Lights and Tires and Batteries, Oh My! Automotive Care 101

On this episode of Designing
Spaces we’re taking the guesswork out
of car maintenance so you can spend
more time enjoying the ride, instead of
maintaining it. Find out how to check,
connect, and charge up with Diehard. Become a
smoother operator with new wheels, and
learn a little DIY trick that will keep
you safe in the dark. Time to rev up and
get your motor running, coming up next on
Designing Spaces. Are you looking for
quick, and convenient solutions that can
take care of your vehicles needs with
the click of a button? We have you
covered. Diehard has joined forces with
Amazon featuring new smart and powerful
products shipped right to your doorstep.
Today we’ll meet an automotive enthusiast who’s going to show
us how to check, connect, and charge up
all at once using some of his favorite
Diehard products.
Hi I’m John, welcome to my home. We’re a
large family and we have multiple
vehicles, we utilize them all on a
regular basis and right now we’re
charging our family’s SUV with our
Diehard smart charger and maintainer. And
over here we have my pride and joy, it’s
a Honda cb750. My father-in-law was nice
enough to restore this for me– I love
taking it out on the weekends and one of
the great things about Diehard products
is that it can be used on a variety of
vehicles so it keeps my bike charged and
ready to rock. The DH charger and
maintainer is compatible with a variety
of things from cars to jet skis, making
your charging experience quick and
stress-free. I was just about to check on my
car’s battery using the Diehard smart
app, come check it out. With the Diehard
smart app you can check the status of the
battery and start or stop charging it
from your phone or tablet without even
being near your vehicle. So once I know
that my battery is at 100% I simply turn
it off and it goes straight into
maintenance mode giving me peace of mind. I
never have to worry about my battery
because the smart charger and maintainer
does all the work for me. Hey babe,
how’s it going? Ok, ok
stay calm, sit tight I’ll be right there.
My wife’s car battery just died. So helpful
me to the rescue. Let’s go for a ride and
I’ll show you another one of my favorite
DH toys. Life can be very unpredictable,
that’s why I always have my jump
starter with me. The jump starter from die
hard may be small in size but it packs a
punch in power. With up to 20 jump starts
per charge and an easy-to-read LCD
screen, this pocket-sized charger will
have you cranked up and back on the road
in no time. All right babe we’re
definitely gonna go home and order you one of these
now. Yes please. Thanks for hanging out with me
today guys, now that you know a little
bit more about keeping your car batteries
connected and charged we’re gonna go
inside and do some online shopping. Wanna
browse and shop some of Diehards latest
innovative products? Simply log on to forward slash Diehard or go
to designing spaces dot TV [music] [music]
Round round they go and how they’ ll finish nobody
knows but most NASCAR winners know
there’s only one way to start, with the
same DieHard battery you can buy for
just racing around town. Since 1967 DieHard has been
creating and building its legacy as the
leading brand in high-performance automotive
batteries. After more than 50 years of
providing customers with more power and
durability in their vehicles DieHard is
shifting gears with their new line of
DieHard silver touring tires.
Today we’re gonna take a ride with a
driver who’s looking for new wheels to
turn his daily bumpy drive into a more
pleasant experience and DieHard has just
what he needs. The right tire with the
right fit makes all the difference with
your drive and safety. Roman is a general
manager at GC construction company, a
thriving family business with 10 to 15
major projects on GC’s calendar every
year, Roman is on the road daily moving
from site to site and those rough
conditions are constantly putting a
beating on his tires. We sent Roman over to Sears Auto
Center to talk to one of their
specialists about their latest line of
all-season tires. Hey man welcome to Sears
Auto what can I do for you today? I’m
in the market for some tires for my SUV.
What’s your everyday drive like? I’m in
construction so it’s usually a rough
terrain. I’ll look for something with a
good tread, a great warranty, very durable.
I got the perfect tire for you, follow me
this way. If you’re looking for something with a longer warranty
how does seventy thousand miles
sound to you? Sounds great. Okay so this is
the DieHard tire it’s an all season tire,
good for all weather and road conditions. I
know you heard about the DieHard
batteries. Yeah. They’ve been around a while it’s
a very trusted brand. Right and it’s a very smooth ride for
what you described to me this tire would
be the perfect fit for you. Great let’s do it.
One of the perks of purchasing your DieHard
tires from Sears Auto is the friendly
hands on customer service. And apart from
the modest ones we also have the
road hazard one. Okay. It’s like insurance for
four years so if you get a nail in the tire
it’s free to fix that in any Sears
nationwide. If the tire can’t be fixed
you’ll be prorated because for four years. Also
rotation is free, balance is free, any
Sears nationwide. Wow there’s actually
one right around the corner from my
house. There you have it.
After installing, balancing, and aligning,
the DieHard silver touring tires to
Romans vehicle it’s time to get on the
road and test out the legendary brand.
How was the ride? Smooth. Nice I figured it would. Now if you
have any questions or concerns you can go to any
Sears nationwide. Okay you got – thank
you so much. For more information on DieHard
tires and the rest of their power head
products visit DieHard calm or visit
your local Sears Auto retail center you
can also visit us at designing spaces dot TV. [music]
Being able to see the road clearly at
night is essential to nighttime driving
safety. What many drivers don’t know is
that they can get much more light from
their headlights by simply upgrading
their headlight bulbs. Join us as we
shine some light on how you can make
your driving experience more enjoyable
with a switch of a bulb. Meet Sabine
Sanchez, a PR manager and mother of two
who’s constantly on the go. Between
working late hours and finding time to
spend with her kids Sabine is used to driving at
night but has recently discovered
challenges with her vision that have her
concerned. Well I noticed that when I’m driving
at night lately I’m really having a hard
time. I’m struggling to see where I’m
going and I’m squinting, I can’t see the
signs or the oncoming traffic and I
really feel like my eyesight is
deteriorating and I’m really concerned for the
safety of my kids because that’s, that’s
when we do majority of our driving is at
night. Sabine is on her way to meet
with Jake Spencer with Phillips Automotive
to discuss her driving concerns and
install the new Phillips Xtreme vision
headlight bulbs. I Sabine I’m Jake from Phillips
Automotive. Hi Jake, nice to meet you. Sabine I
completely understand your concerns for
your safety and I’m 100% certain that
once we upgrade your headlights with the
Philips Xtreme vision bulbs you’ll be
seeing much better and clearer at night.
That sounds great.aAl right let’s do
this. Installing new headlights is a
job that almost every driver can do. It’s
recommended that you wear gloves to
protect your hands and the bulb, plus you
can check for videos on how to change
the bulbs online. Once Jake has installed the new
set of bulbs in Sabine’s car they head
out to put them to the test.
So Sabine can you see a little bit
clearer, a little bit further? Yeah, yeah I
can. I noticed I’m not squinting, I’m
not struggling to see where I’m
going, I’m not worried about what’s coming
at me I can definitely see clear I’m
so happy about that.
Good I’m really glad to hear that.
Another way to ensure that you have even
lighting when driving at night is to
change the bulbs in pairs, doing this
means installation is one and done.
Those Xtreme vision bulbs sure do pack
a punch, now that Sabine is all set with
her new pair of upgraded headlights Jake
breaks down the science behind the
beam. Phillips Xtreme vision bulbs are
going to deliver up to 100 percent
more vision on the road at night, that’s
gonna increase your safety and your
comfort ability while you’re driving at
night. That’s exactly what I need. Guess what,
I just hit a home run! Great job that’s awesome! Mario this is
Jake. Hi Jake. Nice to meet you. Well Jake I’m
so excited about my new Philips headlight
bulbs thank you so much for all of
your help. Sure Sabine any time. For more
information on Philips innovative
lighting solutions visit Philips com
forward slash automotive. [music]
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