Man blames slippery boat ramp for truck bath

Man blames slippery boat ramp for truck bath

A man trying to get his boat OUT of the water wound up with his truck ALL WET … Now he’s blaming the boat ramp! Good evening, I’m Kenny Choi, in for Paula Akana. And I’m Yunji de Nies. He says the Ala Wai boat ramp is just too slippery… And that’s dangerous! KITV 4’s Pete Caggiano talked with boaters today and joins us…Pete? That’s right the Ala Wai boating ramp claimed another vehicle this past Sunday. Some say the ramp is not safe however the Department of Land and Natural Resources say that when used properly the ramp is safe. 24 54-58 121-124 Here’s how to ruin a day on the water.. A truck trying to tow the boat back out slides down the boat ramp and into the drink. It happened Sunday at the Ala Wai boat ramp … Eric 29:29-37 “WE ARE GLAD NO ONE GOT HURT BUT WITH UNSAFE RAMP CONDITIONS LIKE THIS I WOULDN’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO THE NEXT PERSON” Eric says he’s the latest victim of a boat ramp that he considers just too slick. Eric 28.12-24 “LAUNCHING WAS FINE WHEN WE CAME BACK IN IT WAS LOW TIDE WHEN THE TIDE RECEDES THERE WAS A LOT OF ALGAE GROWTH ON THE RAMP THAT ALGAE ITSELF IS REALLY SLIPPERY IT’S DIFFICULT TO WALK ON” And apparently it happens more than you’d think! The driver of the tow truck which rescued Eric’s truck says this is the fourth vehicle he knows of that’s taken a plunge. Eric 27.52-00 “IT’S DUE TO THE SLIPPERYNESS OF THE RAMP THE INCONSISTENT GRADINGS ON THE RAMP” pete Stand Up 15:36-43 “THIS IS HOW THE RAMP LOOKS AFTER BEING FRESHLY PRESSURE WASHED, OVER THE WEEKEND IT WAS MUCH SLICKER AND COVERED WITH ALGAE” DLNR says the ramp is pressure washed every month or two jaime Perez 11:45-53 “SOMETIMES THERE’S A LOT OF ALGAE YOU CAN FEEL IT JUST BY WALKING IT’S NOTICABLE AND YOU CAN SEE IT” Other boaters have noticed the algae but say it’s just a matter of knowing your environment jamie perez 12:03-13 THE MORE YOU BOAT THEN YOU GET TO KNOW THE PLACES YOU LAUNCH IT’S SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO BE CONCERNED WITH ALL THE TIME Now DNLR says they have not received a complaint about algae from other boaters including this instance and therefore can not comment on the situation. They emphasize that thousands use boat ramps each day without incident and signs are posted warning drivers that the ramp may be slippery. Yunji Kenny Sand Island could be getting dozens of new

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  1. Can't they figure out a way to just let a winch lower the trailer down from the dry area? Like just have a wheel that goes on the front of the trailer so it can roll down.

  2. if he knew of 4 other people then why did he try to launch. I launch a 20 ft ski boat with a jeep no problem, this dude has a 2500 with tow mirrors and he sinks his truck. Should of spent the money on 4×4

  3. Everyone keeps saying 4X4's. Well I hate to burst peoples bubbles but I have personally seen a couple of 4X4's slide into the water with all tires spinning forward. I have had no problem with a just a regular truck, but I do think I have been lucky also. In all honesty, I think at times there is a lot of oil from the boats and vehicles that get on the ramps that cause this, or even the possibility of A-holes deliberately pouring oil on the ramps.

  4. if that bad dont use or have another truck lined up to strap to front that vechicle aint in slippery zone

  5. I'm scared my grandma gave me her truck so I had no choice it's a 2wd but problem in a couple of days I'm gonna have too drive my cousins boat to the ramp cause they don't have a truck and I have too so I'm scared this could happen too me and this Silverado is my favirote thing

  6. well asian reporter chick a sock a wawa… you own a truck yourself…..this is not a 4 wheel drive issue….its a city democratic issue i would have filed complaints myself. city check your own home b4 u evaluate mine

  7. … reason to put vehicle in 4wd before backing down the ramp and setting the emergency brake when ever getting out of the truck while on the ramp ……

  8. I have seen hefty 4X4 go in because of slippery ramps. Not all locations clean the ramps and it creates that green slimy stuff.

  9. The ramp needs deeper and bigger grooves cut into the concrete…or a big metal grate to overcome the slippery algae. The ramp also seems to not be steep enough so you don't have to back down so far. It's a poorly designed ramp.

  10. you need to know how to drvier and you truck and trie and it in 4wd 4low never 2wd one you buy a boat you need to know how to drvier and tow and you truck you really need to know want your doing one tow boat

  11. you as know lock you parking brake to stop on a boat ramp to go up a boat ramp 4low lock in all 4wd make sure you get good trie and make sure 5psi low in the trie it like mud pit

  12. If it’s a 4wd leave it in drive with the parking brake on (only if you have good rear brakes) especially if it’s a 90s -02 ram or Dakota. I have always ones atleast one 2nd gen since I was 15. Plus I worked as a diesel mechanic for a shop not for a shadetree a few years through college. I know 2nd gen Dodge trucks VERY VERY well.

  13. if you don't have 4×4 use a winch. can get those a cheap as you want (hand winch) or as expensive (wireless hydraulic). don't have to have 4×4 but a winch is a good investment regardless if you got it or not.

  14. So sign says ramp may be slippery but city says …. "Meh . its fine" … And suddenly its pressure washed right after a fourth truck gets sucked in …. But its perfectly safe

  15. There is always an idiot having an accident that thay couild have been easily avoided first thing out of their mouths it's not my fault
    But when no one else is involved
    It's hard to deny
    What the truck just backed it self down to the water did it you made a choice so deal with it try launching a boat -20 c with an icy ramp top to bottom then it's not a choice to be made it a plan if you want it to happen and go good
    Every ramp is differnt

  16. He left the truck in reverse. Only way it could get so far in the water! Another person looking to blame someone else for there own stupidity!

  17. I've seen many questionable ramps. If it looks bad, I just won't launch. In other instances I carry a stiff broom to brush away the algae.

  18. I pulled guy at ramp before who couldn't get bout out and barely could get up ramp once I got him out of the water. came up to me few minutes later while I was getting my canoe unloaded and told me he owed me a beer. I told him I'm good, had few in my cooler, told him to put that beer money towards some new tires and not give it a go again till he does. he looked at me mad and said "really?!." I told him yup. his anger went away and look of bewilderment came upon his face. he literally scratched at his dome while saying do ya think that's why same thing happened to me last weekend? he helped me take my canoe to the water, went to his truck which wasn't far from shore, checked out his tires and yelled. I'll be damned your right! seen him later that season in small suv no boat, he was out bank fishing. told me his wife has much shorter commute to work so she is trucks daily driver and put it on her the truck tires having been bald. basically remember telling him hey it's your wife, take responsibility for each other unless your just seeking cheap way out cause those bald tires could also cause her to wreck and might die. he looked at me funny and said I had a point on looking out after his wife's daily driver as she apparently never checks the fluid levels and blew 2 engines in their last truck. had aunt like that who blew up couple engines, even rolled twice both times at same spot. my uncle can't stop her from rolling but I told him maybe he should consider a driving lesson for her and him keep eye on fluid levels in case she fails to do that again. guy at lake that second time immediately made me think of my uncle who is the sliding epitome of this guy on how they are both lazy in regards to husbandry

  19. Has anyone ever heard of "Wheel Chocks"? Tie to truck bumper, place behind wheel when on ramp, follows you when pulling out of ramp.

  20. Just a note to the Dickhead about the Ramp being Slippery. Its water it will be slippery any retarded Second Grader could tell you it will be slippery. Maybe some Dickheads shouldn't own boats.

  21. As someone who lives in Hawaii and uses this ramp… low tide, 2wd and it’s a dodge… if you can’t outsmart a boat ramp… you prob shouldn’t own a boat.

  22. Ebrake only works on the back tires . If they slide your screwed. Has nothing to do with stupidity, except those who comment on something they have no experience ever doing.

  23. He probably got out of his car and use the E-Breaks. Those only lock your back wheels and once slide its over. Get a break depressor if you launching solo.

  24. problem is when the E-brake is set only locks rear tires….if the rear tires on slick surface, very well may slide. Solution is either use a wheel chock or use a board or device to push actual brake pedal down while driver is out of truck (this applies brake to all 4 wheels) normally only rear axle on slick surface at ramp

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