Locked Wheel + Driving = Dead Tire

Locked Wheel + Driving = Dead Tire

User puts on hazards and slows down. I assume she is going to stop. I look back when I get to the stop light and realize she is still going. I pull onto a side street to get behind her. As I get behind her, she stops.

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  1. The black car featured in this video had come from a nearby parking lot. It appears that their parking brake was left on. The right-rear wheel is locked up. You can see at the beginning of the video the car is moving quite jerkily because of this. Once the driver gets up some momentum, the jerkiness it gone, but you can now hear tire squeal. As we came around the corner, the driver put on her hazard lights, maintained the right lane, and slowed down. I assumed she realized the problem and would pull over. Because of this I didn't try to stop her and tell her. I assumed her hazard lights and slowing down meant she'd figured it out. Apparently I was wrong. After passing her I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw her still going with the hazard lights flashing and a cloud of tire smoke behind her. I pull onto a side street so I can get a side shot and also get behind her to tell her to stop. As I pull in behind her for a second time, she pulls off the road. I didn't stop this time because she'd already figured it out. After I passed she got out to inspect the wheel.

  2. Okay um…just how?
    First of all, don't most cars have a bright red light on the dashboard indicating that the parking brake is on?
    Secondly, don't some cars also have a beeping sound to accompany that light if you try to drive away? I know it's quite possible hers did not, but still.
    Thirdly, if that bright red light wasn't a big enough clue, how about the fact that your car can't move properly?
    Fourthly, and above all else, would you not see and smell the smoke, hear the squealing tire, and notice that your car is now not level?
    I'm at a loss. Even though most inept drivers would be able to figure this out and pull over.

  3. I used to have a Hyundai Accent like the one in the video for about 3 years, and my car wouldn't even move if the parking brake was applied. So I could only imagine how worn the parking brake was or how much they were pressing the accelerator..

  4. i know she figured out that something was wrong but she could probably spend the next 30 mins figuring it out why her tire is burning or you could just tell her "your ebrake is still on" and then go about your day. she has no idea what the issue is, she just knows there's a problem

  5. This is for you Reddit haters who are too dense to figure out what I just explained in the description: She put her hazards on and slowed down. I thought she was going to stop. I passed her as I thought she'd figured it out. When I got to the stop light, I looked back and noticed that she had not stopped and was still coming. At this point I realize I need to stop her. I can now either pull off and wait or turn onto a side street and wait. Either option would allow me to stop her, but one would capture it on camera. I chose the to go onto a side street. When I pulled in behind her, she stopped and defeated the purpose of me getting behind her. She had a cell phone in her hand.
    Maybe next time I'll just follow every car who appears to be stopping and make sure they stop. And maybe next time, when I've already passed someone, I'll make sure to keep driving. Have a great day.

  6. I've left my ebrake on once about 2/3 up and wondered why my car was SO slow accelerating…..After about 6 mins of driving like that, I dont think my brakes were too happy with me lol. Happened when i was first learning to drive haha. Good capture, stay safe out there!

  7. At the beginning you could tell that she was having trouble with the car moving smoothly

  8. One would think that one would realize that something is wrong almost right away and stop to investigate.
    But evidently this lady has no common sense and decides to keep going and ruin her tire as well as the rim.

  9. Howdy Once Upon A Dashcam, WILD clip man! Right here in my Homestate of Texas too. Did this take place in Lubbock?
    I just wanted to ask you for permission, if you would allow me to use this clip in my upcoming educational compilation on my main channel DDS TV 2 (with over 45K subscribers)? Credit and links in the description, as always will be provided, so you benefit as well of course. 🙂

    Look forward to your response, thanks!

  10. Hi Once Upon a Dashcam, would it be possible to use this video in my US Compilation?
    Credit and Links in the description.

  11. Completely stupid, how can anyone not realize that the parking brake is initiated? Dashboard indications and beeps and all that.

  12. i had similar issue in icy road…ABS light was on n was difficult accelerating…knew something was wrong with ABS but could not figure out that one of the rear wheel was locked…steering was not affected as with flat tire…at last, mechanic solved the issue by hammering about 8-10 times on the inner rim of circular metal part attached with wheel!:)

  13. That can happen from an ignored failed wheel bearing locking up. I drove a car home like that after I bought it. Got it cheap because they were junking it.

  14. Hello, is it OK to feature your clip in a my chanel for educational purposes (so-called temporary copyright.)? You can stop me from using your content at any time and it will be deleted immediately.

    It will be credited in the description & comments section with your name. Thanks, MM

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