Learn Car Control With Bruce Greene From Funhaus | HOT LAP

Learn Car Control With Bruce Greene From Funhaus | HOT LAP

– Bruce – Yeah – There’s $8,000 riding on this. – And his son. – Your time. – Wooh! – Welcome to Hot Lap,
where we tell your favorite YouTube stars, to get off of your screen – And into our car, where
they’re going to try to lay down their fastest lap time. – All in hopes to top
the Hot Lap Leader Board. You may know today’s guest from his work on Krock, Attack of the
Show, Inside Gaming, and currently, on Fun House. Where he plays video
games with his buddies for a living somehow. – That’s right, we’re
talking about Bruce Greene. You know, I wish I could work
with people I like, James. – I honestly don’t care
about your wishes, Bart. – I’m your host, – James Pumphrey, and I’m your host, – Bart Bidlingmeyer. And this is Hot Lap.
– And this is Hot Lap. (ding,ing) – So, Bruce, what was your
favorite video game as a kid? – I think it was probably Golden Eye, I don’t know if you remember. – Classic. No, I can’t forget Golden Eye, – Yeah, Golden Eye was really, really fun. – It was like the first
big multiplayer game that you could do, everybody get in. – Yeah, – No, it was great – Like scream at your friends,
one was always Odd Job, the shorter one, right? – And you always miss him, – No, I know, he was too short. – So, along that theme, what
do you think is the biggest change to happen to gaming
probably in the last decade? – I would say that it was
the fact that everything is going live, everybody is
streaming themselves playing video games. And that’s probably the
biggest change in video games. – So where do you see
gaming going from here, like, what is the next big step? – The next big step in games
is everybody’s going to be playing live, with their friends, as they watch, and every
going to be interacting. People can vote on what you do, and like, they can change the state of the game. For example, if we’re
playing Zelda on Twitch, and they vote that you get a new item, the game can give you the item. – So you’ve got a wide viewer base, what’s some of your advice
for the kids who watch you? – The best advice? Find something you’re passionate about, and then do that consistently. Look of it as a second job. Basically what you’re going to do is, you’re going to upload
videos every single day, of you playing a game, or
of you talking about makeup, or whatever else. – And if you’re passionate about it… – People will notice. – And there’s a place – Yeah, you’ll get an audience. How has this van not flipped yet? – Odi knows what he’s doing. – Thanks, Bruce. – Of course, anytime, anytime. – Can we do it again? (laughs) – What do you drive? – I drive a Dodge Demon, it
is a beast, it’s a beast. – What about you? What do you drive? – My wife and I just got a Ford Fusion. Buying that I had the moment of like, yeah, I guess I’m a responsible adult now. (beep) – Well Bart, after seeing
Bruce’s stone face composure in that van, I feel pretty
good about this gaming guru’s grip on gears. – But before we let him get
on the track on his own, we’re going to get him up to speed. – Ahhhhh – With the skill of the day.
– skill of the day. – It sounds counterintuitive, but if you’re new to track driving, it’s actually faster to
enter a corner more slowly. I know you want to charge
right into those turns, and get the best lap time, but going in too fast, will
only end in frustration. You’ll get understeer, or oversteer. And blow right past your apex. As you approach a corner,
break hard in a straight line, and get slowed down
before you start turning. Slowly ease off the break
pedal, and then turn the wheel. In the middle of the corner, when you have a lot of steering input, your foot should be hovering over, or just touching the gas pedal. Think of an imaginary
string between the bottom of the steering wheel and your right foot. The more you do with one the
less you do with the other. As you start to unwind the steering wheel, you can start giving it a little gas. And by the time the steering wheel is pointed straight
ahead, your foot should be on the floor. – To see the skill of the day in action, – Slow in, fast out, – I say let’s check in — – But instead of say — – Let’s check in with a
professional driver, Odi Bakchis – Thank you guys. Conch it. – The scariest part is
having Odi drive you, – We’re going to hit a rev limiter here. – There’s no speed limit,
there’s not reckless driving you have to worry about, and you could really push it to the limit. – Am I going to flip this car? – No, stay on the track
and you’ll be fine. – You could get as wild
as you can in the car, and really feel out the
limit of the car safely. – Full throttle, going as fast as you can, – The one thing that I’m
noticing about what I’m going to try and do, is ride the edge, but I’m worried I’m just
going to go off the track. How do I avoid that? – You’ll be fine. – I don’t know if I was
a good student or not, I gotta ask Odi, – I think Bruce’s biggest strength is that he feels comfortable behind the wheel, the way he shifts, he’s
just eager to go fast. – Let’s hit the track. Let’s go, come on. – It all comes down to this, Bart. The training, the preparation, it all means nothing if
he can’t perform now. – Odi was a little worried, James, that he was going to be going
into almost too confident. – Yeah, Bart, but from
here it seems like that confidence was warranted,
which is a good thing, because I bet $8,000 that Bruce would win, and I’m currently in a
very greasy custody battle. – We’re all pulling for you, James, but we’re tired of hearing about it. – Jessica, he’s not even yours. He works a donut, let
him come home to Daddy. (techno music) [James] $8,000. I know, I know there’s
$8,000 riding on this. – There’s $8,000 riding
on this, and his son. Mother (bleep). I gotta get his son back. – Now, to go to our MVMT
Watches Race Countdown, three, two, one, and he’s off! (engine revving) – Bad start. Come on, baby. – He’s fast around turn one. – Bad start, but not a bad turn. – Nice apex around turn two. Comes out to the outside. Use the whole track. – Looks very quick through turn three. – Come on, baby! – Slow into turn four. – But he’s coming out fast! – Oh no, no, no! – Slow into turn five. – But he’s coming out fast! That’s our skill of the day!
– That’s our skill of the day! – Let me tell you Bart, I
have a gut feeling about these kind of things, and it
looks like Bruce’s lap might be shaping up to
be one of the fastest we’ve ever had. – I need to pick it up right here. – Pushing hard through the skid pad, – around the last turn,
into the final straight! – Can he do it? – It going to be close
– Is this the one? – And across the finish line! Wow, I am gonna have a heart attack. – Oh man, I hope that was good enough. – It looked really good
from here in the studio, but to see if it was enough, to take home that beautiful gift card, let’s get down to the track, for our Tic Tac Post Lap Interview. – Bruce let’s get you out of this car, that was a great lap
from what I saw of it. Let me know how you’re feeling, do you think it’s hot
enough to be the Hot Lap? – I think that was the
fastest I went today, but I was really worried,
there was turn in there, that I just did not pull off. – Well here comes your
coach for the day, Odi. – Good job man. – Odi seems happy enough. Let’s head over to James
at the Hot Lap Leaderboard, and we’re going to see if
that was enough to get him the Applebee’s card. – Thanks, Bart. It certainly was a hot lap. But was it hot enough to climb the ranks of our Applebee’s Leaderboard,
and take home that beautiful, beautiful, Applebee’s giftcard? You can get a lot of ribs for $500. Bruce, a lot of your experience does come from the virtual world, being a gamer. The time to beat is 1:15.95. Your time Bruce, 1:15.78! (screaming & cheering) – We have a new Hot Lap champion! – You just did the hottest lap! – You get it all! You get to top the leaderboard! You get the $500 Applebee’s gift card! Get that Applebee’s gift card! – Time out! – Yeah! – Yes! – What an amazing day for Bruce, motorsports, and competition in general. This one was especially important to me, because I had $8,000 riding on it, and I’m trying to get my son back. Until next time, I’m James Pumphrey, – I’m Bart Vidlingmeyer – And this, is Hot Lap
– is Hot Lap – Thanks for watching Hot Lap, please subscribe so we get
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providing us with out Hot Lap car. If you liked this show,
watch the other episodes. Check out Bruce’s channel
in the link below, and also check out this episode where I go and play video games with Bruce. If you want to see
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