Life After A Motorcycle Accident

Life After A Motorcycle Accident

MC 101 The life of a MC after a motorcycle wreck we get into it on this episode of DemonsRowTV! O Yeah we ghostin baby! My Ghosts! Welcome to Demons Row TV! The Holy Grail of MC Culture! were we cover everything motorcycle club involved Im Chopper Sosa im your host for the evening shout to all the new subscribers if your not subscribed go down hit that notification bell so you get the notification every time we drop a new video we drop every week the topic were gonna talk about today is another MC 101 in the MC 101 series the life of a MC after a motorcycle wreck so last year im on my 2s i had a Victory and im at a stop light and im just waiting for the light to turn and its like at the end of like a road where a highway ends and i dont know if the b!#@h was texting what the f#!K was going on but i just get taken out from behind and im like WTF and she tried to keep going and luckily one of my co workers was behind her and seen everything that happened so he told the cop you know when the ambulance came and everything and im like people would think like you know about there health and all that shit but if your a true MC and if you been ina wreck before tell me if you felt like this once i went down i wasnt worried about my health i seen my bike on the side and the wheel was spinnin and im like aww shit and people are gettin out there cars and there like yo are you ok are you ok dont move dont move dont move and im like if these people dont get the f#!k out my way like im trying to see to make sure my bike is good so i just see my wheel spinnin theres smoke everywhere im tight cuz im like yo my bike one of the bitches there was like no dont get up dont get up and im like whats up with my bike like i wanna know whats up with my bike and there like yo dont move cuz the way you fell you never know or whatever so like i was still trying to pull but i was still kinda f#!Ked up i winded up with fractured ribs, my elbow was f#!Ked up my shoulder i had to do football player like surgeries and everything so ive been off of 2s for like a year next week i just bought a new softtail slim so your boy back and in the next couple days there just putting the seat on it cuz it didnt have the pegs and the backseat so you know the old lady was not having that so there doing that so probably like monday today is friday so probably like monday i should have it and the next episode ima do imma get my brothers together everybody’s excited because i haven’t rode Ina year so its like were gonna get together do a lil episode my first ride after 2 surgeries im so excited because i was the type of person like i would ride my bike and just neglect my car like i was always on 2s it would even be cold and niggas is like WTF are you doing but that shit i just love that shit so much i feel like that shit is part of my legs but i got that new softail slim ima pull that out and umm i never really talked about it too much on the videos cuz i like im tryen to get a lil bit into like my own life and not just talk about everything thats going on in the MC Culture like i wanna you know get closer with yall and tell you about me and about the culture like were always gonna talk about the new stuff thats going on and as always if you got topics you want to talk about well talk about those but i really want you in the comments to everybody whos been in accident before like tell me your story lets exchange storys i would like i really would like if we could get maybe like umm if you guys got cameras maybe we could everybody could but you would have to put it sideways on your phone not straight cuz i hate that straight bar shit it would look unprofessional but if everybody gave like a lil testimony and just told there story of there surgery i would like to include everybody like that on a show or whatever but basically in the comments just go in the comments let me know if you been threw this type of stuff or if god willin you never have and i hope you never will my big homie always says theres 2 type of people those that went down and those that are gonna go down so just be careful out wear your helmets cuz i was straight bandana with the goggles every time with the bandanna over my face like i never wore a helmet and its like its so crazy because i just bought this bike and i still dont have a helmet so yall tell me in the comments remind me in the comments yo Shiest yo Sosa you got your helmet? like remind me because i dont even know man once that shits ready to go like i need to hurry up and get that shit because if i dont im on the same tip i was before yea so like the whole year not having the bike was it was a hard year for me not for nothing i think its partly the reason why i started Demons Row TV to feel closer to the culture like i used to it sucked cuz like im showing up to events in a cage you know what i mean and like all my homies is like dam Shiest i wish you was around and then fake ass niggas that do got there bikes and can ride are like not even riding they jumpin in there cage it was a ruff year like i love riding so much and its like im so happy to be back let me know if you experienced that where your homies supportive cuz i know some people have told me like there club was more like when you gonna get your bike? when you gonna get your bike? instead of like asking them if they were good or whatever you know my brothers were very supportive you know my prez he never pressured me My VP my cuz he never pressured me they just wanted me to get it cuz you know they missed me being on 2s but they know like i was fucked up cuz of the surgerys i had like i had to do therapy i had to do a whole bunch of shit got that lawsuit coming in you know what im sayin! so i could come out with even better shit for the Demons Row line and so much other stuff my music and stuff that ima have coming in MCs alot of people when they go threw that they take time off they do what they call a leave of absence i never did that shit i kept it funky you know what im sayin like i still i wasnt around as much as i wanted to be but i was there for alot of shit i didnt just like neglect the club and be a bitch and just like o well since im going threw shit im gonna ever be around no more i just sorted my shit out and then i got my focus right and then i was like you know what i wanna do this Demons Row shit and just really like bring the culture up like this is my way to bring the culture up you know at a down time where im not like riding around all the time so maybe Demons row might change a little and itll be like alot more riding but im definately gonna keep it on topic its crazy because its june and its like chilly i never remember it being cold like it has been maybe i should umm put this bad boy on! go in the link in the description go to the teespring link its the first link i put it first if you support what were doing grab you a T grab you a hoodie you know what i mean we got the socks the mugs everything just support the row it helps us keep doin what were doin and eventually up everything you know what i mean Thank you for tuning in to Demons row TV! the Holy Grail Of MC Culture! like,subscribe,comment share this shit with your friends on social media spread the awareness let everybody know that Demons row is here to save everybody and O yea we Ghostin baby!

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  1. Check out the T shirts,hoodies,mugs,socks whatever you need we got it.

  2. The first thing I asked was how is my bike. Jerk changed lanes right into me. Cracked my frame and totalled my bike. I was lucky because the bike took the hit. Took a little air and landed on my back and side. Spent 2 months being mad and depressed until I could ride again and buy a new bike. I can't imagine your emotions after a year. Glad you are ok and able to ride again.

  3. Glad you’re doing good. I recently was involved in an accident caused by weather. Broken collar bone, road rash to the back of my head, concussion. Lucky and glad to be alive. Bike has some work needed. Luckily I should have the time to do so! Ride safe everyone!! 🤙

  4. I crashed my brothers street bike one night shit was crazy he got a new bike I came over to try it mind you it was night time and I road it up and down the street and the last go around this guy that lived at the end of the street had special needs he wasn't all right in the head he took his bicycle and played chicken with me cause he didn't want me to ride the bike on the street now I didn't see him till he was right in front of me no street lights once I saw him I hit the front at the back brakes his bike cracked me in the helmet and I flew and did a front flip of the bike smack my head on the ground got up and I was dizzy asf but all i could hear was dude yelling his language at me I'm like shit wtf goin on then his brother was like dont call the cops I'm like I'm not straight but after getting up I was coo the next day felt like a bus hit me i was soar everywhere thank God for that helmet all I can say is I trust me on a bike but I dont trust other cars and other ppl cuz they dont give a fuck sometimes

  5. I wrecked December 2nd, 2018. I ride year round as well, but luckily I was in full leathers in the winter. I brike my wrist and fractured my face from above my upper teeth to my forehead. I feel like everybody forgot about me once I went down. I had to have surgery on my wrist. I wasnt part of a club, but I was hanging around. I have since rebuilt my bike over the last 5 months and I'm back on 2 wheels, 16" apes in the wind. Fuck the people who didnt stand by me, and for the ones who did, they are true brothers. Those are the people I should be in a club with, so maybe starting one might be an option so I know who the loyal people are.

  6. It’s like the saying it’s not if you go down it’s when. Coming out of the military the most important thing that stayed with me is the helmet and my brothers from CVMA have always said we go nowhere without your dome bucket. Glad you good and bet your excited to get up on two. God bless.

  7. Yup totaled my 05 fat boy.
    Front flipped that bitch.
    Broke my left elbow, left middle finger, and my right shoulder blade.
    Had to have metal put in the shoulder.

  8. I over shot my landing on my Honda 125. My bike was vertical with my front tire facing the ground when I hit. Handle bars went in my ribs, ribs broke, when ribs broke they punctured a hole in my lung. It was if I had been punched in the stomach trying to catch my breath for the next 2 hours. At the time I thought I was dying because after about 10 minutes I'm wondering why I cant get a breath. That's the only time in my life I truly thought I was dying. I cant explain the terror I felt knowing I was gonna die. It's ironic because I was in heaven that night in the hospital with all the morphine i got. I rode cruisers later in life but never got back on another dirt bike.

  9. I’ve been in a wreck before I’ve been in a motorcycle accident I’ve been in a car wreck I was trapped inside the car one time and the fire department had to cut me out and the motorcycle situation I was actually on my dirtbike on the highway where I live and the guy was a pain attention he hit me from behind in front of one of my homeboys close house and they came out they called the cops and the guy actually kept on going to try to run over me#Ghostin

  10. Back in 87 I laid my bike down over in HI shattered my left wrist. I have to have an external fixator. (That is a rod going into the bone and connected to another bar, along with a bone grift from my hip

  11. In the U.K. we have the “British Bikers relief foundation” it’s a charity to help motorcyclists and their family after an RTA; financial, psychological and physical.
    Glad to hear you’re fixed up and getting 2wheels again 🤘😎👍 my ol’lady came off 3 years ago she landed on the only piece of metal straight through her inner thigh. 13 surgeries and she getting ready to move from pillion back to her ride again (it’s polished and cleaner than brand new 🤣😂)
    Keep it real, Stay safe 🤘😎👍

  12. dont spend too much of any settlement $$$ on producing your music. i havent heard your beats or nothin, but i know to many homies dropped bread on trying to hype their beats. focus on this channel and your swag. ride on ride hard. Love and Respects

  13. Glad u gettin back on it. I crushed my back last summer, thought I was done but a year later I'm building a rigid of all things lol. #GHOSTIN!

  14. Bro, I feel you about feeling alone. Worst part for me my club wasn’t there for me. I got no support post accident n 2 surgeries. 2 years later, almost fully recovered n I’m like fuck Marines MC. Brother are supposed to stick with you, especially at a low point in life.

    Hope you got that German lid.

  15. Way back in 1970 I was riding when on my right a dude didn’t stop and was going to turn into me. I had to bail off the left side and landed on my left shoulder both hands and the inside of my right knee. Fortunately I only lost skin and didn’t break anything. There was a teenage girl riding her bicycle that saw it all. Let me back up, I was doing about 35 mph and the weird thing is when I flew off everything went to slow motion. I’m rolling down the street with my bike sliding next to me, sparks flying but it was weird it was all slowed down. Anyway after I came to a stop I’m laying there trying to gather my mind and I hear this girl cry out, he wasn’t even out of 2nd gear! The dude turns out to be a lawyer. I was on my own i didn’t know about suing someone so all I wanted was my Triumph fixed. I was able to ride the thing away. The forks were bent clutch lever busted in half, headlight busted, lots of little things sheared off. I rode to a girls house she drove me to the hospital and that’s my story. The guy paid for all the damages and was lucky I didn’t sue him. My other 2 crashes are for another time. Ride safe, take care.

  16. I dumped my bike almost 2 years ago an luckily I only had a little bit of road rash on my elbow. Sad part is 4 cages drove by an not one stopped to ask if I was alright. Bike ended up being a total loss

  17. Sup @choppersosa #ghostin

    I've been down many times when I was younger in my 20 years of riding.

    #RideInParadise and love to all my fam on 2s that went on their last ride… 1luv

    Out of ALL those times, luckily it was only ONCE involving another vehicle. That's the only time I broke a bone and got surgery too. My left arm radius bone. And I don't care what ANYBODY against helmet laws say. If it weren't for the Cali helmet law, I'd either be dead or brain dead today

    But fuck that story… The FUNNEST crash I ever been in was in the rain back home in Frisco (fuck ya we call it Frisco. Don't listen to them gentrifiers)…

    My young punk ass was trying to take a hard right turn in the rain. I was known back then for kickin' out my rear tire at high speeds… THIS time I low sided after slippin'…

    I tumbled at about 40mph, pushed myself UP on the wet concrete and started doing a high speed slide on my feet like I was surfing. Lol!!!! That shit was FUN!

    Got up, my bike started and I just went home… One of many stories of my dumb ass in my 20's riding.

  18. Riding without a lid is like sticking a 50 cal hand cannon down the front of your pants without the safety on…always protect your important shit..

  19. Had to lay my bike down 2 weeks ago! Going down a 1 way and a truck thought he could cross the street in time. I chirped the tires and laid her down RIGHT behind the truck! No surgery, but I messed up my feet bad, wrist, bruised ribs. Well I rode away and an hour later I was cruising giving a chick a ride! I cant get off the damn thing haha

  20. #NC rider car went through a stop sign then tried to go through me. I went down and they stoped and drove around me and then left. I dislocated my left shoulder 5 months of rehab and 6 months before my bike was back but I am back on the bike.

  21. I got rear ended on my bobber back in June, so i know the feeling of going down and first reaction is "Shit! Is my bike good?" I was hit at a stop light by a Lyft driver in a Escalade. Dude stopped at first, then thought the light turned green and went, right on top of me.

  22. New subscriber, love your Channel👌. I got taken out in November 2015 (left hand turn in front of me). Bummed my ride was a right off but I wasn’t 😎. I spent 5 months in hospital after surgeries and recovery enough to go home. Therapy and law suit aside I knew I was getting back on two!! 😜💯 After three years not having a ride I Finally got my dream bike this year (‘18 Road glide Special) and back riding. Fuck it feels amazing 🤘. I will never be the same as before but learn new ways of dealing with daily discomforts. It’s been a long journey and yes I agree there are two types, ones that have gone down and ones that will 🙏🏻 CHEERS

  23. New subscriber, love your Channel👌. I got taken out in November 2015 (left hand turn in front of me). Bummed my ride was a right off but I wasn’t 😎. I am one lucky fucker. I spent 5 months in hospital after surgeries and recovery enough to go home. Therapy and law suit aside I knew I was getting back on two!! 😜💯. There is a lot of other collateral damage that comes with bike accidents and it affected loved ones big time! Everyone close to me has accepted the fact that this is my life and living true to myself! My brothers from the club were amazing!! After three years not having a ride I Finally got my dream bike this year (‘18 Road glide Special) and back riding. Fuck it feels amazing 🤘. I will never be the same as before but learn new ways of dealing with daily discomforts. It’s been a long journey and yes I agree there are two types, ones that have gone down and ones that will 🙏🏻 CHEERS

  24. # Ghostin I went down couple of days after i got my licence. I was lucky as hell cus i only scratced up my hip, no hospital or nothing, just picked up my bike and rolled on. Was a wake up call for me tho, the first thing i did when i got back home was to order a pair of kevlar jeans and shirt, never roll out My hip still click like an old man in the mornings tho xD

  25. I went down in 2014 I don’t remember much of it. I remember pushing my bike to the house and my brothers helping me reset my shoulder and clean out the rocks from the gash on my head and super glued it closed. Road rash all down my body. I never went to the hospital just took it slow and eventually got to where I could ride again. My club helped me and never pushed anything on me that I couldn’t do.

  26. Had my first wreck in 2001 broken femur 4 surgeries 2 1/2 years of p/t I was trying to ride 6 months after my first surgery but I'm like you Sosa I'm riding all year even in the winter #detriot


  28. I went down last summer, in a cornering, hit the curb that divides a 2 way street, (coney island avenue & park side). I flew about 20 feet. The bike flipped over. I destroyed my shoulder. Had some road rash. I jumped the bike & got right back on. Needless to say, I took a month off & I was back on 2. I still haven't got surgery for my shoulder. I don't listen. I'm hardheaded.

  29. My father died on two's… but before his head shut down he already had me making his road king into a trike but the head trauma got him before

  30. It's been a year for me too my man, I was on my moped tho lol but yea i was doing 60 and this dude making a left at the light inched his way in my path, by the time I realized it was too late, hit both my brakes and slid right into him, broke both femurs with one of them a compound, shattered my throttle hand and made a hole in my head, woke up in ICU week and a half later thinking wat the fuk happened. I didnt get nothing out of it too, the guy I hit is a cop and they had me with illegal modifications, no license, speeding, out of date tags and popped me with weed in my system (but i was sober) took me about 4months to start walking again and 8months being bak up without Walker. I still ride every chance I get, My fam all MC from Hawaii to California but haven't gotten a real bike yet, still fuk wit these fast little toys, glad you up tho my G, luv the page 🤙🏽

  31. #ghostin #NewYork healing up my self just left shop with my old lady had a deer run in front of us. We went down and were very lucky we walked away. Bike is all fixed up and in winter storage waiting for spring when I’m all healed.

  32. Honestly when i went down all i was worried about was my bike. It was my very first bike an old school HONDA MAGNUM and my brothers were like get well and don't worry about your bike. We got you. They fixed it up better than what it was. ((69)) WILD BUNCH MC // DETROIT MICHIGAN.

  33. Went down last year 6 broken ribs ,punctured lung ,shattered my left knee .. picked my daughter up from school riding home car cut us off 3 different times the brake checked us

  34. I was involved in a hit and run I’m in Cali LA county bunk ass CHP put on the report I said I went down on my own but witnesses said black mustang hit my tire and took off on the fwy fractured my c7 in and out of consciousness for 2 days

  35. I been there fam. I had a chick eat a red light and broad sided me. Spun me like a top! Glad I had all my gear on. Bike was toast. After the crash your adrenaline be up and you wanna make sure the bike good. Fuck everything else! But then reality sets in. Stay safe out there my dude and watch out for them cagers.👍

  36. Hell ya ran into a wall by a cage on the freeway at 70 ,lucky to still be here broken ribs head split open lots of road rash bloody afair. Laying on the highway twitches en bleedin the last thing I was worried about was my bike .back up on 2 in 6 months. Glad to see your back as well

  37. I feel ya bro I spent 13 months so far off my 2s. Been depressed the whole time. I'm not in a club so I get no support. Bike was totaled and I cant afford a new ride
    Did you get your helmet?

  38. What would happen if you're a club member in good standing but you physically cant ride anymore due to a accident ie your become wheel chair bound

  39. I got two for you. 2010, 5:30AM, I'm riding into work, about 45 miles away on a country highway. Rounding a curve there was a fucking box turtle right in my line. I clipped him with the front wheel, 60mph, like hitting ice. Accident broke two bones in my lower leg. I was able to get up, get the bike up, make the ride back home and walk into the hospital.

    Second one, I was hit from behind. I had just dripped my son off at his last day of 8th grade, was getting ready to make the trip north to Nap for CARB Day at IMS. Sitting at the end of a road that cross traffic doesn't stop. Next thing I know, I get slammed in the rear. I have no idea how, but I cut the bars, lifted my feet and ride the bike down into the ditch. Never went down. I came out the bike, first thing I did was look at the damage, then the anger kicked in! I was ready to pull the bitch out of that car! That one tore my shoulder, almost 2 years to heal correctly.

    #ghostin #Indiana #MotorCychosMCCharityRiders

  40. I was in a hit an run dude smacked into my bike. I was prospect at the time but my chapter was in the hospital the same day and showed support the entire time I was out… and when I was heald a full patch sold me his bike so I could be back on 2s

  41. #ghostin I felt the EXACT same way! I was on 2's even in BLIZZARDS and shit! I posted about my accident in the next video already, SICK bike, lovin it! Live to ride, ride to live. May you always feel the wind in for face, the sun on your back and your guardian angel by your side. ALWAYS ride on the defence, cagers are IDIOTS! STAY SAFE out there.

  42. Checkout pro lids they got some fly ass lids bro I could see you fucking wit some shit like that… my brother is a distributor check him out but go to menu and click on pro lids hope you see this…

  43. Helmet up kid not worth splitting ur wig could be worse than death! Wheelchair full body paralysis etc not worth the cool look at age

  44. Going Thru rehab now. Hit by a car woke up in the hospital but was told was trying to see the bike as the ambulance was strapping me down. I had a Tibial Plateau fracture on Labor day weekend. Finally walking again.. Won't lie I will be nervous yet excited for that first ride. I might take my first HD Sportster out that has sat in the back of the garage for 10 years. I know I can get it started and my bike is still in pieces. Its now cold in NYC and snow possible over the Thanksgiving weekend. #Ghostin

  45. I roadraced for 5 years 750 and 600 Superbike and I destroyed my body just be careful keep ur head on swivel and wear a fn helmet pls I know what it's like to wake up with stainless steel coming out of fingers and toes drug off please be careful these nother fuckers don't watch out for nobody much less us on bikes

  46. Damn man your accident sounds a lot like mine that I just commented on another video on I was standing at a red light waiting for it to go green to he was late at night and the vehicle that came up behind me and mine Lane saw me I guess at the last second same kind of scenario but they managed to Swerve off of me and scream pass me up my right hand side and that's when they blew my hand open with their mirror when I got back on the bike a week later I was nervous whenever I'd be the first one coming up on a red light for quite a while but it wasn't going to keep me off my bike

  47. 6 broken ribs, collapsed lung , fractured pelvis fractured spine. Internal problems. Back brace for 2years. Took 3 yrs to get back to work.

  48. I hell yeah, first thing I was thinking was how my bike was. I got side swiped and bike got totalled from the tumbling, broke three ribs and some road rash. I was in full gear and on my way to work.

  49. Pretty much the same story, hit from behind, cop pulled her over while I was still sliding. She hit me on purpose because I was on a chopper (67 stroker on santee hardtail with 6"springer) and had to be a "drugged up rapist in some criminal motorcycle gang". Because she was in her 80s and I was an "idiot long haired biker" the judge let her off with 90 days, suspended, and 2 years unsupervised probation. I on the other hand got a collapsed lung, a broken rib, 2 cracked vertebrae, and a dislocated knee. Totaled the bike. You have to love Monterey, CA.

  50. I lost my front tire at 60 mph on the local highway. The bike was starting to trash around I had two choices I could have tried to fight and get high sided or toss the bike down I took the second option and threw the bike down. And I agree I was good but the bike was totaled. I called my club brother and he and his wife left there jobs immediately went home got a trailer and picked me and my bike up. I had an old friend and his son who helped rebuild the bike. I had road rash and major blisters on both hands from being burnt from the slide. But it took a few months to rebuild the bike. During which time I was injured in a work accident. Ended up not being able to ride for a long time. I am back to riding have two baggers now but I have constant pain when I ride but my love for two wheels is stronger then the pain. I just push through the pain and ride.

  51. I tell people everyday…I have medical and life insurance. I only have liability on my bike..I can't get her fixed..don't worry about me..PLEASE PICK MY BABY UP…PLEASSSEEE!

  52. Sucks that a bitch hit you and tried to bail out. I roll an 08 Victory Vision and have been almost nailed on the highway splitting traffic. Dumbass cages on their cells. Also have a 15 Road Glide. I hear with riding no matter what. It can be 30 degrees here and in on twos. Thanks for that vid. #ghostin

  53. Much love bro I’m from the BX also. Look real familiar I e been all over the bx from 241 all the way down . Get some welder caps to bro some bandanas. Winter gear to cover ears up n shit lol much love keep doing ur thing miss NY so much can’t wait to go back been a min

  54. Good content in videos just remember the words you use about being a solid brother and having your family’s back . So if they are important to you I say wear helmet . I have been riding over 45 years back in day we did not have to but after all the family I know that has been down without helmet and it has cost them everything. I bet at least 1/4 could have been different outcome with lid . You are more affective in the best shape you can be in . That year off feels like 5 years

  55. #Ghostin God damn dude! Sorry to hear about the scooter man. Checked out a few Softail Slims when I was up at Man-O-War Harley Davidson and I dig them.

  56. #Ghostin, #Atl and damn glad to hear that you are rolling upright again, get that lid and ride safe, we aren't getting any younger!

  57. I got all fucked up a long time ago my first bike was a gsx1100E and no one wanted to teach me on it said to much power for a beginner so it sat for a min I came home one day a bit saucy I said fuck it I got on it and just took it slow up and down the block then around the block and I said shit this is easy went home and grabbed my helmet full face got on and took off down the block I might have got 3 blocks before the bike came up I looked down I was doing a buck 20 next thing I know I got up went over to my bike everyone saying you ok I had no insurance no registration do you know how to ride it was only a couple blocks away from the house so I figured I would roll it to the house I’ll make a long story short went to go push the start button my phone was laying across my wrist I couldn’t kick started because my leg was fucked up the bike really don’t have too much damage on it because it on the motor guards and the handlebars of been a little bit my full face got turned int a germane helmet I spent 6 months in the hospital said fuck that I got a virago and lurked on that then moved up stoped riding when my kid was born got back on a few years ago and now belong to a MC I appreciate you and the knowledge your passing on I always ran in a small circle on the streets of paterson nj I got my stripes from the streets but it a way different world and your videos have saved my club some embarrassing moments couse I didn’t make a rookie mistake by listening to what you had to say thanks my Ghost

  58. This speaks to my soul. I know this is a 7 month old video but I went down my first year. While getting on the highway I was break checked and the guy swerved into my escape. Long story short I ended up in the death wobble seeing the guys tailgate getting closer and the only way not to hit him in my mind at the moment was to dump my bike. I ended up sliding on my belly in the superman position watching my bike going the other direction. The only thing on my mind was how bad did I just fuck up my bike oblivious to the fact that the cars behind me were about to run my ass over. Thankfully I ended up with roadrash torn leather bent handlebars and some scrapes on the bike. Anyway you spoke to exactly what I was thinking the whole time I was going down. Ride safe out there.

  59. Dumped mine in 33 degree weather, ass got loose and I high sided it. Once I was able to stand, I checked my bike and hit the kill switch. As soon as the kill switch was hit, I crumbled. Come to find out I had a severe compound plateau tibial fracture. Shattered half my tibia, fractured the other half. Month 1 of three in no weight on my right leg, then physical therapy. Wreck happened on the 18th of December, surgery was 3 January of this year. #ghostin

  60. Love your Channel! I was rear ended on the interstate during rush hour in September. The girl that hit me was driving a small SUV and going 80mph in a construction zone and I was going about 50mph. She wasn't paying attention and rear ended me. I separated from the bike and slid 30+ yards. I was incredibly lucky. The bike was totaled but I only had road rash and whiplash. Nothing broken, no internal injuries. Just sore as hell. Bought the bike back from the insurance company and fixed it myself. Looks better than it ever did and it's paid off now! I was really nervous in traffic for the first few rides after that. Feeling good now and love riding even more! If the road is dry I am out even when it's down to 20 degrees. Keep dropping those videos, I love them. and keep the shiny side up.

  61. What’ up I’m happy your back on to
    Stay safe get your helmet
    🤛🏿✊✊ Ghostin 4 life. 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

  62. I finally had a good get-off just a few years ago. I got up and stumbled over to my scoot just to find it was destroyed. I spent about a month in the hospital and then had to carry around an I.V. pump for antibiotics and a wound vacuum thing for over a month more. When I was in the hospital I had doctors and nurses ask if I'd ever ride again. I had two responses for them: "Do you ask people in auto accidents if they'll ever drive again?" and "Do you ask people that choke on food if they'll ever eat again?" I started riding my softail as soon as I got out and put both contraptions in my backpack with the I.V. Line and wound vac hose sticking out. I bought an Ultra Classic to replace the destroyed bagger a few days after I got my pic line removed from my arm. No matter what, none of us are getting out of here alive. I'd rather go out in a fiery crash or a hail of gunfire than live a longer, boring, safe existence. It's not just what we do. It's who we are and what's within us.

  63. I just found this video. So will share a story with you…In July 2015, had left the E.R. from seeing my aunt who was critically ill. I was driving my daughters Chrysler Sebring while she rode with my mom in my mom's car. Going down a one way street, I was coming up on a side street when I noticed a very fast moving GMC pickup heading towards me. I slammed on the brakes and braced for impact cause they were gonna hit me and there was no where to go. The truck made contact with the left front panel and the left front driver door, knocking the vehicle 7 ft onto the side street. I managed to put the car in park, but was in a great deal of pain, the left side of my neck and my left shoulder felt like they were on fire. I had glass all over me, cuts to my hands, arms and face. I had two lacerations on the back of my left arm, badly bruised elbow, cause it went through the drivers side window on impact, bruises across my hips and chest from the seat belt, and one on my back. Both my legs hit the dash and my right knee had hit the console, and I had glass sticking out of my left pinky finger. At the E.R. the doctor was amazed to find no broken bones. He said that the lil bone in your shoulder usually breaks in an accident like that, and it didn't. I have a vertebrae in my neck that is literally turned upside down, reinforcing my neck, and it wasn't damaged. The officer who investigated the accident told me that had I not seen that truck coming, and stopped when I did, I would be dead. The driver was a 16 yr old girl, who told the officer, she never saw the stop sign, and she did not see me til she hit me. When asked what she was doing, she stated, she had been talking to her friend, who was in the truck with her. I forgive her, but had I died that day, not sure my kids would have.

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