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out guys, hot topic today the Primal RC Raminator,
80 pounds of monster truck. One fifth scale, 49 CC gas power. If you guys missed the unboxing
video on our first test with the fifth scale Boss! you definitley want to check
out the size of these tires. This is a standard 355
milliliter can of beer. Look at that, my hand easily covers this but not the tire, crazy. You can almost stick that
right inside the hub. That’s a GoPro on top, you
guys can check that out, look at this, giant monster truck. So, I’m running a forty to one gas and oil mixture in here, Castrol 927. I’ve also adjusted the only
needle on the carburetor which is a high speed adjustment. I’ve turned it three quarters clockwise which is giving me much
better performance. And with a tank and a half
only through this engine I expect to see even better performance. But I went out today, built a few jumps thought I could take it around
the track for the first time see what you guys think,
see if it’s an improvement over the last video we did. (RC monster truck engine revving) (engine roaring loudly) (truck engine revving) Now here’s a gap I made but it’s only like you know maybe, ten feet? But (laughs) I made it into
a Superman on this side. I think I definitely won’t make it if I hit this side but
we should try anyway. (truck engine revving) There, from this angle
you can kinda see how steep it is right here but
with that kind of weight I’m hoping that I can clear it. (truck engine revving) So close! (truck engine revving) Clearly I didn’t make it. (engine revving loudly) (truck engine revving) Come on baby! Yeah! (truck engine roaring) You guys forget how big this thing is, it’s amazing to watch in person. Woohoo, ah end oh, saves it! (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving loudly) See if I can drive it one handed with that massive suspension, very difficult to keep fast and on line. (truck engine revving) (laughs) Yeah! (truck engine revving) (laughing) (truck engine revving) Yeah! (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving) Ah, she’s rippin’ nice now. (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving) (truck engine revving) Oh yeah, no catwalk but I’ll take it. This is for all the monster truck fans Yeah! Yeah! (laughs) (truck engine revving) Yeah! Woohoo! (laughs) Full pop, let’s do it! Woohoo! And it just keeps on takin’ it. There you go guys, the Primal Raminator now three tanks, in.

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  1. For all those who keep saying that the truck is under powered.
    Comparing this to an HPI or Losi 5, is like comparing Grave Digger to a stadium truck or a Baja racer.
    Different classes.
    Different trucks.
    Different power needs.
    This thing is more at home on top of the Losi or Baja, than beside them.

  2. This has its cool factor but I would get tired of this really quick. Its worse than a honda with an intake and bolt on exhaust all noise and no go.

  3. Just awesome! So glad you go one. One good way to maybe show the size is to have someone drive an Xmaxx at the same time. Thing is amazing!

  4. Wow … needs to go Electric .. message me I can convert it like I did the boys Polaris Quads .. and Yamaha Big Wheel

  5. Wow. I have 5 1/5 Scales and that truck is just sick. I cant wait to get my hands on one. But my budget won't allow me to buy one yet. I think it's a great looking truck but I just think it's rather expensive.

  6. This is awesome man I really wanna get into this and start building rc monster trucks with my son, how do I get started bro, I would appreciate any advice, Thanks

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