Laying down some rubber at Ykameet 2018

Laying down some rubber at Ykameet 2018

Welcome back to Sipa’s garage. It’s now time for the last car event of the summer. Or at least car event that we going to attend. Which is ykameet So it’s time to head to the Ylivieska Airstrip in this autumn weather and lay down some rubber at there. And talk with the other BMW enthusiasts. Petri’s car is there waiting. Petri has done some painting by applying some white paint to the fender flares. Almost looks like.. And that black stripe there. But it now has some 2002turbo look into it. Completely different looking than before. And there is now fresh Hankooks on the rears. Some unused new old stock tires. Bought just because of this event. So fresh Hankooks to be turned into smoke. And my car here is also ready and washed. First time after the Bimmerparty. Because I haven’t got need to get this washed. It has just been my daily. I have few old tires here that I can also turn into smoke. Just for fun. And equipment to change those. So ready to leave in one hour to see what’s in Ylivieska. And at the location, Petri went first to do some burnouts. Yeah. I needed to swap the tires and got have some fun after that. Well? The smoke doesn’t go away and you can’t see anything after that. Yeah I noticed that too. Fucking nice to have this bulge for exhaust here on my feet. Yeah that’s nice to have when sitting that side. Over 200km/h on the speedo and still no tracktion. Fuck that likes to spin those tires. Looks like Jusu wants to compete. And you have those really grippy tires on now. Fuck no traction even with fourth gear. The Fortuna tires don’t know what hit them. Like WTF is going on now. Fuck this is just mental. And that was our action at ykameet. I did also record the other people’s burnouts but the jouttola tv has much nicer video material than I do. So go watch that video on their channel. I even borrowed some material from there for my video. I have link in upper corner.

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  1. How much power is your mates car putting down. Can't say I've seen the Dynos..i know you tune on the fly like a Boss!!

  2. Morjesta pazi88! Millanen piuha mun pitäis ostaa ku haluisin vähän räpeltää tota mun e46 320i:tä. oon nyt tähänasti ymmärtäny että pitäis sellanen obd2 – ethernet piuha ostaa mutta onkos siinä muita juttuja mitä pitää ottaa huomioon, JOTTA pääsen käsiksi siihen. tiedostan ohjelman latauksen ja riskit 🙂 Ps aivan hiton hyvät äänet noissa teidän vekotimissa ja ei mitään turhia oo jos lyö 200kmh vauhdissa suttua 😀

  3. Completly off-topic question: Which non studded winter tires do you recommend for grip in snow? Finnish BMW drivers surely must know 🙂

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