Lego Technic drift car front axles

Lego Technic drift car front axles

Hi everybody! Today I want to talk about the front axles designed for the drift chassis. This is the first axle. Building instruction for this chassis can be found on my channel. The main idea was to implement the McPherson suspension with increased angle of wheels rotation. Now I’ll show. Such angle. On this chassis I used a L size motor, but the drive is not enough yet. so I decided to design chassis in the same style slightly smaller. So was designed such a front axle for it. The angles of rotation of the wheels are also preserved here as in the first chassis. The McPherson suspension also works in any wheels position. Building instruction to this chassis I post later. On this I did not stop. I want to do something more compact in the same style. And… it turned out to be something like that. Also implemented McPherson suspension, but with some features. Now I’ll show. The dimensions of the existing parts did not fit here. Therefore, such a decision was made. I do not even know how to call it. From the standard lego part was made non-standard. Like this Shortened. And rod. The standard part for comparison. That’s all. Thank you all!

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