Hi guys welcome back or welcome in this new video Today we’ll do a trip *It’s not a long trip, 3 or 4 hours* I’m sure we will spent 5 hours But my dear friend, where are we going? *We are going to Misano ’cause there is the MotoGP* where we’ve been invited to by Michelin but not for the MotoGp but for MotoE They have provided us with a set of tires that are the Michelin Power Rs We never tried them *at most I have tried the Power Cup and Power Cup Evo* So today we will give you a feedback during the trip about the tires and for extra we’ll do insights about MotoE because I have many questions so and I can’t wait to ask to the interested parties about them like drivers and engineers Okay so we are going to live, *coffe?* Coffee? Are you paying? *No, I don’t feel like it* I knew it, I was sure! We just arrived in Misano and we will have a hard day the first appointment is with Michelin where we are going now And there’ll be a person who will explain us so much tips and he will give us man advice Here we are with Piero Taramasso he deals about Motorsport like CIV, MotoGp Dakar and a lot of other things *Yeah exactly, every vehicle with 2 wheels and races* I wanted to ask you the main differences between MotoGp’s tyres and MotoE *The front tyre of MotoE came from MotoGp so the structure is very similar because it has to support an extreme stress for the weight so the structure comes from MotoGp and the tread compound is medium and it can work at all temperatures The back tyre is totally different about the structure and the tread compound because the electric motorcycles have to make 7 or 9 laps of the track and you need an instant grip from the first lap* so it has to give the best from the beggining *Yes exactly* *So these are tyres made just for electric motorcycles and these cames from the tyres that we use during SuperBike national championship* Another question is about street use I used to use when I go to track, Power Cup Evo but as you know it is an “ancient” tyre Can we assume that for the 2020 Michelin will propose something new? *Yes absolutely there will be news in 2020 about commercial tyres and we have already integrated new technologies that we got from experience in racing department and from the past experiences and for the things that will coming out next year we have learned a lot from the past years thanks to MotoGp Generally talking about different types of tread compound so it will give more grip and it will give more costancy and consistency* So grip and duration, perfect Thank you so much Piero see you the next time Here we are, he arrived really silently We are here with Stefano that will explain us the Energica Eva *This is the Energica Eva EsseEsse9 and it is the newer model that we presented at Eicma 2 years ago and it’s easier 80 kW of power so like 109 horsepower, 180 Newton-meters beautiful electric engine I’m going to show you as you turn* Absolutely yes *Turn the key and front brake on and we just pressed the red button* *green light on* *It is quiet but it works* *when you’re standing still is totally quiet, when you leave a little less* *As you said there is the reverse gear so when the motorcycle is on you have to press for 3 seconds the start button you’ll see the green light flashing after you will see a “R” written on the dashboard and now if I accelerate, I go back* A-M-A-Z-I-N-G *If I press the button another time I’ll go ahead slow so it help us doing the maneuvers and for to come back to the start we press the red one till it stops to flash the green light* So when I see the odometer I can go ahead *The maximum speed for this model is 200 km/h* Is the speed limited? *Yes of course* *and for the sport model the maximum is 240 km/h while the racing model 270 km/h but they are different types of engine* I was looking for the gear leve on the left *Yeah, at the start you will look for it* *also here on the pedal you miss something* I have a question, I know that I can connect it with an app *Yes, there is an app that you can connect it via bluetooth and it shows you the principal informations like the power of the battery and where are the e-charging stations* Yes exactly it’s the most important thing *How much is the maximum range for the tank?* ( LAUGH ) *The tank contains 11.7 kW* You didn’t tell us an important detail so how much is the motorcycle’s weight? *This motorcycle is 280kg it has low center of gravity, this is the battery pack and you won’t feel the weight ’cause you have the handlebars high so when you will leave you won’t feel that* Perfect, we can go to drive them You didn’t know about the electric world Do you wanna try the acceleration? DO YOU WANT TO FEEL THE ENGINE’S POWER? Are you ready? We’ll do 0/100 km/h How long would it take for you to do 0/100 km/h? We’ll spent a few seconds Okay let’s start How was it? *nice* Here in Dorna’ stage there is the tower of champions think about since 1949 every year they add a badge and the name is extract at the end of the league I think we had a beautiful launch here in Michelin and now we can go to MotoE’s box for meeting someone that knows about MotoE actually Alex De Angelis Nice to meet you Alex I have just approached with the “electric world” yesterday with an Energica and for me it wasn’t so difficult also I have always used “normal” motorcycles but for you? Do you find difficult? *Hello everyone, it was the same for me, so it wasn’t difficult we are talking about a motorcycle so it’s not so much different you do what makes your heart sing you just go but after I noticed that in fact there so much different things but I’m in loved with them firstly it’s so quiet so really you can enjoy the pleasure of driving and also the acceleration especially during the slow corners, I don’t know how to explain it, it’s beautiful* You talked about the silence I drove it yesterday in street and I think that the 2 motorcycles that are here now they’ll do much noise compared to a normal one *The sound that you hear is totally different because you hear the sound of the chain and of drive systems so they are so much sounds but I don’t know if you have tried in street but me during the first day when you touch knees on the ground, you can hear the soap touching and I have never heard in my entire life* I didn’t do that, I didn’t touch with the knees in street but it was nice hearing the torque and the acceleration of the electric engine and I noticed it when I went out from the curves *Yes it depends from the gear ratio or how you did the curve but in fact if you drive slower, you will feel more this power* I had a trauma for the absence of the gear leve the first thing I looked for with the left hand was that How difficult was it during the races? Also because you are used to use the quick shifter *I had a trauma just ’cause when you see the motorcycle without the gear at the start you don’t feel comfortable but after during the races you don’t feel that also because you have to think that everything now is electric and I’m sure it will be the future so you use the gear during the races just for the start and into the box area Thank you very much, see you next time Now we are with Claudio that is Pramac coordinator about MotoE and we are into the box after talking with Alex I just want to ask you because we are used to have mechanics just for the thermal engine but talking about your job in MotoE you have to do specific courses or you must be just a mechanic doing the normal school? How do you arrive doing this job? Our mechanics have a lot of experience about the thermal engine in particular they have done advanced courses like an upgrading for drive system and propulsion so electrical part but for the mechanical part is not different from the normal motorcycles So all the experience that they have done for others job, they use the same here and it is a plus for us taking people like them For the electrical part we did a specific course that explained all these things and it has guaranteed the maximum efficiency for the propulsion system* How much the battery weighs? *The motorcycle is 262kg without driver distributed 140/120 kg on the front and the back wheel and 100kg for the battery pack* While how much for the enginer? *The engine is 35/40kg Ah ok so a little less then the normal one Okay, we have done, thank you so much It was a plesure to meet you Everyone knows that the moment I prefer is when I eat and for today I must thank Pramac and Paolo from GPone that give us the possibility to stay here for having lunch Now, which is the problem? It becomes the best moment when there is a legend like Agostini here having lunch with us I don’t know if you know who he is but I hope that when you hear “Agostini”, you know what I’m talking about We are really excited, our hands are shaking *It’s the first time that my hands are shaking doing this job* We have finished this beautiful adventure here in Misano we gave back the electrical motorcycles and I hope that we’ll see them again on the channel First of all, I need to thank Michelin for these beautiful 3 days and all those teams that give us food and hospitality So thank you Pramac, MV and Suzuki From FrecciaVerde that’s all, see you in the next video hoping that you liked this video Please subscribe the channel and interval for interactive confirm notifications if you don’t want to lose the next videos. Like the video maybe with a comment saying me what you think about the electric world, Energica and MotoE Ciao!

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  1. Bravo Freccia come sempre un bel video….. saluti dalla Sardegna…. Ti consiglio di farti un giro nelle Nostre strade. Vedrai, non te ne pentirai….

  2. Secondo me avere un'auto/moto elettrica è come avere una donna con le palle. Non sono contrario ma sentire l'odore di benzina e sentire il rumore di un motore non si può paragonare con questo…

  3. peccato aver dovuto fare per forza un video così corto, per raccontare solo un giorno del mondiale ci vorrebbe un video di un ora

  4. Scusate ma io a girare con una moto che già di per sé è poco visibile e per di più non la si sente arrivare, mi cagherei sotto…

  5. Niccolò: “Adesso faccio vedere un po’ di figa”

    Doraemon:” Adesso tiro fuori il cazzo”
    P.S. Quella della Pramac aveva delle zinne assurde…

  6. Domanda: perché sulla stradale elettrica si accendevano le spie colorate tipo contagiri delle moto a combustione?
    Perché da quanto ho capito le marce non le hanno

  7. Ciao freccia, parto col dirti vhe mi sarebbe piaciuto incontrarti ma non è stato possibile. Ti esprimo il mio punto di vista da operatore del settore corse(faccio antincendio a misano) Preferisco di gran lunga i motori termici per la poca pericolosità nel mio ambito. Gli elettrici se cascano e pigliano fuoco è un vero bordello, vengono tenuti a mollo fino a 48h per evitare che ripre dano fuoco. Il termico con una spruzzata o poco piu di schiumogeno si spengono e il problema finisce, ad esempio sabato mattina nelle fp3 di moto2 mi è caduto alex marquez e la moto ha preso fuoco, una spruzzata e tutto si è risolto

  8. Belle, ma secondo me serve un cambio ad almeno 3 marcie….dato che non puoi avere 180 nm di coppia che ti spara nella stratosfera e poi murare a 200 all' ora perchè non ha piu tiro da sfruttare in alto.

  9. Io non amo per niente l’elettrico ma ci sarà a chi piacerà. Se sarà solo un opzione in più x il futuro ok , basta che non ci tolgono del tutto il rombo dei motori veri !

  10. Ciao freccia…. Ti posso dire che di sicuro di margine ancora per migliorare le moto elettriche di sicuro ce ne, già son fatte molto bene.. Facendo modellismo dinamico con elicotteri e aerei oramai le lipo anno superato in tutto i motori a miscela o nitrometano… Però quando senti il rombo di un motore a 2 o 4 tempi non ce niente da fare…
    Mi è capitato di vedere due moto elettriche sul passo San. Marco tra Bergamo e Morbegno che facevano delle riprese fotografiche,e cavoli dovevi stare un attimo attento perché non le sentivi arrivare e forse anno già fatto qualcosa per essere più rumorose tra virgolette… Ciaooo

  11. L'elettrico è una grande innovazione, ma vuoi mettere con il rombo in uscita di curva quando gli dai di gas e hai lasciato a casa il DBKILLER…. 😀 😀 😀

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