Let’s Find Something to Climb — Dirt Every Day Preview Episode 84

(engine revving) (upbeat music) – [Fred] This looks good. There’s like a little v-notch, rocky, muddy, twisty. – [Dave] You all find anything? – [Fred] Go for it, let’s see if it will stay on the ground long enough to keep us moving forward. – [Dave] See how it twists up? That side rubs pretty good. That seems pretty good. – [Fred] Yeah. – [Dave] This one’s
going to get interesting when I drop into it. – [Fred] Just drive it, it’ll… The worst it’s going to do is, there it goes. (engine revving) – [Dave] Oh, got this side to rub. (engine revving) – [Fred] C’mon Yokohamas. – [Dave] It’s climbing. – [Fred] Yeah. (engine revving) – [Dave] I like these tires. – [Fred] Yeah, I do too. – [Dave] Even though you’re not using the right front one right now, it feels like it’s in the air. – [Fred] I’m going to
get it back in the hole. There it goes. Right there. Ah, it’s climbing it. – I think you heated up the rear, it slipped so much that it liked it. Like it, decided to start working again. – The thing does really well. – Yeah. – I like driving. – It looks like a good time. (car doors slam) – This thing’s pretty rad. – I think it’s really cool. – I do too.
– I’m amazed, like, how much ground clearance it has. – Yeah, that IFS is way up there. – And like the 35’s on the front end seem to tuck and don’t rub or anything. – Nah, that’s better
than your Dodge truck. – I know. (Dave laughs) Where it rubs the arms and everything. The rear end is definitely rubbing. – That’s fine, it’s all plastic though. – But it seems to still be climbin’, even with the open diffs. – [Dave] Yeah. – ‘Cause it’s so short,
and the tires are so big. So let’s go find a hill climb, something wet and sloppy to really see if it’ll launch up it. – You’re driving. – Sweet. Finally. (upbeat music) – [Dave] What’s up here? – [Fred] I don’t know. (motor running) – [Dave] It looks swampy. – [Fred] It’s down in
the bottom of the valley. Oh, dang. (both men chuckle) – [Dave] Hey, carried a little tire there. Oh geez, you’re not even slowing down. (engine revving) – Ah, I’m soaked (Dave laughs) Ah, it smells so bad. (laughter) – Bad enough to do it again? (powerful splash) (exciting music) (engine revving) Bathe today? – Not in swamp water. – I’m amazed at how well
this thing’s working. And it seems like the drive
train is really strong. Dave’s been saying the
rear end is massive, and the front IFS, it’s all
steel, so it’s pretty beefy too. But this little car that
should not be working this well is working really good. (upbeat music) – [Dave] This is Rock Creek? – [Fred] It looks like a big rock creek. – [Dave] Hey, that’s gnarly. Wow. That’s crazy. – Probably like a million years ago all these rocks were in Canada and a glacier brought ’em all here. – For us to play on. – Yep. – I want to drive this one. – Okay. Fine with me. (upbeat music)

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