maybe a burger? [Lauryn] Always a good choice [Narrator] As Peter makes up his mind… [Peter] Actually, can you tell me the special list? [Lauryn] Well, we have a delicious pulled pork sandwich… [Narrator] Our diner decides his time is up. [Mike] Hello. Hi, excuse me, miss. Yes. How long do you think you’re gonna be with him? [Lauryn] I’m sorry. What? [Mike] Well, it just seems like it’s gonna be a…slow process. [Narrator] It happens more often than you think; people with down syndrome being bullied and treated unfairly. If you overheard this man being impatient and indignant with a customer who has Down syndrome… [Peter] Is there a problem, sir? [Mike] I wouldn’t expect YOU to understand. [Narrator] …what would you do? [Peter] Uh, can I have uhhh. umm [Narrator] Peter is not having trouble deciding what to order. [Peter] Actually, can you tell me about your sandwitches [Lauryn] Sure! We have many- we have wraps if you’d like a wrap instead. [Narrator] While the surrounding tables don’t seem to mind… [Lauryn] Hamburger? Okay, how do you like that cooked? [Narrator] Our impatient customer certainly does. [Mike] Excuse me, miss? Hello? Hi? Yeah. I’ve been sitting here for like fifteen minutes. [Lauryn] I’ll be right with you, sir. [Mike] He’s so slow. Can you please take my order first? [Lauryn] I’ll be right with you, okay? [Mike] He probably can’t even read the menu. I’m in a hurry. [Narrator] This woman does her best to tune him out. [Mike] Please, can you come over and take my order? This is so stupid! [Lauryn] Okay, I’m gonna put this in and I’ll be right back, okay? [Mike] Don’t people- [Lauryn] Sir, I’ll be right back. [Narrator] But when he redirects his anger from Lauryn… [Mike] People with Down syndrome have a guardian; where’s your guardian? [Peter] I’m trying to enjoy my night. [Mike] Well, you’re slowing everything down. These people haven’t received an order, these people haven’t received- [Narrator] She decides she’s had enough. [Mike] None of us have gotten any- Are you talking to me, ma’am? He’s taking forever. He should have somebody with him. [Narrator] And just when we thought it was over… [Mike] Why are you defending a retarded kid? [Lady] First of all… its ‘mentally challenged’ [Mike] Ma’am, I am in a hurry. I have a business appointment- [Narrator] Turns out for her, this situation hits close to home. [John Quiñones] I’m John Quiñones. They’re actors. [Diner] I used to teach mentally challenged children and … …I’m sorry I’m shaking, but I don’t like to have confrontations with people, but that..really bothered me. My number one motto: Treat everybody that the way you would like to be treated. [John Quiñones] The golden rule. [Narrator] We roll again… [Lauryn] They have Arnold Palmers, so it’s lemonade and iced tea. *slight chortle* They should be. [Narrator] How will they react to Mike’s tasteless behavior? [Mike] Miss, can you- can you just- take my order first, please? [Lauryn] Just give me one second, sir. [Mike] Just come back to him, he won’t care. I have- I’m in a hurry. [Peter] Can I have your Chicken Caesar Wrap? [Lauryn] Chicken Caesar Wrap? [Narrator] When the waitress steps away… [Mike] You have no guardian with you. You’re by yourself? [Narrator] He offers Mike a tip. [Mike] He’s bo- I mean… I- I’ve been sitting here- I didn’t even know that people with Down syndrome could even go out by themselves. You’d fire me? Heh. Alright, that’s it. I’m- I’m not gonna patronize this place if they let people like that in here. [Narrator] And after he leaves…he gives Peter one more sign of support. [John Quiñones] Hi, how are you, sir? I’m John Quiñones. [Diner] How are you? [Quiñones] You defended a stranger. [Diner] So what? He needed it! It was not fair what he was doing. [Narrator] And he wasn’t the only one. Throughout the day, customers refused to ally with Mike. [Diner] I think you should apologize to this guy. [Mike] I should apo-
[Diner] Yeah, I think you should. [Diner] Why don’t you find another place to eat? [Narrator] And they advised Peter to pay no mind to this hostile diner. [Peter] That man was so mad at me. This guy is really annoying me. [Diner] Don’t worry about it. Just sit down and relax. [Peter] I hope I’m not bothering you… [Diner] Not at all, not at all. Good to see ya’ buddy. [Narrator] We roll one last time. [Mike] This can take all day with somebody like him… He’s obviously mentally challenged. So… [Narrator] And right away, this woman makes a bee line for the manager! [Narrator] Now, with her sister’s help, she confronts Mike directly. [Mike] I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry, and this guy’s taking forever- [Narrator] They’re met with reinforcements. [Diner] Relax, will you? Relax. If you’re in a hurry, get the hell out, okay? He’s here. He deserves good treatment. You know!? Relax! [Mike] He’s taking forever. Well, you know? Walk out! [Narrator] Our inconsiderate customer does just that… [Mike] Thanks anyway. [Narrator] …but not before sharing some parting words. [Mike] You should have somebody here with you, alright? You should have a guardian with you. You should not be in here by yourself. [Narrator] But, he’s cut off as the restaurant rallies around Peter. [Diner] Would you leave the guy alone? Get the hell out, okay? I am leaving- I’m leaving. [Diner] Go ahead! [Mike] But he should not be here. [Diner] We’re gonna miss you, okay? This is a family restaurant. I never saw such a behavior in my life. Okay? [Mike] Yeah, well I won’t be back here either.
[Diner] Good! [Diner] Well, you could sit with us if you’d like. [Narrator] Time to calm their nerves.
[Quiñones] I’m John, can I sit here? [Diner] When my sister came in, I said, “I don’t know what to do.” [Diner] For sure, he sat there and he heard what was going on And if- if that really happened… [Quiñones] It was that touching to you. [Diner] Oh man! [Quiñones] You threw him out, you told him to get outta here! [Diner] I might have used some foul language. I don’t even remember, but… [Quiñones] What was your message? [Diner] You gotta be kind to everybody.
[Quiñones] One in every seven hundred births is a Down syndrome child. [Diner] My boss has a Down syndrome Niece and… …They’re human beings; we all are. [Jeremykat124] I hope you learned that you should respect all human beings, even if they have Down syndrome.

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  1. It’s really sad because my aunt has Down syndrome and I really love her and it’s sad to hear this because I really love my aunt I’m literally crying 😭🥺🥰

  2. I think down syndrome people are awesome and cool so people need stop and people that bully down syndrome people are the messed up dumb people

  3. Rude and disrespectful, just because he has down syndrome he still deserves respect, that man may have been a actor, but people still go through this for real that has down syndrome

  4. one of my best friends was riding the bus on her way to school the other day and she has this mentally challenged kid on her bus and these other kids were yelling at him and telling him to kill himself. later that day my friend went to the counselor and told her what happened on the bus and the school police and front office got involved and eventually they said they couldn't do anything about it. society sucks these days. stay strong guys😭💘

  5. I have a sister with something a lot worse than down syndrome (angelman syndrome) and if I here someone say this to her I'm beating the shit out of them. I love this video

  6. When I was growing up it was retarded…now it's mentally challenged..who the hell changed these was toilet paper it's bathroom tissue lol

  7. When i was in year 4 i used to have a classmate called Jack that had down syndrowm and hes a really good friend of mine and i cant handle this video i cried

  8. Americans have a sick obsession with making fun of people because of disabilitys. It makes me almost literally 😷 I’m glad my generation has less of those garbage humans. It feels like my generation mostly doesn’t do it at least after age 25 or 30. The future is probably gonna be much better. The baby boom generation does this crap mostly. It’ll get better.

  9. Geezuz fucking christ if I was there I'd be getting arrested for murder. People with down syndrome are the most loving and caring people in the world.

  10. This actually really bothered me and made me emotional 😭 people with Down syndrome are so pure and sweet…

  11. You know people with Down syndrome are SOO nice. They are so cute too. Honestly I wish that there were no people like that man (the rude one) that we’re here on the earth.

  12. All the people who hate people who are mentally challenged
    This is for you guys.

    Roses are red violets are blue don,t bully mentally challenged people
    Cause they,re human too.

  13. people with downs are some of the nicest, most caring, and funniest people i’ve met! they just want to have a good time!

  14. To be fair, he was taking a long time to order. The man who insulted the customer with the disability shouldn’t have been such a piece of crap, but still, someone shouldn’t have to wait that long to see the waitress just because of another customer.

  15. The funny thing is, if he had a "guardian" (caregiver) with him, it would take twice as long, because it would take 2 people to ask and repeat the order. He can clearly order for himself, so he doesn't even need a caregiver. If this were real and I heard it, not only would I go the hell OFF, but I'd be sure to tell him who the stupid one really is in the situation.

  16. One time me and my brother went to the movies and there was someone screaming so loud two rows in front of us. We couldn’t stop laughing because it sounded so funny and at the time we were in high school so every ting was funny to us. People got mad at us for laughing but we thought they were mad at the person screaming so we laughed harder because in our minds we thought the person screaming did it on purpose to annoy everyone. 15 mins later we got in trouble for laughing and this whole time we didn’t know the person that was screaming was mentally challenged. I felt so bad. It’s heart breaking smh

  17. I have an aunt who has down syndrome this makes me really mad I would of punched the guy for being mean to her or anyone who is mentally disabled. They are honestly amazing I love people who is mentally disabled they are so sweet and kind

  18. Between these types of videos and all the animal videos I've learned a lot about a woman's psychy. At least 80 percent of the comments are from women, with that being said most are extremely gullible and have no idea how fucked up some people are and will prey on those types.

  19. He is actually very good with acting. You can tell in small details, facial expressions, body language. Well done

  20. My aunt Karen is mentally challenged and to see someone disrespect someone like this is so insulting and repulsive it's not even funny. I would dare someone to do this in front of me. I think I would be arrested off this show from beating an actor unknowingly. Also I still might do it knowingly because the actor with down syndrome looks like it actually does affect him and probably brings up PTSD moments.

  21. I would have SNAPPED. I have no tolerance for ignorance and cruelty. I would have no hesitation. I volunteer with special needs kids and if someone said something like that to them i would lose my shit!

  22. That face of the Down syndrome actor is so cute how could you say no 👎 to that face 😢

    This is how much everyone will give peter a lot of respect and support

  23. So many of his videos get me absolutely emotional. It's horrible to think that they endure this kind of treatment.

  24. I know if I saw this happening with my own eyes I'd be the first going to jail episode. I hate bullies and loved hurting them in school.

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