Les Misérables. The Runaway Cart Scene Subtitled Full HD

Les Misérables. The Runaway Cart Scene Subtitled Full HD

And we’re counting
our blessings Monsieur le Mayor! The weight,
it’s crushing him! Stay still, stay still. (GROANING) (GRUNTING) (MAN CRIES OUT)
Hold, hold, hold!
Hold that steady. Hold it steady! (GRUNTING) That’s it. That’s it. (CART SLAMS) (MEN PANTING) (SINGING) Can this be true?
I don’t believe what I see A man your age
To be as strong as you are A memory stirs You make me think of a man From years ago A man who broke his parole He disappeared Say what you must
Don’t leave it there Forgive me, sir
I would not dare (SHIP’S BELL TOLLING) (GREETINGIN FRENCH) How much for this?
It’s my daughter’s. I’ll give you
four francs for that. Four? It’s worth 10! (CHUCKLING) No. (SINGING) I smell women
Smell ’em in the air Think I’ll drop my anchor
In that harbor over there Five? (SINGING) Lovely lady
I’ll love you till I’m broke Seven months at sea
and now I’m hungry for a poke! Even stokers
need a little stoke! PROSTITUTES: Lovely ladies
Waiting for a bite! Waiting for the customers
Who only come at night Lovely ladies
Ready for the call Standing up or lying down
Or any way at all Bargain prices
up against the wall! What pretty hair! What pretty locks
you’ve got there! What luck you’ve got
It’s worth a centime,
my dear! I’ll take the lot! Don’t touch me!
Leave me alone! Let’s make a price I’ll give you
all of 10 francs Just think of that It pays a debt Just think of that What can I do?
It pays a debt Ten francs may
save my poor Cosette PROSTITUTES: Lovely ladies
Waiting in the dark Ready for a thick one
Or a quick one in the park Long time, short time
Any time, my dear! Costs a little extra
If you want to take all year PROSTITUTES: Quick and cheap
is underneath the pier Go and see them. (SINGING)
Come over here It’s 20 francs for a tooth PROSTITUTE:
Come here, my dear I’ll pay you well
for your youth The pain won’t last
You’ll still be able to bite (WHISPERING)
Just the back ones. (SINGING) I do it fast
I know my business all right It’s worth a go You’ll pay me first
what I am due You’ll get twice
if I take two (MUFFLED PROTESTS) Give me the dirt
Who’s that bit over there? A bit of skirt
She’s the one sold her hair She’s got a kid
Sends her all that she can I might have known
There is always some man Lovely lady,
come along and join us! Lovely lady! Come on, dearie,
why all the fuss? You’re no grander
than the rest of us Life has dropped you
at the bottom of the heap Join your sisters Make money in your sleep That’s right, dearie
Show him what you’ve got That’s right, dearie
Let him have the lot PROSTITUTES:
Old men, young men
Take ’em as they come! Harbor rats and alley cats
and every kind of scum Poor men, rich men,
leaders of the land See them with
their trousers off
They’re never quite as grand! All it takes is
money in your hand Lovely ladies
Going for a song Got a lot of callers
But they never stay for long Come on, Captain
You can wear your shoes Don’t it make a change
to have a girl
who can’t refuse? Easy money
Lying on a bed Just as well they never see
The hate that’s in your head Don’t they know
they’re making love
to one already dead? (MAN EXHALES) (COINS CLINKING) There was a time
when men were kind When their voices were soft And their words inviting There was a time
when love was blind And the world was a song And the song was exciting There was a time Then it all went wrong I dreamed a dream
in time gone by When hope was high
And life worth living I dreamed that
love would never die I dreamed that God
would be forgiving Then I was young and unafraid And dreams were made
and used and wasted There was no ransom to be paid No song unsung,
no wine untasted But the tigers come at night With their voices
soft as thunder As they tear your hope apart As they turn
your dream to shame He slept a summer by my side He filled my days
with endless wonder He took my childhood
in his stride But he was gone
when autumn came (SOBBING) And still I dream
he’ll come to me That we will live
the years together But there are dreams
that cannot be And there are storms
we cannot weather (SOBBING) I had a dream my life would be So different from
this hell I’m living So different now
from what it seemed! Now Life has killed the dream I dreamed Have you anywhere to go?
No? You need to get warm. (FANTINE COUGHING) BAMATABOIS:
What do you have for me? PIMP: Here’s
our youngest, sir. (SINGING)
I don’t want you You’ve got some nerve,
you little slut.
You’ve got some gall. (LAUGHS MOCKINGLY)
Ow! (SINGING) By Christ,
you’ll pay for
what you’ve done I guarantee
I’ll make you suffer I beg you,
don’t report me, sir I’ll do whatever
you may want Make your excuse to the police Tell me quickly
what’s the story Who saw what
and why and where? Let him give
a full description
Let him answer to Javert Javert, would you believe it?
I was lost here in the dark When this
prostitute attacked me
You can see she left her mark She will answer
for her actions
If you make a full report You may rest assured, monsieur
She will answer to the court There’s a child
who sorely needs me Please, monsieur,
she’s but that high Holy God, is there no mercy? If I go to jail she’ll die I have heard
such protestations
every day for 20 years Let’s have
no more explanations Save your breath,
save your tears Honest work, just reward That’s the way
to please the Lord A moment of your time, Javert
I do believe this woman ‘s tale Monsieur le Mayor! You’ve done your duty,
let her be She needs a doctor,
not a jail Monsieur le Mayor! Can this be? Where will she end This child without a friend? I’ve seen your face before (SHIVERING) Show me some way to help you How have you come to grief
In such a place as this? Monsieur,
don’t mock me now, I pray It’s hard enough
I’ve lost my pride You let your foreman
send me away Yes, you were there
And turned aside (SPITS) (WEEPING) I never did no wrong Is it true what I’ve done… My daughter’s close to dying … to an innocent soul? If there’s a God above… Had I only known then …he’d let me die instead In His name
my task has just begun I will take her
to the hospital. Monsieur le Mayor. Where is your child? With an innkeeper
in Montfermeil. I will send for her
immediately. (SINGING)
I will see it done! Rest. From Paris, monsieur. (SINGING) Monsieur le Mayor,
I have a crime to declare! I have disgraced
The uniform that I wear I’ve done you wrong
Let no forgiveness be shown I’ve been as hard
On every rogue I have known I mistook you for a convict
I have made a false report Now I learn
they caught the culprit
He’s about to face the court And of course
he now denies it
You’d expect that of a con But he couldn’t run forever
No, not even Jean Valjean You say this man denies it all And gives no sign of
understanding or repentance? You say this man
is going to trial And that he’s
sure to be returned
to serve his sentence? He will pay, and so must I Press charges against me, sir You have only
done your duty It’s a minor sin
at most All of us have
made misjudgments You’ll return, sir,
to your post (SIGHS IN RELIEF) They think that man is me
Without a second glance This stranger they have found
This man could be my chance Why should I save his hide?
Why should I right this wrong? When I have come so far
and struggled for so long? If I speak, I am condemned If I stay silent,
I am damned! I am the master of
hundreds of workers They all look to me Can I abandon them?
How would they live
if I am not free? If I speak, they are condemned If I stay silent I am damned Who am I? Can I condemn
this man to slavery? Pretend I do not
feel his agony? This innocent
who bears my face Who goes to judgment
in my place Who am I? Can I conceal
myself forevermore? Pretend I’m not
the man I was before? And must my name until I die
be no more than an alibi? Must I lie? How can I ever
face my fellow men? How can I ever
face myself again? My soul belongs to God, I know
I made that bargain long ago He gave me hope
when hope was gone He gave me
strength to journey on! Who am I? Who am I? I’m Jean Valjean (URGES HORSE) Monsieur le Mayor! (SINGING) And so,
Your Honor, you see it’s true This man bears
no more guilt than you! Who am I? 24601! MAGISTRATE: Monsieur le Mayor,
you are not well. You must come with me. If you don’t believe me,
ask Inspector Javert. You’ll find me
at the hospital. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) (SINGING) Cosette,
it’s turned so cold (COUGHING WEAKLY) Cosette,
it’s past your bedtime You’ve played the day away And soon it will be night Come to me Cosette, the light is fading Don’t you see The evening star appearing? Come to me And rest against my shoulder How fast the minutes fly away
and every minute colder (VALJEAN SHUSHING) Dear Fantine,
Cosette will be here soon Dear Fantine,
she will be by your side Come, Cosette My child, where did you go? Be at peace Be at peace evermore My Cosette Shall live in my protection Take her now Your child will
want for nothing Good monsieur,
you come from God in heaven Tell Cosette I love her And I’ll see her when I wake (SIGHS IN DISMAY) (GASPS) Valjean, at last
We see each other plain “Monsieur le Mayor”
You’ll wear a different chain Before you say
another word, Javert Before you chain me up
like a slave again Listen to me!
There is something I must do This woman leaves
behind a suffering child There is none but me
who can intercede In mercy’s name,
three days are all I need Then I’ll return,
I pledge my word Then I’ll return You must think me mad I’ve hunted you
across the years Men like you
can never change A man such as you! Believe of me what you will Men like you
can never change There is a duty
I’m sworn to do Men like me
can never change You know nothing of my life No, 24601! All I did was steal some bread My duty is to the law You know nothing
of the world You have no rights You would sooner
see me dead Come with me, 24601! But not before
I see this justice done! JAVERT: Now the wheel
has turned around Jean Valjean
means nothing now Dare you talk to me
of crime I am warning you, Javert And the price
you had to pay I’m the stronger man by far! Every man is born in sin There is power in me yet! Every man
must choose his way My race is not yet run! You know nothing of Javert! I was born inside a jail! I was born
with scum like you! I am from the gutter, too! (LIVELY MUSIC PLAYING) (CHILDREN LAUGHING) There is a castle on a cloud I like to go there in my sleep Aren’t any floors
for me to sweep Not in my castle on a cloud There is a lady all in white Holds me and sings a lullaby She’s nice to see
and she’s soft to touch She says,
(WHISPERING) “Cosette,
I love you very much” I know a place
where no one’s lost I know a place
where no one cries Crying at all is not allowed Not in my castle on a cloud (GASPS) Now look who’s here! The little madam herself Pretending once again
she’s been so awfully good Better not let me
catch you slacking!
Better not catch my eye! Ten rotten francs
your mother sends me
What is that going to buy? Now take that pail
My little mademoiselle And go and draw
some water from the well We should never
have taken you in
in the first place How stupid
the things that we do! Like mother, like daughter,
the scum of the street Mama! (SINGING)
Eponine, come, my dear
Eponine, let me see you You look very well in
that little blue hat Oh. There’s some little girls
who know how to behave And they know what to wear
And I’m saying
thank heaven for that! Still there, Cosette?
Your tears will
do you no good! I told you, fetch some water
from the well in the wood Please do not
send me out alone Not in the darkness on my own Now shut your face or
I’ll forget to be nice! You heard me ask for something
And I never ask twice Wakey-wakey, we’re opening. I love you.
I love you so much. (SINGING)
My band of soaks My den of dissolutes My dirty jokes Ugh! My always pissed as newts My sons of whores No, no, no.
Not tonight. (SINGING)
Spend their lives in my inn Wakey-wakey.
Good boy, good boy,
good boy. (SINGING)
Homing pigeons homing in They fly through my doors And they crawl out
on all fours Daddy, here. Thank you, darling. Such a gentleman. (SINGING) Welcome, monsieur,
sit yourself down And meet the best
innkeeper in town As for the rest
All of them crooks Rooking the guests
And cooking the books Seldom do you see Honest men like me A gent of good intent
who’s content to be Master of the house
Doling out the charm Ready with a handshake
and an open palm Tells a saucy tale
Makes a little stir Customers appreciate
a bon viveur Glad to do a friend a favor Doesn ‘t cost me to be nice But nothing gets you nothing
Everything has
got a little price Master of the house
Keeper of the zoo Ready to relieve them
of a sou or two Watering the wine
Making up the weight Picking up their knick-knacks
When they can ‘t see straight Everybody loves a landlord
Everybody’s bosom friend I do whatever pleases
Jesus! Won ‘t I bleed ’em
in the end! ALL: Master of the house!
Quick to catch your eye Never wants a passerby
to pass him by! Servant to the poor
Butler to the great Comforter, philosopher
and lifelong mate Everybody’s boon companion Everybody’s chaperone But lock up your valises
Jesus! Won’t I
skin you to the bone! Food beyond compare
Food beyond belief Mix it in a mincer
And pretend it’s beef Kidney of a horse
Liver of a cat (MEOWS) Filling up the sausages
with this and that Residents are
more than welcome Bridal suite is occupied Reasonable charges
Plus some little
extras on the side Oh, Santa! Charge ’em for the lice
Extra for the mice Two percent for
looking in the mirror twice Hand it over!
Here a little slice,
there a little cut Three percent for sleeping
with the windows shut When it comes
to fixing prices There are a lot
of tricks I knows How it all increases
All those bits and pieces Jesus!
It’s amazing how it grows (LAUGHING) Sorry, love.
I must get
something done about that. (SINGING)
I used to dream
that I would meet a prince But, God almighty Have you seen
what’s happened since? What? What? “Master of the house”
isn’t worth my spit! Comforter, philosopher
and lifelong shit! Cunning little brain Regular Voltaire Thinks he’s quite a lover
but there’s not much there What a cruel trick of nature Landed me with such a louse God knows how I’ve lasted
living with this
bastard in the house ALL: Master of the house! Master and a half! ALL: Comforter, philosopher Don’t make me laugh ALL: Servant to the poor
Butler to the great Hypocrite and
toady and inebriate! ALL: Everybody
bless the landlord! Everybody
bless his spouse! Everybody raise a glass! (ALL CHEER) Raise it up
the master’s arse! (ALL CHEER) ALL: Everybody raise a glass
to the master of the house I love you, too. (LAUGHING) (SINGING) Everybody
bless the landlord (DONKEY BRAYS) (COSETTE SINGING) (GASPS) (SINGING) Hush now
Do not be afraid of me Don’t hide
Show me where you live Tell me, my child,
what is your name? I’m called Cosette (GASPS) Mademoiselle.
Can I help you
with your bucket? Whoa! (SINGING) I found her
wandering in the wood This little child,
I found her
trembling in the shadows And I am here
to help Cosette I will settle any debt
you may think proper I will pay what I must pay To take Cosette away I love you. (SINGING)
This is a duty I must heed (MOUTHING) And there is
a promise I have made For I was blind
to one in need I did not see
what stood before me Now your mother is with God (GASPS) Her suffering is over And I speak here
with her voice And I stand here in her place Come on. And from this day,
and evermore Let me take
your coat, monsieur Cosette shall live
in my protection You are very welcome here I will not forget my vow Take a drink Take a chair Cosette shall
have a father now What to do?
What to say? Shall you carry
our treasure away? What a gem!
What a pearl! Beyond rubies is
our little girl How can we
talk of debt? Let’s not haggle
for darling Colette Cosette.
Cosette Dear Fantine,
gone to rest Have we done for her
child what is best? I think so. Shared our bread,
shared each bone Treated her like
she’s one of our own Yes, our own. Like our own,
monsieur! The cost adds up. Your feelings do
you credit, sir And I will ease
the parting blow Let us not talk of bargains
and bones and greed Now may I say we are agreed? That would
quite fit the bill If she hadn’t
so often been ill Little dear, cost us dear Medicines are expensive,
monsieur (BOTH COUGHING) Not that we begrudged a sou It’s no more than
we Christians must do Than we Christians may do No more words!
Here’s your price Fifteen hundred
for your sacrifice Come, Cosette,
say goodbye Let us seek out
some friendlier sky Thank you, both, for Cosette It won ‘t take you
too long to forget Farewell, Courgette! It’s “Cosette.”
Cosette. And, open. It’s for you. (SINGING)
Where I go, you will be Will you be
like a papa to me? Yes, Cosette
This is true I’ll be father
and mother to you (GRUNTS) Not bad.
Not enough! There’s a copper at the door
What the devil have you done? Where’s the child Cosette? (SINGING)
She’s gone with a gent Didn’t tell us
where they went Didn’t leave
his home address You’re a bloody fool
Look at what we got Should’ve struck the iron
Struck it while it’s hot! Next time round, I promise
I’m gonna get the lot Okay? (SINGING)
Suddenly you’re here Suddenly it starts Can two anxious hearts
beat as one? Yesterday I was alone Today you are beside me Something still unclear Something not yet here
has begun Suddenly the world
seems a different place Somehow full of grace
Full of light How was I to know
that so much hope Was held inside me? What is passed is gone Now we journey on
through the night How was I to know at last
That happiness
can come so fast? Trusting me the way you do I’m so afraid of failing you Just a child who cannot know
That danger follows where I go There are shadows everywhere And memories I cannot share Nevermore alone Nevermore apart You have warmed my heart
like the sun You have brought
the gift of life
And love so long denied me Suddenly I see What I could not see Something suddenly Has begun (SIGHS CONTENTEDLY) Halt!
Let’s see your papers. Where are you traveling? Cosette. Cosette. (SHUSHING) Give me the doll. Come. JAVERT: Valjean! Come, Cosette.
Come quickly! Come on. 24601! (URGING HORSE) (GASPS) Cosette. I’ve got you.
Come, come. Valjean! (PANTING) (NUNS SINGING) Who’s there? Please, monsieur. I need your help. Please, please. Monsieur le Mayor? Who are you? Fauchelevent. I fell under my cart. You saved my life, monsieur. Fauchelevent. We need a place of sanctuary,
this child and I. We need to disappear. (SINGING) We’ll give thanks
for what is granted What the sisters may ordain Come. Here we pray
for new beginnings Here our lives
can start again (SINGING) There,
out in the darkness A fugitive running Fallen from God Fallen from grace God be my witness I never shall yield Till we come face to face Till we come face to face He knows his way in the dark Mine is the way of the Lord Those who follow
the path of the righteous Shall have their reward And if they fall
as Lucifer fell The flames! The sword! Stars in your multitudes Scarce to be counted Filling the darkness With order and light You are the sentinels Silent and sure Keeping watch in the night Keeping watch in the night You know your place in the sky You hold your course
and your aim And each in your season
returns and returns And is always the same And if you fall
as Lucifer fell You fall in flames! And so it must be,
for so it is written On the doorway to paradise That those who falter
and those who fall Must pay the price Lord, let me find him That I may see him Safe behind bars! I will never rest till then! This I swear This I swear by the stars! (OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYING) Come on, boys! (BOYS GRUNTING) Come on. BEGGARS’ CHORUS: (SINGING)
Look down and see
the beggars at your feet! Look down and show
some mercy if you can Look down and see
the sweepings of the street! Look down, look down
upon your fellow man! How do you do?
My name’s Gavroche These are my people,
here’s my patch Not much to look at,
nothing posh Nothing that
you’d call up to scratch This is my school,
my high society Here in
the slums of Saint Michel We live on
crumbs of humble piety Tough on the teeth,
but what the hell Think you’re poor?
Think you’re free? Follow me! Follow me! CHORUS: Look down and show
some mercy if you can! Look down, look down
upon your fellow man Wait, Gavroche! There was a time
we killed the king We tried to change
the world too fast Now we have got another king He is no better than the last This is the land
that fought for liberty Now when we fight,
we fight for bread! Here is
the thing about equality Everyone’s equal
when they’re dead Take your place!
Take your chance! Vive la France!
Vive la France! CHORUS: Look down and show
some mercy if you can! Look down, look down
upon your fellow man When’s this gonna end? BEGGAR: When we gonna live? Something’s gotta happen now CHORUS: Something’s gotta give It’ll come,
it’ll come, it’ll come
It’ll come, it’ll come Where are
the leaders of the land? Where is the king
who runs this show? Only one man,
General Lamarque Speaks for
the people here below! Lamarque is ill
and fading fast Won’t last a week out,
so they say With all the anger
in the land How long before
the Judgment Day? Before we cut
the fat ones down to size? MAN 1: Death to the king! MAN 2: Liberty for France! CHORUS: (SINGING)
Before the barricades arise? MAN 3: Death to the king! (CROWD CLAMORING) Tell your friends.
We come tomorrow. We meet here at
General Lamarque’s house.
Bring your friends. Vive General Lamarque! Marius!
Grandfather! Have you any idea
of the shame you
bring on our family? An utter disgrace. Marius. Vive General Lamarque!
Vive General Lamarque! ALL: Vive la France!
Vive la France! Vive la France!
Vive la France! (SINGING) Hey there, monsieur,
what’s new with you? Plotting to
overthrow the state? You still
pretending to be poor Come on,
I know your grandpa’s rich Won’t take a franc
that I’ve not earned All of those bridges
have been burned I like the way
you talk, monsieur! I like the way
you always tease Little he knows Little he sees (IN DISTINCT CHATTERING) Here, take this. Eponine! (SINGING) Everyone here,
you know your place Brujon, Babet, Claquesous You, Montparnasse,
watch for the law With Eponine, take care You turn on the tears
No mistakes, my dears (FAKE BABY CRY) Please, monsieur,
come this way Here’s a child
that ain ‘t eaten today Save a life, spare a sou God rewards all
the good that you do Wait a bit!
Know that face! Ain’t the world
a remarkable place! Men like me don ‘t forget You’re the bastard
that borrowed Colette! Cosette.
Whatever. What is this?
Are you mad? No, monsieur,
you don’t know what you say! You know me! I know you! And you’ll pay
what we’re due And you’d better dig deep ‘Cause she doesn’t
come cheap THENARDIER: Brujon. It’s the police! Disappear! Run for it! It’s Javert! Cosette!
COSETTE: Papa. Another brawl in the square
Another stink in the air Was there a witness to this?
Well, let him speak to Javert! Monsieur,
these streets are not safe
But let these vermin beware We’ll see that
justice is done Look upon
this fine collection Crawled from
underneath a stone This swarm of
worms and maggots Could have picked you
to the bone I know this man over here
I know his name and his trade And on your witness, monsieur,
I’ll see him suitably paid But where’s
the gentleman gone? And why on Earth
would he run? You will have
a job to find him He’s not all he seems to be And that girl
he trails behind him Is the child
he stole from me Yeah, and me. Yeah, both of us. (SINGING) Could it be
he’s that old jailbird
That the tide now washes in? Heard my name
and started running
All the omens point to him In the absence of a victim Dear Inspector, may I go? And remember (SPITS) When you’ve nicked him It was me what told you so Let the old man
keep on running I will run him off his feet! Everyone, about your business
Clear this garbage
off the street Cosette! Now I remember Cosette! How can it be? We were children together Look what’s become of me Eponine! Who was that girl? That bourgeois
two-a-penny thing Eponine, find her for me! What will you give me? Anything! Got you all excited now
But God knows
what you see in her Aren’t you all delighted now? No,
I don’t want your money, sir Eponine, do this for me Discover where she lives But careful how you go
Don’t let your father know Eponine! I’m lost
until she’s found You see? I told you so There’s lots of things
I know (LAUGHING) ‘Ponine She knows her way around (SINGING)
The time is near So near it’s stirring
the blood in their veins And yet beware! Don’t let the wine
go to your brains We need a sign to
rally the people To call them to arms And to bring them in line! Marius, wake up!
What’s wrong today? You look as if
you’ve seen a ghost Some wine, and
say what’s going on A ghost, you say?
A ghost maybe She was just
like a ghost to me One minute there,
then she was gone I am agog!
I am aghast! Is Marius in love
at last? I’ve never heard
him “Ooh” and “Aah” You talk of
battles to be won And here he comes
like Don Juan It is better
than an opera! (LAUGHING) It is time for us all
to decide who we are Do we fight for the right
to a night at the opera now? Have you asked of yourself
What’s the price
you might pay? Is this simply a game
for a rich young boy to play? The colors of the world
are changing day by day Red, the blood of angry men! Black, the dark of ages past! Red, a world about to dawn! Black,
the night that ends at last! Had you seen her today
you might know how it feels To be struck to the bone
in a moment of
breathless delight! Had you been there today
you might also have known How your world may be changed
in just one burst of light And what was right seems wrong And what was wrong seems right Red! I feel my soul on fire! Black! My world if she’s not there! ALL: Red! The color of desire! ALL: Black! The color of despair! Marius,
you’re no longer a child I do not doubt
you mean it well But now
there is a higher call I know. Who cares about
your lonely soul? We strive
towards a larger goal Our little lives
don ‘t count at all! Red! ALL: The blood of angry men! Black! The dark of ages past! Red! A world about to dawn! Black! The night that ends at last! Listen, everybody! General Lamarque
is dead. (SINGING) Lamarque,
his death is
the hour of fate The people’s man His death is
the sign we await! On his funeral day
they will honor his name With the light of
rebellion ablaze in their eyes From their candles of grief
we will kindle our flame On the tomb of Lamarque
shall our barricade rise! The time is here! Let us welcome it gladly
with courage and cheer! Let us take to the streets
with no doubt in our hearts But a jubilant shout! They will come one and all! ALL: They will come
INDISTINCTLY) Did you find her? (SINGING)
How strange This feeling that
my life’s begun at last This change Can people really
fall in love so fast? What’s the matter
with you, Cosette? Have you been
too much on your own? So many things unclear So many things unknown In my life There are so many
questions and answers That somehow seem wrong In my life There are times when
I catch in the silence The sigh of a faraway song And it sings Of a world that I long to see
Out of reach Just a whisper away
Waiting for me Does he know I’m alive?
Do I know if he’s real? Does he see what I see?
Does he feel what I feel? In my life I’m no longer alone Now the love in
my life is so near Find me now Find me here Dear Cosette You’re such a lonely child How pensive,
how sad you seem to me Believe me,
were it within my power I’d fill each passing hour How quiet it must be,
I can see With only me for company There’s so little I know
that I’m longing to know Of the man that you were
in a time long ago Please, Cosette. There’s so little you say
of the life you have known Why you keep to yourself
Why you’re always alone So dark
So dark and deep The secrets that you keep In my life Please forgive what I say
You are loving
and gentle and good But Papa, dear Papa In your eyes I am
still like that child
who was lost in a wood No more words No more words
It’s a time that is dead There are words That are better unheard
Better unsaid In my life I’m no longer a child
and I yearn for
the truth that you know Of the years, years ago You will learn Truth is given by God
to us all in our time In our turn In my life She has burst like
the music of angels
The light of the sun And my life seems to stop
as if something is over And something
has scarcely begun! Eponine, you’re the friend
who has brought me here Thanks to you
I’m at one with the gods And heaven is near! And I soar through
a world that is new
That is free Every word that he says
is a dagger in me In my life There’s been no one
like him anywhere Anywhere, where he is If he asked, I’d be his BOTH : In my life There is someone
who touches my life Waiting near Waiting here A heart full of love A heart full of song I’m doing everything
all wrong Oh God, for shame
I do not even know your name Dear mademoiselle Won’t you say? Will you tell? A heart full of love No fear, no regret My name is Marius Pontmercy And mine’s Cosette Cosette,
I don’t know what to say Then make no sound I am lost I am found A heart full of love He was never mine to lose BOTH : A heart full of you A single look
and then I knew Why regret
what could not be? I knew it, too These are words
he’ll never say Not to me From today Not to me
Not for me Every day His heart full of love BOTH : For it isn ‘t a dream He will never feel this way BOTH : Not a dream after all VALJEAN : Cosette? Cosette,
what are you doing? I told you to stay inside. (SIGHS) (SINGING)
Who is this hussy? It’s your brat Eponine!
Don’t you know your own kid? Why’s she hanging
about here? Eponine, get on home
You’re not needed in this We’re enough here
without you I know this house,
I tell you There’s nothing here for you Just the old man and the girl They live ordinary lives Don ‘t interfere
You’ve got some gall Take care, young miss
You’ve got a lot to say I’m gonna scream!
I’m gonna warn them here! One little scream
and you’ll regret it
for a year! (SCREAMING) My God, Cosette! (SINGING) You wait, my girl!
You’ll rue this night! I’ll make you scream!
(SPITS) You’ll scream all right! (GROANS) OFFICER: Police! (SINGING)
Must be Javert He’s found my cover at last I’ve got to get Cosette away We’ll go to our apartment
at Rue de l’Homme Armé,
it’s safer there. Then I’ll arrange
our passage to England.
No. (SINGING) Hurry, Cosette!
Prepare to leave
Say no more Tonight we’ll away Please, Papa, we can’t!
Hurry, Cosette! It’s time to
close another door
and live another day! Get dressed,
we’re leaving. Now! Please, no! (RAINDROPS PATTERING) (SINGING) On my own Pretending he’s beside me All alone I walk with him till morning Without him I feel his arms around me And when I lose my way
I close my eyes And he has found me In the rain The pavement
shines like silver All the lights Are misty in the river In the darkness the trees
are full of starlight And all I see is him and me
forever and forever And I know It’s only in my mind That I’m talking to myself And not to him And although
I know that he is blind Still I say There’s a way for us I love him But when the night is over He is gone,
the river’s just a river Without him
the world around me changes The trees are bare
and everywhere the streets are
full of strangers I love him But every day I’m learning All my life
I’ve only been pretending Without me,
his world will go on turning A world that’s
full of happiness That I have never known (SOBS) I love him I love him I love him But only on my own (SINGING)
One day more Another day,
another destiny This never-ending
road to Calvary These men who seem
to know my crime will
surely come a second time One day more I did not live until today How can I live
when we are parted? One day more BOTH : Tomorrow
you’ll be worlds away And yet with you
my world has started One more day all on my own BOTH : Will we ever meet again? One more day
with him not caring BOTH : I was born
to be with you What a life
I might have known BOTH : And I swear
I will be true But he never saw me there One more day
before the storm Do I follow
where she goes? At the barricades
of freedom! Shall I join
my brothers there? When our ranks
begin to form Do I stay and do I dare? Will you take
your place with me? ALL: The time is now! The day is here! One day more! One day more to revolution
We will nip it in the bud We’ll be ready
for these schoolboys They will wet themselves
with blood! One day more! Watch ’em run amuck Catch ’em as they fall BOTH : Never know your luck
when there’s a free-for-all Here’s a little dip There a little touch BOTH : Most of them are goners
So they won ‘t miss much! ALL: One day
to a new beginning Raise the flag
of freedom high! Every man will be a king! There’s a new world
for the winning! There’s a new world to be won Do you hear the people sing? My place is here! I fight with you! One day more! We will join
these people’s heroes We will follow
where they go One more day all on my own We will learn
their little secrets We will know
the things they know One day more! BOTH : Tomorrow
you’ll be worlds away One more day
to revolution What a life
I might have known JAVERT: We will nip it
in the bud BOTH : And yet with you
my world has started We’ll be ready
for these schoolboys Tomorrow
will be far away ALL: Tomorrow
is the judgment day Tomorrow we’ll discover What our God in heaven
has in store One more dawn! One more day! One day more! (DRUMS BEATING RHYTHMICALLY) CROWD: (SINGING)
Do you hear the people sing Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of a people
who will not be slaves again When the beating of your heart Echoes
the beating of the drums There is a life about to start
when tomorrow comes! Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong
and stand with me? Beyond the barricade
Is there a world
you long to see? Then join in the fight That will give you
the right to be free! Do you hear the people sing Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of a people
who will not be slaves again! When the beating of
your heart echoes
the beating of the drums There is a life about to start
when tomorrow comes! Will you give all you can give So that our banner
may advance? Some will fall
and some will live Will you stand up
and take your chance? The blood of the martyrs
will water
the meadows of France! Do you hear the people sing Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of a people
who will not be slaves again! When the beating of
your heart echoes
the beating of the drums There is a life about to start
when tomorrow comes! (BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY) CAVALRY OFFICER: Halt! Draw! (CROWD EXCLAIMS) (SHOUTING) She’s an innocent woman! Murderer! (CROWD CLAMORING) Come here, you! Charge! (CAVALRY OFFICERS YELLING) Push them to the right. (GROANS) (SCREAMS) Thank you, sir.
Thank you, monsieur. To the barricades! Vive la France! MAN 1: Get to the barricade! MARIUS: Come on! MAN 2: Get down! Get down! Go, go, go! Get off your arse!
It’s begun! MAN 3: The barricade! Sorry, madame. Thank you.
What are you doing? We need as much furniture
as you can throw down! Throw everything you have! Below! MAN 4: Watch yourself,
watch yourself. (STUDENTS GRUNTING) (COW MOOING) Go on, boys! No! Thank you, madame. I need a volunteer! Someone who can
find out their plan
and when they will attack. (SINGING)
I can find out the truth I know their ways Fought their wars
Served my time In the days
Of my youth See? The people unite! I pray you’re right Dogs will bark GAVROCHE: Fleas will bite! They will do what is right ENJOLRAS: Red,
the blood of angry men! STUDENTS: Black,
the dark of ages past! Red, a world about to dawn! Black,
the night that ends at last! JOLY: He’s back! (SINGING) Listen, my friends
I have done as I said I have been to their lines
I have counted each man I will tell what I can Better beware
They have armies to spare And our danger is real We will need all our cunning
to bring them to heel Have faith! If you know what
their movements are
we’ll spoil their game There are ways that
a people can fight We shall overcome
their power! I have overheard their plans There will be
no attack tonight They intend to starve you out Before they
start a proper fight Concentrate their force Hit us when it’s light Liar! Good evening, dear Inspector
Lovely evening, my dear! I know this man, my friends
His name’s Inspector Javert! So don ‘t believe
a word he says because
none of it’s true This only goes to show
what little people can do Bravo, little Gavroche
You’re the top of the class So what are we going to do
with this snake in the grass? Take this man and throw him
in the tavern in there The people will
decide your fate,
Inspector Javert Shoot me now
or shoot me later Every schoolboy
to his sport! Death to each
and every traitor! I renounce
your people’s court! We keep looking forward! (YELLS) (THUDS) (ALL PANTING) (SOLDIERS MARCHING
SHOUTING ORDERS) MARIUS: Now, hold your fire.
Hold your fire. ARMY OFFICER:
Front rank, kneel! Save your gunpowder. Take aim! Get down. Who’s there? French Revolution! Fire! COMBEFERRE: They’re coming! They’re coming
over the barricades! Get back! Marius! No! Marius!
What are you doing? ENJOLRAS: Get down! GAVROCHE: Marius, watch out! Get down! No! Fall back! Fall back,
or I blow the barricade! Blow it up and
take yourself with it! Christ! (BREATHING HEAVILY)
And myself with it. Back! Back! (SIGHS IN RELIEF) ENJOLRAS: Man the barricade! What were you thinking,
Marius? You could have
gotten us all killed! COURFEYRAC: Marius,
you saved us all. My life is not
yours to risk! MARIUS: Eponine.
What are you doing? I kept it from you. It’s from Cosette. COURFEYRAC: The rain’s
going to ruin the powder. I’m sorry. What have you done? ‘Ponine. (SINGING) Don’t you fret,
Monsieur Marius I don’t feel any pain A little fall of rain Can hardly hurt me now You’re here That’s all I need to know And you will keep me safe And you will keep me close And rain will
make the flowers grow But you will live, ‘Ponine
Dear God above! If I could close your wounds
with words of love Just hold me now,
and let it be Shelter me, comfort me Hush-a-bye, dear Eponine So don’t you fret,
Monsieur Marius You won ‘t feel any pain
I don ‘t feel any pain A little fall of rain
A little fall of rain Can hardly hurt you now
Can hardly hurt me now I’m here That’s all I need to know And I will stay with you
And you will keep me safe Till you are sleeping
And you will keep me close And rain Will make the flowers Grow Gavroche, will you
do something for me? Anything. Without you,
I’d have bitten the dust. Letter from the barricade. From the barricade? I’ll take it. Something for me,
something for you.
Who needs charity? Boy. You stay away from there,
you understand? (SINGING) “Dearest Cosette,
you have entered my soul “And soon you will be gone “Can it be only
a day since we met
and the world was reborn? “If I should fall
in the battle to come
let this be my goodbye “Now that I know
that you love… “You love me as well
It is harder to die “I pray that God
will bring me home
to be with you “Pray for your Marius “He prays for you” (EXHALES) Oh, God. This is the day
that most I feared Now a young man has appeared
to change my life This Marius will take away
the treasure of my
autumn days to be his wife But he could die tonight I must find this boy Don’t shoot!
Don’t shoot! I come here
as a volunteer. You see… (SINGING) You see that
prisoner over there? A volunteer like you! A spy who calls
himself Javert! He’s going to get it, too! COURFEYRAC: Get in there.
Get inside. Don’t kill him.
I know him. Enemy marksman! COMBEFERRE: On the roof!
On the roof! (STUDENTS CLAMORING) GAVROCHE: On the roof! ENJOLRAS: Where are they?
Where are they? We’ll take the left. MARIUS: We’ll
take the right. Eyes forward! Eyes to the roofs,
eyes to the roofs. Thank you, monsieur. (SINGING) Give me
no thanks, monsieur
There’s something you can do If it is in my power Give me the spy Javert!
Let me take care of him Do what you have to do
The man belongs to you No. Enjolras. (SINGING) We meet again You’ve hungered for
this all your life Take your revenge How right you
should kill with a knife Get out of here Don’t understand Clear out of here Once a thief, forever a thief What you want,
you always steal You would trade
your life for mine Yes, Valjean, you want a deal Shoot me now for all I care! If you let me go, beware!
You’ll still answer to Javert! You are wrong and
always have been wrong I’m a man
no worse than any man And you are free and
there are no conditions No bargains or petitions There’s nothing
that I blame you for You’ve done your duty,
nothing more If I come
out of this alive… You will find me at
Rue de l’Homme Armé, number 5 No doubt our paths
will cross again. (PISTOL FIRES) (SINGING) Courfeyrac,
you take the watch They may attack
before it’s light Everybody, keep the faith For certain as
our banner flies
We are not alone The people too must rise Marius. Rest. (SINGING)
Drink with me To days gone by! ALL: To the life
that used to be At the shrine of friendship
never say die Let the wine of friendship
never run dry Here’s to you
and here’s to me! Do I care if I should die
now she goes across the sea? Life without Cosette
means nothing at all Would you weep, Cosette,
if I were to fall? Would you weep, Cosette For me? God on high Hear my prayer In my need You have always been there He is young He’s afraid Let him rest Heaven blessed Bring him home Bring him home He’s like the son
I might have known If God had granted me a son The summers die
One by one How soon they fly
On and on And I am old And will be gone Bring him peace Bring him joy He is young He is only a boy You can take You can give Let him be Let him live If I die Let me die Let him live Bring him home Bring him home Bring him Home! (WHISTLES) Enjolras, the rain has
damaged the gunpowder. We’re low on ammunition. We’re the only
barricade left. What? We’re the only ones left. (SINGING) The people
have not stirred We are abandoned by those
who still live in fear Let us not waste lives Let all who wish to Go from here GAVROCHE: Do you hear
the people sing Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of a people
who will not be slaves again ALL: When the beating
of your heart echoes
the beating of the drums There is a life about to start
when tomorrow comes! Enjolras,
we need more ammunition. I’m going into the colonnade.
There are dead bodies there,
dry ammunition. FEUILLY: The gunpowder
is wet through. ENJOLRAS: Let’s round it up.
Let’s get everything out here. (SINGING) Little people know
when little people fight We may look easy pickings Gavroche. But we’ve got some bite! Come here. So never kick a dog
because he’s just a pup (RIFLE FIRES) Gavroche! We’ll fight like 20 armies
and we won’t give up Gavroche! Gavroche,
what are you doing? COMBEFERRE:
Someone pull him back!
(GROANS) You dirty bastard! So you’d better
run for cover When the pup… Grows… (SOBBING) ARMY OFFICER: (SINGING)
You at the barricades,
listen to this! The people of Paris
sleep in their beds! You have no chance No chance at all Why throw your lives away? Let us die facing our foes Make them bleed while we can Make them pay through the nose Make them pay for every man Let others rise
to take our place Until the Earth is free! Cannons! Quick as you can! Come on! Look lively! Far right first. Wait for it! Fire! Marius. They’re bringing
in replacements. ARMY OFFICER: Second cannon! Fire! ARMY OFFICER: Fire! Take aim! Fire! VALJEAN: Take cover, boy! There’s more men!
There’s more men, Enjolras! Cannons ready! Fire! Cannons ready! And fire! Advance! COURFEYRAC: Watch out! (GROANS) Please! STUDENT: Open the door! Please! We need the door!
We need to barricade
the door! (STUDENTS SHOUTING) Marius! Marius! Take positions! ARMY OFFICER: Steady, lads! ENJOLRAS: Go!
IN DISTANCE) (SCREAMING) (GLASS SHATTERING) (PANTING) (GRUNTS) (GROANING) (GRUNTING) (EXCLAIMS IN DISTRESS) Thank you! Long live the revolution! Here’s a pretty ring. Oh. Hello. (YELPS) You’re alive! I saved you! You! (PANTING) How do I get out of here?
It’s that way! All the way down
and to the left! (GROANING) (GRUNTS) (SIGHS IN RELIEF) (PANTING) (SINGING) It’s you, Javert
I knew you
wouldn’t wait too long The faithful servant
at his post once more This man’s done no wrong
He needs a doctor’s care I warned you
I would not give in!
I won ‘t be swayed! Another hour yet
Then I’m yours All our debts are paid The man of mercy comes again
And talks of justice! Come, time is running short! Look down, Javert He’s standing in his grave! One more step
and you die. (SINGING) Who is this man?
What sort of devil is he? To have me caught in a trap
and choose to let me go free? It was his hour at last
to put a seal on my fate Wipe out the past
and wash me
clean off the slate All it would take was
a flick of his knife Vengeance was his
and he gave me back my life! Damned if I live in
the debt of a thief! Damned if I yield at
the end of the chase! I am the law and
the law is not mocked! I’ll spit his pity
right back in his face! There is nothing on Earth
that we share! It is either
Valjean or Javert! And my thoughts fly apart Can this man be believed? Shall his sins be forgiven? Shall his crimes be reprieved? And must I now begin to doubt Who never doubted
all these years? My heart is stone
and still it trembles The world I have known
is lost in shadow Is he from heaven
or from hell? And does he know That granting me my life today This man has
killed me even so? I am reaching but I fall And the stars
are black and cold As I stare into the void
of a world that cannot hold I’ll escape now
from that world From the world of Jean Valjean There is nowhere I can turn There is no way to go on TURNING WOMAN 1: (SINGING)
Did you see them
going off to fight? TURNING WOMAN 2:
Children of the barricade
who didn ‘t last the night Did you see them
lying where they died? Someone used to cradle them
and kiss them when they cried Did you see them
lying side by side? (SINGING) There’s a grief
that can’t be spoken There’s a pain goes on and on Empty chairs at empty tables Now my friends
are dead and gone Here they talked of revolution Here it was they lit the flame Here they sang about tomorrow And tomorrow never came From the table in the corner They could see a world reborn And they rose
with voices ringing And I can hear them now The very words
that they have sung Became their last communion On this lonely barricade At dawn Oh, my friends,
my friends, forgive me That I live and you are gone There’s a grief
that can ‘t be spoken There’s a pain goes on and on Phantom faces at the windows Phantom shadows on the floor Empty chairs at empty tables Where my friends
will meet no more Oh, my friends, my friends Don ‘t ask me What your sacrifice was for Empty chairs at empty tables Where my friends will sing No more (SINGING) Every day you walk
with stronger step You walk with longer step
The worst is over Don ‘t think about it,
Marius! With all the years
ahead of us! I will never go away And we will be
together every day Every day We’ll remember that night And the vow that we made A heart full of love She was never mine to keep A night full of you She is youthful, she is free COSETTE: The words are old
but always true Cosette, Cosette! Love is
the garden of the young COSETTE: I saw you waiting
and I knew Thank God you are here Waiting for you Let it be At your feet Thank God you are home Let it be VALJEAN : A heart full of love BOTH : And it wasn’t a dream This I give you this day BOTH : Not a dream after all Monsieur, this is a day
I never can forget Is gratitude enough
for giving me Cosette? Your home shall be with us
And not a day shall pass But we will prove our love
To you, whom we shall call A father to us both
A father to us all Not another word, my son There’s something now
that must be done There lived a man
whose name was Jean Valjean He stole some bread to
save his sister’s son For 19 winters
he served his time In sweat
he washed away his crime Years ago He broke parole and
lived a life apart How could he tell Cosette
and break her heart? Marius… It’s for Cosette
this must be faced If he is caught,
she is disgraced The time has come
to journey on And from this day
he must be gone Who am I? Who am I? You’re Jean Valjean Monsieur, you cannot leave Whatever I tell
my beloved Cosette
She will never believe Tell her
I’ve gone on a journey
A long way away Tell her my heart was
too full for farewells It is better this way Promise me, monsieur
Cosette will never know What I have spoken
Why I must go For the sake of Cosette It must be so Thank you, Marius. (SINGING) Where’s he gone
without a word? That wouldn’t be
his way to go Why so sudden,
why so strange? (GROANING)
Oh, did he say
how long he’ll be gone? All he asked for me to say
is he’s on a journey far away He can’t leave us now How he breaks my heart And we will never be apart I promise you. (JOYFUL MUSIC PLAYING) The Baron and
Baroness du Thénard. (SINGING)
Go away, Thenardier! Do you think
I don’t know who you are? He’s not fooled
Told you so Show monsieur
what you’ve come here to show Tell the boy what you know Pity to disturb you
at a feast like this But 500 francs
surely wouldn’t come amiss In God’s name,
say what you have to say He speaks
You pay! What I saw, clear as light Jean Valjean in
the sewers one night Had this corpse on his back Some boy he had killed
in a vicious attack I was there, never fear I even found me
this fine souvenir I know this
This is mine This is surely
some heavenly sign Then it’s true
Then I’m right Jean Valjean was
my savior that night Jean Valjean, the old con You pay up
or I’ll say where he’s gone Where is he? Where is he? The convent! Cosette, come with me.
Come with me. BOTH: (SINGING)
Watch the buggers dance
Watch ’em till they drop! Keep your wits about you
and you’ll stand on top! Masters of the land
Always get our share Clear away the barricades
and we’re still there We know where
the wind is blowing Money is the stuff we smell And when we’re rich
as Croesus Jesus! Won’t
we see you all in hell! How dare you! (SINGING)
Alone I wait in the shadows I count the hours
until I sleep I dreamed a dream
Cosette stood by It made her weep
to know I die Alone at the end of the day Upon this wedding night
I pray Take these children, my Lord,
to Thy embrace And show them grace God on high Hear my prayer Take me now To Thy care Where You are Let me be Take me now Take me there Bring me home (SIGHS) Bring me home (GROANS) FANTINE: Monsieur,
I bless your name I am ready, Fantine Monsieur,
lay down your burden At the end of my days You raised my child in love She’s the best of my life And you will be with God Oh! Oh… (SOFTLY) Fantine. (SINGING) Papa, Papa,
I do not understand Are you all right?
Why did you go away? (EXCLAIMS IN RELIEF) Cosette, my child!
Am I forgiven now? Thank God, thank God
I’ve lived to see this day! It’s you who must forgive
a thoughtless fool It’s you who must
forgive a thankless man It’s thanks to you
that I am living And again I lay down
my life at your feet Cosette,
your father is a saint When they wounded me
He took me from the barricade Carried like a babe And brought me home to you Now you are here Again beside me Now I can die in peace For now my life is blessed You will live, Papa
You’re going to live It’s too soon
Too soon to say goodbye Yes, Cosette,
forbid me now to die! I’ll obey I will try On this page I write my last confession Read it well
when I at last am sleeping It’s the story Of one who turned from hating A man who only learned to love When you were in his keeping I know it, Papa. Come with me Where chains
will never bind you I am ready, Fantine. All your grief
At last, at last behind you Lord in heaven Look down on him in mercy Forgive me all my trespasses And take me to Your glory FANTINE: Take my hand I’ll lead you to salvation Take my love For love is everlasting ALL: And remember The truth that once was spoken To love another person Is to see the face of God CROWD: Do you hear
the people sing lost in
the valley of the night? It is the music of a people
who are climbing to the light For the wretched of the Earth There is a flame
that never dies Even the darkest night
will end and
the sun will rise We will live again in freedom In the garden of the Lord We will walk
behind the plowshare
We will put away the sword The chain will be broken
and all men will
have their reward! Will you join
in our crusade? Who will be strong
and stand with me? Somewhere beyond
the barricade Is there a world
you long to see? Do you hear the people sing? Say, do you hear
the distant drums? It is the future that we bring
when tomorrow comes! Will you join
in our crusade? Who will be strong
and stand with me? Somewhere beyond
the barricade Is there a world
you long to see? Do you hear the people sing? Say, do you hear
the distant drums? It is the future that we bring
when tomorrow comes! (ALL VOCALIZING) Tomorrow comes! (TRIUMPHANT MUSIC PLAYING) Uploaded BY : Al CAPONE

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  1. Save our military bands!!!


  2. This scene is so amazing. On the outside he this aristocrat. On the inside he’s that prisoner that lost 19 years of his life for a loaf of bread and trying to escape.

  3. Russell Crow is TERRIBLE AS JAVERT I don’t care what anyone says, his pitch is DREADFUL throughout the entire film I don’t care what anyone’s bullshit of the “it mirrors his character” theory like INCORRECT if you are in a MUSICAL you SING WELL. I don’t care if you’re a bad guy…. Like by that logic… Are all the musical theatre actor/ actresses who are cast in the role of a villain supposed to worsen their singing skills so they appear worse to the audience? And does that make every villain song a waste of time vocally? What happened to most evil songs being showstoppers like I don’t understand this logic at all… Also like Javert is supposed to be this powerful character, why wouldn’t a strong, assertive and intimidatingly good voice mirror his character as opposed to this weak Russell Crowe TRASH.

  4. Valjean: say what you must don’t leave it there
    Javert: Stops talking

    Either they didn’t understand what they meant by say what you must don’t leave it there, or they just needed to cut out the next section of the song to make room for more Valjean lifting flagpoles.

  5. Javert knew shit was going down the moment he heard that song he sung with some random prisoner a few years ago start up again

  6. Is it weird that I Sing the tune of the music whenever I carry anything slightly heavy like the groceries.

  7. While I'm a big fan of Les Miserables, I'm not real large on this version of it. I didn't care for the spontaneous singing the actors did

  8. 0:00 It`s just as well Javert is right behind Valjean despite still not recognising him when he assumed his role as "Mousire Le Mayor"

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