Make Your Car Run Better with a Little Spray Cleaner

Make Your Car Run Better with a Little Spray Cleaner

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the scotty kilmer channel. Today I’m going to show you how you can make
you engine run better by using some spray cleaners. Now when I was a young mechanic in the 1960’s,
yeah a long time ago, car all had carburetors on them. You had to clean them all the time to keep
them running right. But modern cars, heck they’re all fuel injected
so most people think, oh everything is run by computers so I dont have to do any cleaning. Well that’s not true. Because over time, the MAF sensors here and
the throttles can get gunked up, so they need cleaning. And you want to make sure you use the right
cleaners for doing it. In this case I’m using a CRC Mass Air Flow
Sensor for the mass air flow sensor like this. You just unplug the sensor, and unscrew it,
and then wiggle it and pull it out. And as you can see in here, the sensor part
in here has a lot of dirty on it, theres also dirt inside, so you just spray it clean. You just spray it till all the gunk gets off
it. And also spray the inside on one side, then
turn it over, and spray the inside of the other side to back flush it. And now you can see how nice and skinny the
chrome is here, all the dirts off of it, and the inside’s clean too. Then let it air dry about fifteen to twenty
minutes before you put it back on, so we’ll clean the throttle while we’re waiting for
that. Now the air box is in the way, to get to the
throttle, so we got to take the air box out of the way. Then we loosen the clamps of the other part
and pull it off. Then when thats all out of the way, there’s
the throttle that we want to clean, you can see it’s all dirty inside. Then you get your throttle body and air intake
cleaner, and start to clean it. Now do this on a cold engine, because you
dont want to have any flames or anything when it’s cold nothing’s going to happen. Then start spraying all the crud out. And you also want to push it with your fingers
so you can get inside and clean. And also have a rag to wipe it all clean. Just look at all the crud that’s it cleaned
off. And just like the MAF cleaner, when you use
the throttle cleaner, let it air dry for fifteen minutes or so, so it get all the vapors out. And look how nice and shinny it is now. Then put all the duct work back on. And tighten up the clamps. Then put the air filter housing back on. And last but not least, put the MAF sensor
back in. Then screw it in place. And snap the electrical connection back on. And there we have it, a nice smooth running
engine and all it took was a little bit of spray cleaner. So the next time your car starts running a
little bit odd, why not try fixing it with a little spray cleaner yourself. And remember, if you have any car questions,
just visit

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  2. Can CRC throttle body cleaner clear out and a i c intake control valve from being stuck as to free up the excessive idle so that it idles properly?

  3. I use peanut butter.

    Why yes, I believe i am pretty smooth, thank you.
    I happen to use Chunky style – I feel it's rougher and scrubs better.

  4. My Daihatsu Cuore 5 model L701 with a 1.0 liter type EJ-VE, 3 cylinder gasoline engine. Noticed that the belt pulley on the camshaft broke around the pulley retaining bolt and washer.

  5. Careful pushing the butterfly valve with your finger, some vehicles have electrically controlled ones you could break the plastic gears

  6. Awesome Scotty an amazing helpful fellow you are. Your videos were greatly helpful for the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Thank's brother you're a Godsend !!! Smart guy u are. Thank's again !!

  7. Whoa, God forbid you blow out the air filter while your doing this. Nope don't do it. I mean it's right there within arm's reach.
    So just close your eyes and pretend you didn't see it.

  8. Hi Scotty I'm Smith i have a 2004 mazda 3 my A T light comes on and the tiptronic disengages and if I'm in 4th gear the car jumps to second gear . i nrrd your help plz

  9. SCOTTY I HAVE A QUESTION what if you spray sea foam into your throttle body it sprays out white smoke from your exhast i was wondering because i heard it helps pass smog and i need to pass it in 2 days from now

  10. Can I cleaning just throw spray. I don't have just to clean with fabrics towels? Please help.( Mercedes-Benz 2000 ml320)

  11. I thought you werent suppose to touch the plate???????????? Now im confused. Can someone explain? Thanks

  12. I hear someone also,don' not toch or open by hand to clean the turrtle body like scotty did it,that is tru or not?

  13. After all that the intake should of been sprayed as well as the top engine cleaner. Don't forget all that as you'll see black crud I'd run the car so it goes out the exhaust clean the crap out of it all like NEW

  14. Hey Scott , got an 06 Buick lacrosse mice chewed the injector wires in one injector. Car cranks no start. Can you tell me if the mouse damage would cause a crank no start..

  15. I’m going to be buying these cans today for 10.99 each to save 300 hopefully just in parts. Probably another 400 in time.

  16. I cleaned my own throttle body today. It had been idling poorly and just cleaning it fixed the issue. There was all kinds of black crap inside of there, so it probably hadn't ever been cleaned. It not only is idling better, but it also accelerates a lot more smoothly. I started trying to do the mass air flow sensor, but I gave up because there were too many connected parts!

  17. After taking out my MAF sensor, the air intake hose developed a huge crack. After ordering this part online and wanting to install it, a hose that connects to the intake hose also got ripped apart. It's all so tiresome.

  18. Almost every car made today uses electric throttle. Do not spray throttle body cleaner inside those. Spray on a rag and wipe off. Spraying inside can destroy the throttle. I have seen it happen, not even exaggerating.

  19. Mechanic just changed the throttle thingy he said u can’t clean it 130k miles on Toyota Camry charged me $400 is that ok ?

  20. I love your videos. I am from Temple, Texas—but I now live in Norfolk, VA–I am looking to learn how to do the simple work to my own car. I have a 2009 Dodge Caliber. I want to clean my MAP sensor, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Do you know where it is?

  21. Scotty your a great informative mechanic but with experience on a ‘04 Murano. Cleaning it made it worse because I ended up with a check engine light and a trained mechanic couldn’t fix the problem later. I highly advise cleaning these parts and definitely don’t manually move the flapper valve on the throttle body. Best to leave this alone if it goes bad just replace it, it’s not worth the hassle.

  22. Very straight fwd vdo as always..nice. i hv a question tho…if we push that throttle gate open (not by pressing gas pedal)..dont we get like check engine light on afterwards when we turn on the engine?

  23. Why must you always yell at your listeners?
    We're not deaf. I'm guessing you don't do it normal conversation because you're still alive, so why do it here?
    30 seconds was all I could take, I'm not going to be shouted at by anyone.

  24. Hi Scotty. Wouldn’t pushing the throttle plate in case of an electronic throttle body cause the TP sensor to malfunction?

  25. Hey Scotty. Just did this to my 2012 Honda Accord. Both the mass air flow and throttle body. Use the exact same chemicals. My RPMs are a little high at Park and idle in drive. At Park my RPMs are at about 1,250 and idle and drive there just under a thousand and sometimes at 1000 exactly. I went through the idle relearn procedure from my Honda book and I'm throwing a check engine light. You think the car might need to lean out overtime as it relearn? Any info you can give is appreciated. I'm going to stop by AutoZone in a little bit and see what codes it is throwing

  26. My car sounded like crap when I started it in the morning and what did idle. 15 minutes later it runs like a champ

  27. I know this video is old but gotta says don’t spray in the throttle made of plastic intake manifold otherwise will cause fire or explode and don’t spray inside with electronic throttle

  28. Dear sir, I just came to know my air hose was torn. the whole throttle body and engine intake is black from the gunk. What is the best way to clean that?

  29. Important Note: On many newer engines (say, last 15-10 years) there will often be a black coating inside the throttle bore where the butterfly closes (often 'eyebrow' shaped) and sometimes also on the edge of the throttle. This may be a factory applied coating and NOT a dirty mark. It is a molybdenum coating and is supposed to be there. The coating reduces build-up and stops the throttle sticking. If you spray and wipe as shown in this video, there is a good chance you will remove the coating. You have been warned.

  30. Hi …. cleaning the sensor does'nt need to scan with da laptop i rit????.. can i do that or not??

  31. I have always cleaned maf on Toyota of mine but now have a 2003 Acura cl, but can't see it ? THANKS anyone

  32. What if its a top mounted throttle body? Wouldn’t all that loosened gunk drip down into the engine? My chevy astro manual says to use ACdelco top engine cleaner doesn’t contain methyl ethyl ketone. The MSDS for CRC throttle body has names that are very similar chemical names but not exactly the same so as an inexperienced mechanic I think ill spend the extra money for the manufacturer recommended and possibly remove the top mounted throttle or pre soak a shop towel that wont rip and fall down into the engine. The service manual has no bolt sizes and doesn’t mention gaskets at all. Cant find a video for this type on YouTube

  33. Scotty I have a 2000 Grand Marquis and I love Grand marquis's but they need about 50 to 60 more horsepower what's the cheapest way that I could do this also I was thinking about putting373 rear end and what do you think about that

  34. after over a $1000 spent on toyota echo, i watched video on your channel how to properly clean fuel sensor, worked like a charm, saving me a few hundred more dollars replacing it, im stocked

  35. i did this on my car and i let the throttle body air out by leaving the intake hose disconnected. after 30 mins i tried starting the car back on and it wasnt staying on. it would shut off after a couple of seconds. i thought i had clogged it up or something. needless to say i had forgotten to put the hose back on the throttle body… that was my dumb moment of the day

  36. Oh Scotty I need to wake up every day morning listening to you. It's like a routine now 🤗. Thanks for the videos Scotty

  37. doing this friday when i get paid. engine should idle smoother without some hesitation i get sometimes. she idles at 400-500 sometimes does a little pffp, pffp, pffp ,pffp sound. but sometimes she idles nice. this should do the trick for smoother idling. if not, maybe iac needs a clean also.

  38. Hi Scott, quick question, I changed the spark plugs and I unplugged the throttle body to clean on my ‘08 Sienna, now the car doesn’t even idle. It runs for 5 seconds then shuts off. Do I have to reset and relearn the throttle body?

  39. What about super charged applications specifically roots style is there a different cleaner that must be used.

  40. I just did this a month ago for my 9-2x based on your last CRC vid! I got 29 mpg on a long drip!, the throttle body cleaner just seems to be pressurized acetone.

  41. Thanks as usual!! Just bout a used 2017 Toyota Corolla and during normal check ups at the dealer, I let them know about a slight idle issue I noticed. They said the throttle body had some carbon build up (duh) but w the Toyota's now that's becoming more of an annual preventive maintenance issue so they dont cover it w the warrantee since nothing is actually broke. I used to clean my old 07 envoy throttle body w the crc as well. I saw one person say NEVER push open the butterfly valve because it can de calibrate it or break the gears on the inside. Now I see you opening yours by hand I'm good to go. Scotty's word is next to law!!

  42. First time trying to clean a carburetor. Is it supposed to try and stall the engine when the carb throat is exposed and the accelerator pumped lightly?

  43. You say push on the throttle body so you can spray the inside and wipe it clean. Can't that get it out of sync?

  44. Your good but your screeming bothering me , usually adult watch your videos not kids , adult do not like screeming

  45. sCOTTY i HAVE A QUESTION, SOME FORUMS FOR TOYOTA MATRIX they were saying do not push on the butterfly flap because there are plastic gears that yoyu can break, is that true?

  46. Good Job again Scotty, I'm getting better with my technique by watching you. I just did one on replacing the alternator in a Porsche turbo and I think I'm getting better. Still trying to improve tho lol

  47. It would be better to take it off and clean the back is dirtier than the front side.4 -10 mm bolt and some hoses.

  48. This video helped me to solve my ge jazz idling problems. It was a minor issue but gets quite annoying. Multiple trips to the dealership for service in the last 6 years didn't solve the problem. Thank you Scotty.

  49. Thanks to you I’ve learned how to do a lot of Basic mechanical work on my car that’s saved me a lot of money.

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