LGR – BC’s Quest For Tires – C64 Game Review

LGR – BC’s Quest For Tires – C64 Game Review

[typing] Well, it’s once again time
to cover some random game ’cause I ran out of time and didn’t
feel like doing anything more involved. Today it’s “BC’s Quest for Tires,” developed by Charles Benton and published by Sierra Online in 1983. This is the version for the Commodore 64, although it first saw a release on the Atari 8-bit, followed by the Apple II, IBM PC, MSX, Sinclair Spectrum and ColecoVision. This particular port was done by Sydney Development, but the original was created by Chuck Benton, which is a familiar name if
you’re a fan of early Sierra stuff. He’s the guy that was behind “Softporn Adventure,” which later became “Leisure Suit Larry,” which later became utter sadness. Despite the pervy association, you won’t be getting laid in this game, at least not explicitly. After all, it’s based on the “B.C.”
comic strip by the late Johnny Hart. It’s a delightfully original game
that you’ll want to play for hours, which must be true,
since it’s on the back of the box. Inside, you get a tidy little plastic tray designed to hold media of several shapes and sizes, in this case, a C64 ROM cart. You also get this sumptuous
Sierra registration card, which entitles you to a replacement
floppy disk in case yours dies. And I suppose cartridge users just get shafted. So that’s nice. And then there’s this little fold-out instruction booklet, complete with some artwork by Mr. Hart, as well as WAY more information
than the game itself will give you, so you may as well read it front to back to get your money’s worth, since there’s practically no text in the game. “BC’s Quest for Stone Age
Ring-Shaped Vehicle Components” begins with a colorful title screen, followed by a menu with some credits and excess yellowness. Press a joystick button to commence your tire quest, Aaaaaaand… it’s “Moon Patrol.” [chuckles] So much for being delightfully original. But instead of a lunar rover, here you play as Thor, with the goal of rescuing your love interest Cute Chick from the clutches of a hungry dinosaur. In true “B.C.” form, you’re riding your trusty impossible-wheeled unicycle and you have the ability to both
jump and duck while riding it. You can also speed up or slow down by holding
down the joystick button and pushing left or right. But there’s really no reason to do
so for the most part, so who cares? What you do need to worry about are the
various obstacles above and below you, and thankfully the controls are rather forgiving. When you jump, you have a bit of
time to move left and right in mid-air, which also speeds you up momentarily, so there’s a bit of leeway in maneuverability. And after you’re done hopping
rocks and dodging tree branches, you’ll stop moving and have to cross a small waterway populated by turtles. The character Fat Broad is on
the opposite side taunting you, but she’s nothing but hot air,
so just ignore her and move on. After this, it’s more hopping and
dodging some falling rocks up a hill, and then you’ve gotta time a
jump underneath a bird thing that will carry your smug mug across a pit of lava. [synth fanfare] Seems physically legit. And there’s some more falling rocks, and more water-logged turtles to hop across, this time with the dinosaur on the other side that’ll instakill if you touch him. After that, it’s stalactite and stalagmite time, and, aw, yeah… Cute Chick, in all her pixelated sexiness, is waiting and ready… to send you a floating heart graphic. …Hot. After that, it just loops around again and again, each time getting a little bit faster… and, uh, that’s “BC’s Quest for Tires.” It’s a twist on Moon Patrol, and while it’s kind of fun, I can’t say
I wanted to play for hours on end. Freakin’ box blurbs overselling
the crap of everything as usual. But ignoring the overreaching marketing jargon, it’s a sufficiently competent game from an era
when games could be sufficiently competent and still be a retail success. I certainly don’t mind endless runner-type games, so I’m totally onboard with
the concept of being on rails and dodging some chunky
pixels with a prehistoric theme. And the aesthetic is just awesome in the way that it mimics the look of
hand-drawn comics as best as it can within the confines of the
hardware’s graphical capabilities. You gotta remember this is from 1983, less than a year after the
Commodore 64 was even launched, and compared to other C64 games
from that year, it looks pretty darn good! …And it has that added appeal
if you’re a fan of Johnny Hart’s work, even though it doesn’t do anything
particularly memorable with it. The game would do perfectly fine
without any of the licensed property at all, which is a sign of a solid underlying game, and also arguably a sign of poor
implementation of the source material. But whatever! It’s one of those earlier
examples of a licensed game, one of the earlier Commodore 64 games in general, and an early Sierra game
before their point-and-click days. So, just for the sake of being all-around early, I’m compelled to give it a thumbs up. Don’t expect it to go and
make you a pizza or anything, but do expect bursts of arcade fun with an 8-bit comic strip aesthetic. [synth music] And if you enjoyed this video on a game
that I have no idea why I covered, then why not check out some of my others that I’ve… also done the same? Heh. It’s Lazy Game Reviews, gotta live up to the name sometimes. So yeah, just click some of those things here, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook for other updates and such throughout the week, as well as support the show on Patreon,
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  1. I used to play this all the time on my grandpa's C64 when i was a kid. Completely forgot about it until now. Thanks for the memories. (also played space taxi quite a bit as well)

  2. Hey, I had this game. As always, the Commodore C64 shows its might, with a 3 speed parallax scrolling on the first level : the ground, the clouds, the mountains. Correction : the scrolling in the game "SKRAMBLE" was awful.

  3. Hey LGR, what do you think of the C64 game, 'Myth: History in the Making'? Gotta love that amazing Myth theme song! A full game review of it would be awesome!

  4. I had no idea this was such an early title. You're right about how this blew people's minds with how "amazing the graphics are", especially by how much it resembled the cartoon strip. Reviewers in the day couldn't praise it enough.
    Thanks for video!

  5. I played this quite a lot, played a lot more of Grogs Revenge, somehow I think that was a much better game 🙂

    Great review! 🙂

  6. Leisure Suit Larry" What went Down! Beside a Crappy character Change i Honestly don't know really.

  7. I played this for hours and hours as a kid on my Apple IIe and it frustrated me to no end! I wish I had that instruction booklet at the time. It would have saves me a lot of agony.

  8. You need to do more C64 reviews. There was this oldschool game where you were in a mall playing mini games with neat music? Can't remember what the name of it was…review it! 😀

  9. Would you happen to have a game where there are endless advancing camels on your C64? A cousin of mine once had that particular game. It's a direct template of that AT-AT Star Wars game.

  10. A great game that played a lot on the C-64, it was easy so you actually could reach the end of it compared to many other C-64 games that had too high difficulty.

  11. Love this game. I play it on the C64, Atari 800, ColecoVision and MSX. I feel the C64 one is the best out of the lot for both effects and control. I like this game much better than it's sequel.

  12. Okay, I know this doesn't have to do with the game itself. But rather something shown here for like, a few seconds….

    Why does Larry in "Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust" look like Mario with a shave, a cleaner haircut, and a sleazy expression…? Something about this disturbs me.

  13. I 'd like to see a review of 'Z' if you ever get the chance. That game was so much fun back in the day. Still is.

  14. When I was a kid I played this, HERO, and Hard Hat Mack over and over and over… When I repurchased a c64 several years ago they were the first games on my list to reown. Or own legit copies of the first time.

  15. Nice; I used to love Sierra games but never knew about this one!

  16. Fun game, I used to have it in the early 80s for my Atari 800xl (a system I very much miss and hope to have in my collection someday. ) I currently have the sequal for my Colecovision and have been meaning to get this one too once I find it at a reasonable price.

  17. This is one of those early PC games that got ported to the Colecovision for some reason. If it was on the MSX, that must have been why, because I've heard that and the Colecovision  are pretty similar in hardware and such.

    BTW, on the topic of early Sierra games, Jawbreaker's pretty worth checking out. It's a rather shameless Pac-Man clone, but it's still a pretty fun game. It's more vertically oriented and speedy than the original.

  18. Shouldn't this be called BC's Quest for Tits (Given the future titles from the developers) since he doesn't really seem to need any tires. That rock wheel does fine.

  19. There will be one day when i make a song including your voice! You sound awesome! – Oh and nice video btw…as always

  20. Strangely, some of the gameplay is ripped from the arcade game "Jungle Hunt" (or its earlier, less successful counterpart Jungle King, though that's an unlikely possibility).  Anyway, good to see LGR covering this game.  🙂

  21. I had this back in the day, though being an impoverished Briton, it was on tape.  I didn't think it was distributed on cartridge here, though I notice the title screen in the video said 'Software Projects', which was the home of Manic Miner after Matthew Smith left Bug Byte.  A curious mix of US and UK, as after all, we'd call it Quest For Tyres if it were a UK strip  🙂

  22. I loved this game on the C-64. A similar (but better IMO) sidescroller I enjoyed was called "Snokie". Ever played that one? Something about the huge sprites in both those games was enthralling lol.

  23. Clint it would be awesome if you could do a review of the Win95 Game Sampler cd.

    It was the only "game" i hade when i grew up and got our first win 95 pc 🙂


  24. You made my day with this c64 game review. So many good memory's with this one. xD
    I wouldn't mind to see more reviews like this one 😀

  25. It's cool to see this. My dad lived six miles from where the strip's creator, Johnny Hart, was born. They had a PGA Tour event from 1971 to 2006 and two minor league hockey teams, one from 1973 to 1977 and one from 1997 to 2002, with logos designed by Hart in the Binghamton, New York area.

  26. i have vague memories of this game, i was maybe like 6 years old. i thought the guy is a bit creepy, because of the rough gfx

  27. You should totally do a video on text adventure games. They played a huge role in PC gaming and gaming in general. You could touch on the classics like adventure and the Zork series, Planetfall, and Photopia, but also on the more obscure and really strange ones.

  28. I loved this game as a kid, always got stuck at the turtles parts though 🙁 Only once did i ever make it to the dino cave entrance

  29. Clint, it's incredible how you got me to keep on rewatching your videos again and again. I really hope your channel continues growing, because I consider you as the better game reviewer in all the Internet.

    Stay as awesome as always 😉

  30. Watching this reminded me of a typing game we used to have. I'm pretty sure it was BC but I could be wrong. It's not like we played it to actually learn how to type. >.>

    And OMG, Leisure Suit Larry! XD One day my mom was starting it up and my sister and I wanted to play. She told us if we could get past the questions we could. Well, we breezed right through those questions and were pretty excited! Then she shut us down. She didn't think we'd be able to answer them and had no intentions of letting us play. 🙁

  31. I had this game.  I couldn't remember the damned name of it for years.  Good shit.

    Also, the uphill boulder jumping reminded me of "Jungle Hunt" arcade game.

  32. I've really been enjoying your videos. Great commentary man!

    I loved this game back when it first came out, even though I REALLY sucked at it. I played it more like it was real life and I was actually trying to ride a stone wheel along grass and other various terrains.

  33. When I was a kid, we had a (probably pirated) copy on a floppy of this game. Interestingly, the game was called "OERM", it lacked the colourful title screen, and to this day I don't know what "OERM" stands for.

  34. Well, this isn't what I was expecting. I'd heard of this game, but I always figured it would be one of those "learn about physics and simple machines" games like the Super Solvers stuff and TIM. Oh well.

  35. I played this game a lot in the early 80s.  Good fun, although the sequel was a better game IMO, and yeah, it's basically moon patrol, but moon patrol is a great game.

  36. I played WAY too much of this game on my C-64 as a teenager.  I recall mine being on a mini-floppy diskette, but I suspect it was shipped in a number of formats.

  37. the only cartridge I liked was the final cartridge 3. i needed it to crack games (former scener here). played this game as a kid

  38. wait where was the bit where they go on a journey to aquire rubber wheel coverings? this name seems a little misleading.

  39. This is the first pirated games I've ever owned. Complete with a spinning "Razor 911" logo on boot. I got an old C64 back when I was 10, in the far back mid 90s! I was unsure why the animation for the logo was animated better then the game, and what the scrolling numbers where all about. Years later I would understand, but to this day it was one of the oddest pirated game I have/had ever seen.

  40. I remember playing this on my dad's Apple ][. The look on the guy's face when he hits a rock and the sound of the Apple ][ speaker when your character dies is hilarious.

  41. My family had this for ColecoVision. Such nostalgia! First game I ever beat. Sure it's a simple game, but cut me some slack, I wasn't even in kindergarten yet. =)

  42. You should really check out, if you've not played it, BC2 – Grog's Revenge – it's a lot more complex than BC QfT – and has a lot more humour – check it out.

  43. Clint, do you plan to someday cover the 2nd game? "Grog's Revenge"
    I used to play that on my MSX 1 back in the day, never played this 1st game, but i can tell you the 2nd game has more to it already, not just a Moon Patrol type of a game.

  44. i played this game for hours as a kid. one of my first memory's in gaming. thanks LGR for your awesome reviews! i m absolutly love your videos!

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