Learn How to Utilize The Racing Line (feat. Tabasko Sweet) | HOT LAP

Learn How to Utilize The Racing Line (feat. Tabasko Sweet) | HOT LAP

– I’m doing this for
you cheap thrills fans. So let’s get it. I’m about to go GTA five in this bitch. – Nate Contreras, aka Tabasko
Sweet, your Hot Lap was… – And he’s off! – Welcome to Hot Lap, the show where we put your favorite people from the internet in a
car, where they compete for the fastest lap and the
chance to live on forever on top of our Applebee’s leader board. – Today our guest is the
host of Cheap Thrills on Super Deluxe, Nate Contreras. But you might know him as Tabasko Sweet. – You already know what it is. – We’re gonna hand Basko
over to professional driver, Matt Field, who’s gonna give him the best free driving
lesson that money can buy. – Then we’ll set him loose on the track. – And then we’ll– – [James] In our beautiful
2018 Mazda Miata RF. – We’re about to get the number one spot. This is nuts. – This
– This – is
– is – Hot Lap.
– Hot Lap. – So Nate. Where did Cheap Thrills and
Tabasko Sweet come from? – Well. Damn, this thing goes fast. Oh my god. It was Michaela’s idea,
my friend Michaela. She just came to me with
this idea for the show. But yeah, sounds like a good idea. Let’s do it. – How much Nate is there in basko, and how much basko is there in Nate? – There’s probably more basko in Nate than Nate in basko. This guy really knows how to drive. – What’s your favorite
Cheap Thrills creation that you ever made? – The retro Jordan’s with Lil’ Mayo. – Trash or Fuego? Seven song albums. – You know, Fuego, honestly, we don’t need two hours of mego’s. You Know?
You know. – Trash or Fuego. Beef. – Beef is kinda trash. – Those balenciaga’s the
ones that look like socks. – Oh. Fuego. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Oh my god.
Cool. – [James] Matt, we’re done. Dude I am so glad I’m wearing a helmet. – Awe, it’s fun.
– Yeah. I like almost puked, like… – Wow what an amazing display
of skill from Matt Field. He truly is a professional. – Sure is Bart, what’s my line? – You know Bart, there are
virtually hundreds of skills that one must learn in
order to master a Hot Lap. – That’s right, James. Everything from where ya put
your feet and how to move them, to where you put your
hands and how to move them. – To go into depth on one of these skills, let’s go down to the start line, where Matt Field is gonna explain– – Go over… Go over. – Where he’ll go over
our skill of the day. – The racing line. The racing line.
– The racing line. – No your cameras that… The racing line.
– The racing line. – The racing line is the
line that allows you to carry the most speed throughout the coroner and also the race track. Once you start your turn in, the point of the racetrack
where you’re closest to the inside is called the apex. There’s three apex locations;
early, mid and late. The early apex corner is generally for a fast flowing corner, a long continuous radius corner would be more of a middle apex, and a tight corner, that’s the late apex. Often time, corners are linked together to make compound corners or S-turns. In corners like these, sometimes you have to
sacrifice your racing line coming into the first
corner in order to come out of the 2nd corner with as
much speed as possible. Alright, so first thing, you wanna nice, aggressive start. As I’m drivin, I’m trying to drive as fast so that he can see the limits of the car and where he should try
to aim for and be at. – It was pretty crazy. Like I don’t think I’ve
been in a car going that fast around any corners. I’ve had some of my friends try burnin out in the parking lot and stuff. But, this is a whole next level. – Into third. On the brakes. Second. Wait for the apex. Remember, this is the apex here. Come all the way out. Use the full track. So I’m telling him,
notice where my car is. I’m wide here. And then this is the apex of the corner, I’m picking up the throttle here. – He’s telling me like
everything I need to do to survive this lap that
I’m about to drive myself. Then we switched and I
got in that driver seat. And I was a little nervous at first. – Tell him put down the clutch. Put it in first gear. Rev it up, get off the clutch. Let’s go. But we didn’t go, the car died. We were still right where we were. We take off, just a little
bit of a rough start. – But as soon as I got going, I already felt like pretty good about it. – I’m telling him when
to pick up the power. – Tellin me how to take the corners. When to brake. – We’re braking. Not yet, not yet. Now brakes. Tryin to get there. Now power, power, power. Power, power, power. All of those things really set where your line’s gonna be and where you can position the car. – I did get a little loose out there, turning some of the corners. You know, it just comes
with the territory. – [Matt] Off the brakes, on the power. Nice. So you wanna go a little
bit wider on the exit okay? – Okay. – Alright. Turn in. – Matt was a great teacher. Felt comfortable immediately. And he was like, just beep floor it. I was like, alright. I’m floorin this thing. I’m actually like… I wish he could be with
me for my timed lap. – [Matt] Yeah, you’re getting it. Nice. – Oh that felt good. – That felt good. Keep the power down, and coast ‘er in. Are you ready for this? – Dude that felt great. So I think I’m gonna have the fastest lap of all time on Hot Laps. – Well this is as far
as Matt can take him. It’s time for Nate to
complete his Hot Lap alone. – But first, let’s take
a look at the course. From the start line, it’s a rather brief jaunt up a fast, sweeping turn that gains elevation and quickly becomes a slow, tight right. Then it’s downhill a bit
into a left-handed horseshoe before swinging back uphill, yet again. At the top, there’s
anther slow tight right, before heading downhill for good and picking up speed into the L. A quick ramble back and forth
dumps you out on the skid pad, where there’s no track markings, so your line is really up to you. You wanna keep up your momentum here and exit as fast as possible because after that is the final straight before the finish line. – It truly is a legendary track. – That it is Bart. That it is. Nate will have to master all 1.6 miles and every one of the nine turns, if he wants any chance at that beautiful Applebee’s giftcard. Can we get a couple shots of that? Can we look at that? Bart, what color would you say that is? Oh, I’m getting word that Nate is ready, down at the starting line. Let’s go down there and check in. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Hot Lap. (electronic dance music) – Let’s get it. I’m gonna get it. I’m doin this for you Cheap Thrills fans. You guys are watchin. I know you are, I know you are. Let’s get it. Alright, let’s get it. – [James] This is why we’re here. All the training, the
waking up early one morning. – Alright, I’m hungry now. I’m gonna go to Applebee’s after this. Let’s go. – [James] We’re ready to start. Let’s go to our movement
watches Hot Lap count down. Three. Two. One. (horn blares) And he’s off. Nate’s Hot Lap has begun. The Hot Lap of Tabasko Sweet has started. – [Bart] This is exciting. He gotta good start, James. And that’s the one thing
we were most worried about. – The toughest hurdle has been chumped. Very clean into the first turn. Hard on those Brembo brakes. – [Bart] A little wide through turn one, but he is lookin fast into turn two. – [James] Looking at him right now, the chase car’s having a
hard time keepin up with him. They opened him up a little bit. – [Bart] Good line. Hella good. I woulda thought this guy’s
been drivin his whole life. – [James] Broke the rear end
loose a little bit there. Beautiful recovery. – [Bart] Looks like he’s
really movin through the S’s. – Oh he’s pushin it through the skid pad. – [Bart] Lookin good for his last turn. He’s got a lot of speed
comin to the finish line. – [James] In the final straight! And he crosses the finish line. – [Bart] Hey you did it.
– I did it. – How are ya feelin right now? – I’m feelin great. I’m feelin unstoppable on a rage of speed. – What I like to hear. Here’s Matt Field. – To see that, just overly impressed. – And to find out of
this is enough to get him on top of the sweet, sweet,
Applebee’s leader board, not sponsored by Applebee’s, let’s throw it to James who’s
waiting right there now. – Thanks Bart. It certainly is the question of the day. Is Nate’s time fast enough? Let’s find out. Eddie can I get the time. Thank you Eddie. Nate Contrerez, aka. Tabasko Sweet. You did your lap, your Hot Lap… – You’re Hot Lap was.
– Yeah. Your Hot Lap was one minute 15 point 95! It is a highest lap. A new record! Nate, how are you feeling? What are you gonna get at Applebee’s? – I just wanna… I’m feelin great right now. I’m just spendin this whole
$500 at the bar at Applebee’s. Happy hour everyday for me and my boys. The sky’s the limit. Never did I think I’d be racing
a car around a race track with record-setting time. I couldn’t do it without
my boy, Matt, here. Ciao, it’s Matt. Thank you so much. – And thank you Nate. And thank all of you at home, as well as our wonderful crew and the beautiful people
at Willow Springs. Tune in every week for more Hot Lap. Guys, thanks so much for
watching Donut Media. We make a video like every single day. To make sure that you
don’t miss any of those, click on this guy right here. He’s the subscribe button. What? Let us know who you wanna
see lay down a Hot Lap. And let them know by bothering them on Twitter until they do the show. Like me, I always watch
this episode up to speed. Watch this episode of Cheap Thrills. – Why are you pointing at me? – I love you.

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