Louisiana Snow Day, Power Outage, & RV Tires Fixed ❄ Full Time RV Family

Louisiana Snow Day, Power Outage, & RV Tires Fixed ❄ Full Time RV Family

(calm acoustic music) – What is up freedom seekers? Welcome to the Freedom
Theory, my name is Kali. And today, we woke up to
something very interesting, and I’m gonna explain why
we’re in a hotel again. Stay tuned. (calm acoustic music) What is up you guys? So, first of all, this is really big. We woke up to snow in Louisiana. So, the weather forecast
had been saying snow, which Josh and I were kind of like, “Eh, it might snow, but
it’s not gonna like stick.” Well, it stuck. This is what is what it looks
like outside the hotel window, and so, it’s been snowing all morning. We did a late checkout for one, and we’re actually headed
to go pick up the RV. And that brings me to why
we are in a hotel again. Some of you guys asked why we don’t just stay at Mama’s house. Well, she has a full size bed, which is very, very
small and very, very old, and we just won’t be able to sleep on it. We’ve tried taking a nap on it before, and it’s very uncomfortable, there’s just no way for us to sleep. There also is no place for Josh to work with his laptop and to be comfortable. So, a hotel makes the most sense. It also means we’re closer
to the place where the RV is. So, it’s just one night. We are going to go pick up the RV. We took it to a place called
Able Springs Alignment, and it turns out that you do need to get the wheels aligned or trailers aligned. That’s what caused the wear on the tires. We also got the barrings repacked, and we got new trailer tires. So, I’m going to let Josh
explain a lot about the tires because we learned so much and
Josh read a bunch of forums. Some people were like, “You don’t need to get
your trailers aligned.” But other people were like, “You do need to get them aligned.” There’s a lot of crazy
information out there. We also went and spent extra
money to get really nice tires. So, I feel really good that
we’re getting all this done, and that we’re seeing all
this now, as I’ve said before, because when we’re traveling
on the road with a newborn, it’s important to have
all that safety stuff. It’s teaching us to look
for different things before we move. And we’re just really
appreciative of that. I think it’s all a lesson in learning, and three years on the road, we’re still learning stuff. Right Joshua? – [Joshua] That’s right. – And we are never, how would you– – [Joshua] Going back. – We’re never going back, but we’re also not too proud to say when we don’t know something, and wanna share that with you guys because I think it’s important
for us to share mistakes and learning curves like
when you break a slide, or when a tire is wearing
down on a certain place, we are all learning together. Some of you guys messaged me thinking it might be a bent axle. I don’t think this RV actually traveled far enough to ever bend something. I think it literally lived at the beach since they bought it, maybe. But yeah, we’re packing up right now. We stayed at the same place, this is the Hyatt place in Baton Rouge. It looks like Josh has
everything all taken care of. I’m feelin’ really pregnant. Yes, there’s my little bump. Okay, Josh is saying I need to wrap it up. – I got a meeting in 45 minutes. Endless meetings at work. – Yes, oh, don’t forget my snoodle. – [Joshua] I’m not
forgetting your snoodle, I’m waiting for you to pack it. – Okay. (soft acoustic music) We made it home, but the power’s out. So, we need to go get propane. But we’re in, now we gotta go get propane because we’re out and we need heat because it’s like 33 degrees right now. It’s very cold (laughs). But first, before we get propane, we’re also gonna go to Costco because I think they sell propane, we’re gonna look it up online. We’re gonna get food!
– Hello! – Joshua got a new jacket. Stylin’ aren’t ya’? (laughs) He is a man of little words today. (laughs)
♪ You’re so beautiful ♪ Still snowin’. Still cold. Burr. It has been a long day, but thankful the trailer is here, the tires are on, the axles,
thankful those weren’t bent, and that is just needed an alignment. So, really grateful overall. I was gonna have Josh go
over some of the tire stuff. I don’t know if that’ll, that’s obviously not gonna
happen in this video. All the stuff we had
done at the shop today ended up being $868, so not bad. We wanted it to be under
a grand, and it was, so we were thankful for that. Josh, next week, is going
back out to Mississippi to get the slides worked on
and a couple of other things. Actually, he’s gonna take a list. I will be gone in Seattle, and flying in a week before him
because he still has to work so I’ll fly in, go hang
out with my family, and then he’ll fly in a week later. But he’ll probably spend
the week that I’m gone in Mississippi just
getting some things done, and he’s excited about that because he knows it’ll be quiet. He can game, and do all the
things that Josh loves to do, so overall, it’ll be really good. Then I can come back home, we can both come back
home and have a trailer that is prepared for our little one because this is really the, we’re cutting down to the wire. We’re got ten weeks before
baby freedom is here, which blows my mind. Thanks for being apart of this season. Even though it’s busy,
it’s still really good. And I’m still happy, we’re still smiling at
the end of each day. So, love you guys. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it, subscribe if you haven’t already. Huge thank you to our patrons, those of you using our Amazon link. All the income we make
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is going to charity, so we appreciate it so so much. Until next time, don’t
forget to live simply, dream differently, and find your freedom. See you guys next time, bye.

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  1. Snow in Louisiana!!! I don't think Central Florida is far enough away. May have to head out early and go to the SouthWest! Thank you for sharing your adventure. It is true Freedom!

  2. I knew about aligning years ago. (80s) It was a do-it-yourself job with straight angle iron and a level. Running over/hitting curbs can knock the alignment off. The newer trailers have a better suspension system and aren't as vulnerable.

  3. That is funny, We have been harassing out daughter who moved to Birmingham Al, to get away from snow and we still don't have snow up here in Iowa. Sorry to see snow down where you are. Enjoy while you can.

  4. Did I miss where you showed the baby’s room? I only see a partial shot of a closet and shelf. Where is the crib going to be?
    I am sure you have seen the baby/ now toddler room from Less Junk More Journey. Will it be similar?
    Hard to believe it is already so close to your having this wonderful little baby. I know you are so excited! Love your videos.

  5. Are you still able to be an Amazon affiliate? Some of the other YouTubers I follow are now no longer recognized by Amazon and their term as an affiliate has been ended by Amazon. Just checking before we do shopping that you actually WOULD get the benefit. Thanks for all you do, we really enjoy your content.

  6. Kali is Bear flying home with you to Seattle or is he staying with Josh's parents ? Josh what brand and type contact lenses did you get ? Kali have a great flight and have fun hanging out with your family . Glad you got the issues taken care of on Freedom.

  7. Spent my high school days growing up in Baton Rouge A great place to spend some of my teenage years with the food and music.

  8. Yes! This was crazy to wake up to. Just wish it was like this on Christmas! 😂 last year my sister was able to wear a sleeveless shirt on Christmas Day. Baton Rouge will always be my home town! 😂😊✌🏻

  9. I just committed on a different video. But let Josh know we would like to meet y’all
    My camper is in laurel now getting things ready for us to go full time in June.
    The Roaming Pjs

  10. We got snow too! So amazing and unexpected. At first there was barely any but after a couple of hours there was about a foot of snow!

  11. All the years I have been lurking on YouTube, you are the first bloggers I have come across based (temporarily) in Baton Rouge. I am 30 minutes west of BR.

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