Making The Best Tire Better – Michelin PS4S

Making The Best Tire Better – Michelin PS4S

hello everyone and welcome in this video we’re going to be talking about the successor to the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire which is the Michelin ps4s now the Super Sport was often regarded as the best tire in its category and now Michelin has improved upon that tire and I was invited by Michelin to go check out this tire I got to test it out on the track on some motocross courses and out in Joshua Tree in some supercars in out er a Mercedes AMG GTS so super cool experience getting to try out these tires but I want to talk about you know some of the differences that are in this tire in order to make it better than its previous tires the Michelin Pilot Super Sport and so you know one of you obviously the most important things with any tire is the compound but this is kind of this mysterious black art that’s kind of behind the scenes you know where each company has their proprietary blend of 20-plus compounds or whatever it may be in order to make that perfect tire that perfect amount of grip but so you know some of the more physical differences that you can see we’re going to be talking about here now one of those is this airmid nylon belt so this hybrid belt that they use this is done in order to maintain the shape of the tire so they put a lot of emphasis with the ps4s on you know making sure that contact patch has the ideal you know contact with the ground and also that the shape of the tire doesn’t change depending on whatever you’re doing to it and so this tire has a Y speed rating meaning it’s rated for over 186 miles per hour 186 plus and so you know at these high speeds you’re going to have obviously very high g-forces on that spinning tire and so you need to be able to maintain the shape of that tire not have it expand out or changing shape so the contact patch remains ideal on the ground also for you know high g-force cornering things like that you want to make sure that the shape of the tire doesn’t deform so you have that ideal contact patch so that’s done with this air mman nylon belt which they have woven in the tire and so the placement of this belt and you know how where you put tension on it it’s very important for how the steering response is going to feel and for the endurance of the tire so the tire lasts a long amount of time now moving on to another thing here looking at the contact patch of the tire in a high g-force turn and so if you can imagine going around the corner and you’re looking at the outside tire if you’re going to have you know these five different strips here you’ve got that groove those tread grooves where water is allowed to pass through so obviously you’re not going to have contact in those tread grooves but you can split it up into these five sections and here on the Left we have the previous Pilot Super Sport and then here on the right we have the pilot four s pilot sportswear s and so you know the difference you can see here we’re looking at a heat map basically of pressure and then that translates into temperature but essentially what they were able to do with the new construction of the new tire you know some of it has to relate to this belt home it’s the compound but point is if you’re on this high g-force corner you’re going to have all that pressure going towards the outside of the tire as you can see here so this is the outside this is going to be the inside of the car here outside of this tire right here and they have this hot spot in the previous Michelin Super Sport which they were able to basically distribute better in this tire so if you’ve watched my video on tire load sensitivity you know that you want pressure distributed as evenly as possible because the more even the pressure distribution is the more grip you’re going to have the coefficient of friction of a tire goes down as the load on it increases and so if you’re able to distribute that load more evenly you’re going to have more grip now another thing that they’ve done here is this multi tread compound with an asymmetrical tread so this is actually a really cool thing where you know you may think that there’s going to be just one compound used for the tire but actually they’ve split it up into sections where you get a varying compound across the tire so once again if you’re looking at the outside of that tire you’re going to have this dry compound and then on the inside of the tire you’re going to have this wet compound which is more ideal you know for wet scenarios and it’s going to give you a good grip in wet conditions and so why would you do that why would you have inside well if you think about it when you’re driving in the wet or when you’re stopping in the wet you’re not going to be having real high g-force turns because you can’t you’re limited by grip and so the inside of the tire is more important in lower G turns and it’s important of course in breaking when you’re in a straight line now when it’s dry and you have tons of grip and you’re able to push that contact patch out to the outside of the tire you can see you’re going to want you know a nice high grip compound for that area and so that’s what they’ve done they’ve split up the compound as you go out towards the end of edge of the tire so you have more grip in the dry on the outside better grip in the wet on the inside and another thing you’ll notice with this tread composition and this tread design is that you’re going to have larger more rigid tread blocks towards the outside of the tire and that’s of course for those higher G scenarios to give you increased lateral grip now Michelin isn’t purely content and just saying that it’s the best tire and the wet and the dry they actually have the data to prove it so they commissioned a third party to do some testing for them and they were ranked the number one tire in wet braking dry braking and in dry lap times and so here I’ve just listed out the dry braking distances which is pretty incredible looking at the differences between the tires this was all done on an audi s5 all the cars using and then basically the top-of-the-line summer tires for these different companies now these aren’t the track oriented tires like the cup twos that are out there this is you know Michelin ultra high performance summer tires it’s also very capable on the road and in wet conditions so the P f4 s stopping at one hundred ten point four feet over the average of their test runs bridgestone potenza so4 pole position one fifteen point three feet continental extreme contacts one seventeen Pirelli PZero is one sixteen point five and the goodyear eagle f1 one fifteen point three so you can see the bridgestone potenza sin eagle f1 and second-place there and there’s still a five foot difference in stopping distance versus VP f4 as tires so really impressive dry braking they also have the numbers out there for their wet braking and the dry lap times it is a really impressive difference you know like a second or two faster on the pilot super sports around the track that they tested on versus the competition now I actually got to try out these tires in an autocross course and I tested out the ps4s the Bridgestone’s and the Continentals and what was really fascinating about my testing initially on my first run for each of the tires I got two runs on each tire my first run the British stones and the pilot super sports were really even in braking I think they were both at about 114 feet and then the Continentals were a little bit worse in braking but then on the second run so you’re going twice in a row so the tires are heating up as you’re doing this my second run once the tires were all heated up the Pilot Super Sport or the pilot sport for essence actually improved they went down to 113 feet whereas the Continental and the Bridgestone’s both got worse on the second run after the tires had heated up and so I think they were about 117 118 feet there whereas the ps4 SS were at 113 so really impressive that even as you add heat to that tire it’s not degrading in performance whereas if you added heat into the Continentals and the bridge stones it was degrading in performance now as far as driving these on the autocross course you could actually feel the difference pretty significantly so the Continentals to me you know there was a lot of understeer which was pretty noticeable the Bridgestone’s honestly felt really good the first run and then they started to deteriorate on that second run and the only you know major difference I noticed is it seemed a little bit more tail-happy than the ps4s tires and the ps4s tires great turn in honestly and so you know very good tire on that autocross course now another thing that Michelin did that was really cool is they set up this braking board that you could look at and see everyone who had been doing the autocross you could see what their braking distances were based on the tires that they used and you can see you know the cluster of stickers that’s much shorter braking distance for the ps4s tires and this is you know just all of us you know random people that they invited to test out these tires you know these are our actual braking distances which they put up there and you can see the ps4s started doing really well so it’s super super impressive tire out of Michelin really appreciate them for having me out and checking them out thank you guys for watching if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below [Music] it’s down I fly

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  1. I am so glad that someone from the youtube community actually talked about the tyres! Thank you.. Yes the cars were cool but it's nice to hear about the tyres and how the reacted in real world circumstances.. These are on my list for sure..

  2. Hypothetically, in relation to having the "wet" pattern on the inside, shouldn't or aren't most tread patterns designed to push water outward from the wheel well to prevent hydroplaning? It seems this design would push the water more toward the middle of the tire (aka contact patch)

  3. just saw your feature on Gears and Gasoline. Realized your crosstrek didnt have spacers, I know it is not necessary but what was your thought about adding (20mm) spacers on cars (I have '17 WRX)?

  4. Michelin will be releasing new lines of consumer performance tires with greater wear mileage for a lower cost. The company is determined to become more competitive in the consumer market without comprised build quality or materials used. I have been employed for Michelin for several years and would not be a part of an organization that isn't dedicated to delivering on their word of being the best. Attention to quality is top priority over profit. If you look for an affordable alternative BF Goodrich tires are an excellent choice. Michelin makes this brand as well.

  5. Im going to put the 285/35/20 Michelin PS 4S on the rear of my Charger Hellcat and take it to Inde Motorsports next month. Subscribe to my channel for the footage!

  6. PSS came on my V60 Polestar and they are great tires. They can be a little noisy but the grip is unreal. I can't wait to try the 4s and I hope noise levels are better

  7. Very good discussion on the new product PS4. This fellow usually does a great detailed jobs on discussion the technologies for cars.

  8. Michellin doesnt need any promotions cos the whole universe know about them.whereas pirelli is a overrated useless tyre and continental being manufactured by someone else with just labelled .

  9. so with an asymmetric compound, is it bad to adjust your camber for better cornering as you are not loading up the softer edge compound as much?

  10. Still no 35's, guess spending over a grand with another company. Can't do the old MPSS it just not stable on my car.

  11. But is the tire good for any car in not just for racing? Is it able to last years if you where to drive on a freeways for miles well it last

  12. Michelin is retarded with names, they say these are succesor of PILOT SUPER SPORT , and they are called PILOT SPORT4s , yet there is another model called pilot sport 4 . Without the S

  13. how much should you inflate your tires? I know manufactorers puts down some numbers, but these are for smaller stock sized tires which aren't designed for sport oriented driving.

  14. You can put your ad at the rear to avoid negativity. – One thing you did not mention is Ps4S higher mileage and a lower cost than the sticky PSScup2 as found on Corvette Zo6.

  15. sounds like I just found the successor to my favorite tire ever, the Yokohama AVS A+4. I had those on a good, but very unpretentious car in the 90's and it out-cornered and out-stopped cars that cost 10 times as much.

  16. great video !!1 so is the steering response slower on the PS4s then the PSS ? as I am reading that the sidewalls on the PS4s are softer then the PSS?

  17. Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 for the win. At least in FL. Michelin do not last long at all on FL roads because of the shell base in the asphalt.

  18. Would be great to see a review between the Ultra-High-Performance (UHP) All-Seasons top contenders like Continental DWS06, Michelin Pilot A/S 3+ etc.

  19. Hello, Great video !! question.. I just bought these and the way they are fitted is like this..
    Right Side (looking from Behind)

    Left Side (looking from Behind)

    i.e. the grooves on the outside slant outwards at different angles… really weird how Michelin do this,, you would think they would make LEft and Right Tyres, and not just one variation..

  20. Which tires are best for Los Angeles roads in your opinion . I just bought a used 2016 corvette stingray convertible with no z51 package. I have magnetic suspension and it is very comfortable. Even with these OEM RFT super sports its still extremely comfortable compared to others. I am only looking at Michelin tires and still do not know which to choose. ZP, 4s, ps2, or maybe the all season tires. I am not going on the track or driving in the rain. Comport is the most important and I guess performance is a little less important. Which one would you recommend and how much more comfortable are they from the RFT super sports that I am driving on right know? I am also open to other brands if they are better. Thank you

  21. I just got the Super Sports on 04 Mach 1. I replaced the standard Eagle tire that I never loved. Whoa. The difference was astounding. Road noise dropped. (I realize a worn out tire will always be louder than fresh rubber.) Grip and drive ability skyrocketed. The Goodyears lasted a long time but that was the only great thing about them. The SS's grab and bite hard when pushed. If I go to kick the rear end out, I love how predictable every moment feels with all that grip waiting to grab again. I don't need or want to add to the stigmata of mustang drivers.

  22. Man! You must have had a blast there! Wait.. This was from January? How have I not seen this until now? Would have been great to do this test on your S2000!

  23. Engineering Explained Please do a video about the new all weather tires with the 3PMSF severe weather certification such as Michelin CrossClimate and Vredestein Quatrac.

  24. so these youtubers are like the whores on the streets of hong kong and the corporate marketing weenies are the tourists shopping around for the best poon

  25. Shame they dont make it for 205 45 R 17 wheels (mx5 NC) Have now supersports but they do wear fast 8000 miles 1 year. (yes i drive fast but my older continental premium contact did fear better ( maybe not in grip but overall )

  26. How do you know the ideal tire pressure. My issue is nitto says the 555g2 in 315/35zr17 should be 50 psi for max load of 2094 pounds. That's 8400 pound vehicle weight. My car weighs approximately 2550 wet with me in the car.

  27. Yo you say they are 1-2 seconds faster than super sports a lap, please provide this data.

    Why no data for pss on their comparison tests.

    Wtf no comparison here

  28. What if the Michelin's were aired down about 2 PSI below spec, and all the other tires were aired up up about 2 PSI over spec. That small difference isn't enough to notice while driving, but could easily make over a 5ft different in stopping and cornering. I know in my car I intentionally run 2 PSI lower than "maufacturer recommended" for better traction/grip especially when it comes to straight line accelerating and braking.

  29. 2 track days on my michelin ps4 plus street driving (smaller size ps4s for 17" wheels on s2000 )

    Amazing tires. On street and on track, they're no slicks.. but amazing as you see on my videos
    No drama on the track

  30. you sold me on the STi watching your video i purchased an STi in HYPER BLUE 1 OF 700…..
    11K MILES of very aggresive driving wore out the stock Dunlop Sport Maxx out —— in the front
    mostly at The Tail of the Dragon
    Just orders these tires on 4/12/2018
    my brother has the super sports and loves them, can't wait
    just this morning ordered a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4s
    Thank you my friend
    absolutely enjoy your videos

  31. Great detailed overview, as per usual. I’m surprised that as an engineer, you don’t use block lettering (ie all caps). It would make the content of your white board much easier to read.

  32. Is there any sense in installing these on my 2018 Impreza Sport (NOT a WRX)? I love to thrash it around twisty mountain roads and despite its modest power (152hp) it’s a really fun and sensible car. If I’m not going to be driving over 170km/h on a track, etc, will I get much benefit?

  33. Exceptional review. About to start road racing and this review has given me a unique insight into the science vs the hype. Will purchase these tires or the cup 2 for my 66’ Mustang Restomod.

  34. Great but didn’t explain anything regarding actual engineering that my 5 year old couldn’t.

  35. So in the real world are these tyres any good. I brought the 4S and I can tell you they are light years ahead of anything else in all situations. Buy them. You won't regret it.

  36. Over a year later, this tire still remains the best. This is my absolute wet dream, even though there is no way my car would make good use of it (its a 1.0L car lol).

  37. Just bought a set to replace Pilot Super Sports on my Lexus GS F. Also drive PS4S on my RX8 R3, it is a great choice :-).

  38. Do tuners ever put the Exaust near the driving tires in cold climate to heat up the compound? Thought about this today when the heat from the Exaust heated up my feet this morning when loading my dog's in the SUV.

  39. better steering response and small advantage in dry grip, but blown away in every wet category by the extremecontact sport :b

    funny that they didn't include that tire in their own tests, wonder why? lol

  40. I would love to run these but I went with their A/S 3 because of an occasional trip to the high "snow" country. Maybe we'll take my wife's from now on and I'll get the good tires on my S6.

  41. Why is it that Toyo tires are never mentioned in these tire videos? It would be nice to know how they really compare.

  42. Nicely done .. thanks ..

    I’m thinking about these tires for my 2013 Lexus GS30 (2454518) .. I’m biggest concern is comfort .. I’m just doing regular cruising almost all the times .. not much fast driving .. advice please /

  43. Had Continenal 5p's as OEM on my 2018 SL63, and was never happy with the traction, after I burned them off, I did my research and found out the 4S was the replacement for the super sport, and I have always loved michelin tires (having owned 30 vehicles in my lifetime so far) I can say for the most part they are the best… anyway I put the 4S on the rears, and actually have trouble getting them to break loose even with 577 hp and 654 ft lbs of torque. They definitely grip better… that being said, I am not sure they are the best tires for my car, as my traction control seems to come on intermittently at higher speeds and cuts the power suddenly, at say 50 mph or 80 kph, which is kind of odd…

  44. I upgraded from OEM P-Zeros. The 4S is better in every way
    except ride quality, but after taking the plunge, IMO the difference is not worth the price difference.

  45. +Engineering Explained Just got the Michelin PS4S for summer tyres here in Sweden to my SEAT Leon Cupra MK3 (Stage 1). Many thanks for the video, superb and technical review as always. That was my main reason for ordering them ;)!

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