Make CASH Recycling These 21 Things!

Make CASH Recycling These 21 Things!

The environment is at a fragile state today. With heavy industrialisation and massive deforestation,
it may not be long before the world that we know will no longer exist as it is. But there are some things that we as individuals
can do which will help in preventing that from happening, like recycling. And if saving the world is not motivation
enough, you can also make money by recycling! Lets take a look at some of the things that
pays to recycle! 21. Car Tire. It is estimated that by 2035, there will be
2 billion cars in the world. That means at least 8 billion tires, and increase
the number for spare tires! And since all of us change tires every few
years of so, that means a lot of discarded tires in the world! But it is pretty easy to recycle tires. All you have to do is tie it to a tree and
you get a swing! But tire manufacturers and garages also are
on the look out for old tires so you can give it to them as well and they offer money in
exchange also! 20. Tennis balls. Ok, so these are not something that all of
us have lying around, but it does pose a serious concern. Tennis balls are made of rubber which are
not bio degradable. And there are over 300 million tennis balls
manufactured every year! But thankfully, new start-ups have emerged
which take in old tennis balls and rebounce them so that they can be used again! And they do pay for it! So if you part of a tennis club, ask them
to get in touch with these start ups so that we can keep that much amount of rubber waste
from reaching the dumps! 19. Corks. Many of us like to have a little wine with
our food! And wine bottle usually come with a cork,
but often times we tend to throw it out. The next time you feel like doing that don’t. It might not make you very rich, but with
enough corks on hand, you could get a free bottle of wine! Many crafters and businesses have need for
the corks and they pay pretty well for them! 18. Paper. Newspapers, books and magazines all come under
the broad category of paper and all of them are things that we use on a day to day basis. Especially newspaper as it tends to get accumulated
a lot! But the good news is that these can be recycled. There are scrap dealers who buy back these
items from you and even pay you for them! 17. Towels and Beddings. Usually when the towels and beddings we use
get old, they end up in the dustbin. But it actually makes sense to not throw them
out. You can recycle them by cutting them up into
small pieces and using it as dusting cloths. Or you can let your imagination run wild and
make them into curious little artefacts like braided rugs! And they can be sold on sites like Ebay to
make you some money as well! 16. Hair. Those of us who do not have will probably
understand it! Having hair is a bigger deal than you think
and that is the reason why wigs and extensions are so much in demand! And yes, the hair used to make those has to
come from somewhere. And the easiest way is the head of another
human! And you can make a good amount of money if
your hair of the sufficient length and quality! So go ahead, get your hair recycled! 15. Printer Cartridge. Even though digital has come a long way, it
still has some way to go before it can replace paper. So that pretty much means that a lot of pages
are printed each day. And that means using a lot of printer cartridges. But there is some good news on that front. Many websites and stores are looking for old
and used cartridges and they pay you for them as well. 14. Bottle Water. Since tap water is not something that many
of us trust and a water purifier is not something all of us can afford, bottled drinking water
is in huge demand! Usually, a family consumes 4-6 bottles of
water a day and that accumulates to over a 100 bottles every month! Returning these bottles is a way to save some
money as dealers often offer discounts if you do! 13. Clothes. Ever wonder what to do with all those old
clothes that have tears and stains on them? Simple. You can recycle. There’s really not much that cannot pass
as fashion and you can go crazy and make new clothes out of your old ones! Think of how the first pair of torn jeans
came about! And what’s more is that you can actually
sell your funky designs on the internet without much investment as well! 12. Wooden Furniture. We all need furniture, whether it is to sleep
or work! But of course, from time to time we feel like
an upgrade or a change! So what to do with the old furniture? For starters, don’t throw it away. Wooden furniture can be easily repaired and
modified to sell on ebay and there are enough and more buyers there! So do think twice about throwing away old
furniture. You could be throwing away money. 11. Sofa and mattress. Either you yourself or your pet or your friends
have made you discover what is inside sofas and mattresses. It is usually wool or cotton and pretty soft
ones at that. But after a while, you kind of want a new
one but you can actually recycle them! All you have to do is take out the stuff from
the inside and stuff it in a smaller package and make pillow out of them! And then you can of course go on various sites
to sell them! 10. Canisters. Every month, we end up using a lot of canisters
in which oil and other commodities come in. It is pretty usual to throw them out and they
end up taking unnecessary space in the house. But they are actually very much in demand
and are the easiest things to recycle. Just give it to some scrap dealers and they
will pay you for the effort! 9. Fluoroscent Light Bulbs. It may actually come as a surprise that fluorescent
bulbs which no longer work can be fixed! Yes that’s right! You can even go online and watch some DIY
videos to learn how to fix thee bulbs. And then they sell for almost half the original
price! Or you can use it again in your homes as well
and save the money of new light bulbs! 8. Aerosol Containers. The containers in which sprays and beverages
come in are actually very much in demand. You can just collect them and sell it to junk
shops to get some value for them! Or you could go a step further and make some
art with them! Who knows? If you are good, maybe you will be able to
turn in some neat little profit! 7. Waste food. While cooking, there are a lot of times when
we end up with extra food. And that usually suffers the fate of hiding
in the back of the fridge till it spoils. But even then, there is no need to throw it
out! Organic waste, which food actually is, is
a great way to make fertiliser. And no, you do not need a huge set up to do
that! All you need to have is a vermicompost unit
and you can turn it into fertilizer right at your home! And what’s more, this kind of fertilizer
is actually in great demand! 6. Used Batteries. No, we are not talking about the pencil ones. There are usually batteries in all types of
cars. And also some homes which use batteries to
power their homes in case of a power cut. The used batteries are actually pretty much
in demand in scrap metal yards and auto workshops. In fact, some car manufacturers offer gift
cards as well in exchange for used and discarded batteries! 5. Cooking Oil. Admit it. WE all love to eat deep fried stuff. They are delicious to put it simply. But if you in the habit of eating fried stuff
on a regular basis, chances are that you loads of used cooking oil which you want to get
rid of. And throwing it down the drain is not really
an option, is it? Thankfully, there are many recycling centres
and biodiesel firms who need this oil! And they even pay a price for it. Even though its not much, its better than
wondering how to dispose it! 4. Medicine Foils. Medicines are in huge demand as almost every
person in the world needs to take some at one point or the other. But did you know that the foil that the tablets
come in are actually made of aluminium? Yes that’s right and considering that aluminium
is a metal that is pretty much in demand, you can make some money off those foils by
selling it to scrap metal dealers! And what’s more is that you can actually
use the foils to make something interesting and out of the box as well! 3. Pet Fur. This might raise some eyebrows but hey, anyone
who has had a pet knows that they shed a lot. And that has all of us wanting to just take
shears and trim their fur a little bit! As it turns out, you can actually make money
out of it too. Animal fur, even of dogs, are actually used
to make wool and you can sell it for a nifty price in the market as well! 2. Gift Cards. Usually around holidays, we get a lot of gift
cards that are actually useless as we might not be able to end up in those places! SO they do tend to get accumulated over time
but that doesn’t mean they lose their value even if the date goes by! These cards are usually made from PVC and
there are a number of outlets which take these cards and give cash in return! 1. Metal Fittings. It is pretty common to use brass and copper
in household items. From electrical wiring, leaky pipes, hinges,
knobs and others, these things around the house are usually made of copper or brass. And since they do get changed a lot, they
are usually in good demand in the market! So before you throw off your old pipes and
fittings, do get in touch with a scrap metal dealers as they will surely pay you to take
those away! Almost everything in and around the house
can be reused or recycled! So don’t waste your waste! And if you have any experience with making
money by recycling do let us know in the comments below and remember to subscribe to our channel
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  2. how do we locate the people that pay for these things.. the biggest two obstacles to recycling, are contamination and shipping.

  3. This video is basically useless. I'll just pick the lowest hanging fruit…you don't even know the difference between a fluorescent and an incandescent light bulb. Med packs are aluminum FOIL (pretty much valuless) contaminated with plastic. Nobody pays for tires or paper unless you have ton quantities.

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