Lifelong BMX Rider tries mountain bike at Whistler

Lifelong BMX Rider tries mountain bike at Whistler

from being a little kid swinging on the
swing set jumping off catching air and feeling like this is the best thing in
the world I wanted the most freedom I could possibly have my dad told me about
bikes that were capable of flying through the air I needed one my friendship with Scott was built on
BMX as unstructured as BMX seems there’s a
lot to know about it and Scott taught me everything you knew. he took me to my
first skate park, taught me how to manage fear, and showed me that bikes can be a
tool for creativity. with what he taught me Scott had unknowingly affected the
course of my life in a way neither of us could have imagined. And now I’m in a
position to do for Scott what he did for me I love Austin more than anything, I do,
but it’s so cool be in the mountains I’ve never been to mountains before all right so hop on and take her for a
little spin tell me what you’re feeling I always felt like a mountain bike was
what you use when you wanted to kind of amp it up a tiny bit but still take it
easy. Try and bunnyhop like try and get the bars up to your waist so now I get
on this bike after never touching a mountain bike never using gears never
using brakes and I started bouncing around in the parking lot and I’m like
well this is this is not gonna be good how am I gonna juice a jump on this
thing you know it’s gonna take my power away right. Brakes up for going slower. It
felt like it was made to cushion and relax everything. just hold my wheel
holy whoa I’m not trying to do that Are people following me? how much crazier does this get? Once we got on the trails I started to realize why the suspension was there. when we rode on the loam I ate it…
went over the bars hit a pine tree. You alright? yeah this thing sucks
I was like this sucks and I was like no I suck. I didn’t get a single look from
anybody when I was riding terribly or having to hike down a trail
because it was you know too hard for me and I’m trying to learn. I didn’t get a
single look and you know sometimes you got to show up at a skate park and kind
of prove yourself before you feel like you belong there, and I didn’t feel that
at all When I got out here and I started jumping I would just push into the lips
as hard as I could and just yank back apparently everybody was telling me I was going slower than I should have been and going higher and further than I should
have been I thought a BMX bike was the perfect
flying machine. There’s something about being in the air on this thing that I just
felt like I could just go so fast and roast off a lip and I got that feeling
that I got from BMX Ever since being on the swing set I
thought to myself you know I have to find something, now I need a bigger swing
set right and this just opens it up in a completely different way. I was looking
at rocks that looked like a launch in a land and I was like is that possible and
that really ignited that kind of that feeling of being a kid just trying to
see you know how far I can go and how high I can go. We’re not kids anymore and
we’re getting older and we want the same thrill in my limited experience the risk
versus reward factor in mountain biking you get rewarded no matter what I love BMX and I think that it’s the
best community in the world I really do and I almost feel a little bit guilty
you know saying like I love what I just did because I feel like I’m betraying
what’s been so good to me but it’s just right and it feels awesome

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  1. I changed the thumbnail and title for this video so prospective viewers know what it's about. The old title and thumb weren't that enticing. Just letting you guys know in case you thought you found a new video!

  2. Truth and honesty. Great video. Like you I grew up racing bmx. I rode TORKER 280. Before that a Track Certified Team Murray bike. As I got older I hopped up on a Gary Fisher full Suspension and fell in Love with full suspension.
    Dude! You were soaring on that trail bike.

  3. "I didnt get a single look" yea mate cause u arent around a bunch of degenerate dickhead bmx riders who think they are king shit. Must be a nice change being around normal people rathar than fuckwit bmx riders who think they own the world lol

  4. As someone who does BMX and mountain biking, I love this video, I've always thought comparing the two was like apples to oranges. BMX is more about tricks and going big, and while mountain biking can be about that, I've always felt it was just about going faster that most would through gnarly terain.

  5. I was think of starting to ride and I need a decent bike (just got) and I was wondering what good starter trails are like?

  6. Lmao. Such bullshit. When you come from bmx like me, you feel so comfortable on a big bike. His j hops were staged to shit at the beginning.. this guy knows how to ride a bike. He's not 80yrs old. Why would he be acting this way. Clearly it was staged to show off the jumping skills that are clearly transcendent on any bike after half the video.

  7. Goosebumps dude! I was a bmx racer twenty years ago I just built my first mountain bike a month ago and I am hooked like a crack head! FYI I’ve learned a lot about these bikes from your videos. I feel like a kid again!

  8. I love MTB because of the wind going past my body and the excitement of going so fast and then hitting turns or jumps and it’s almost like a drug because you live for the feeling of shredding through curvy trails.

  9. Spent my teenage years riding bmx every spare minute I had and I thought nothing in the world could replace it. about 10 year after I stopped riding any bike in general, I picked up a mountain bike following a friend and it completely changed my view on riding bikes. Always used to think if you aren't doing tricks or riding walls or grinding rails that's not fun or exciting. Now I am so humbled and see myself so little and weak against the mother nature.

  10. BMX folk take to mountain biking a lot better than rodies, my old buddy was from road land and he cried at every root

  11. It's ok to like both! Nobody is betraying anyone by enjoying more than one thing… Same goes to you Seth, don't feel like emtb's don't have their place on the trails! Open your mind, and let everyone enjoy whatever they want.

  12. I'm in the same place. I'm 33. Always thought mountain bikes were for pussies. Rode over 30k miles with a single gear. Keeping up and blowing away my buddies on and off road. But I'm going that route. Getting my first mtb next week

  13. there are definitely real reasons why so many adults ride 29'er all-mountain bikes and leave the bmx riding for the kids.

  14. I rode bmx my whole life, and so naive to have such a closed mind about other styles of riding. I’m 30 and just bought my first dh bike yesterday. Everything I know about riding is out the window when I get on this thing, it’s a whole different world. And the Mtb community actually seems more productive than bmx community.

  15. Love this short documentary style video!!! Great job I come from bmx and also am getting used to the MTB scene! Great job man

  16. Right your know longer in the club Scott send mat Hoffman back your Bmx membership…

    Haha I had the same thing at penshurst bike park on a mtb it maid me feel like I was nine again hitting a dirt lip to flat doing ET’s

  17. i really wanna go to a mtb trail but the closest one that is decent is like 34 miles away and i cant drive yet. idk if my bike is good enough anyway

  18. He went so high! This video is inspiring as hell. I've just been riding downhill so far but I'm gonna try some jumps now

  19. that feeling of nobody watching you is just a Canadian thing lol. Canadian skateparks are the same, when i brought my first bmx there everyone wanted to help me get better.

  20. +Seth's Bike Hacks thanks for the video. I had the same type of experience in 2012 after I had recovered from a complete shoulder reconstruction after 20+ years of BMXing (and a 10 year layoff). I haven't been able to translate all the BMX skills (manual, 3' bunnyhops, 360s, rockwalks [see bent rims]), but it was a really good ride… and let me know how in-shape you have to be to ride trails.

    No downhills around here, but maybe I should try something like that out? Thanks for your videos. It is nice to see a bridge from BMX –> MTBs (or someone who just likes biking) as I felt out of place in the MTB world…. it is just a different world for an ex-BMXer (Strava KoTH?… I thought we rode for the experience?)

    – still trying to find my place in MTBing

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