Large Family Meals of the Week #3 | Friendsgiving, Homemade Waffles, Meal Planning

Large Family Meals of the Week #3 | Friendsgiving, Homemade Waffles, Meal Planning

– Good morning friends, happy Monday. It is breakfast time around here, so for breakfast this morning I’ve got these packs of, these
Greek yogurts smoothies at Sharp Shopper for only 99 cents. Some of them fell out of the little box whenever I was bringing ’em inside, anyway I was gonna give each of the kids two of these and some grapes. And then maybe some little turkey rolls for those who want it and I also need to cut those cantaloupes because they smell ripe. So that means they need
to fulfill their destiny. The three older kids are
still out of town with Travis but they’ll be back about lunchtime today. So this is for Gabriel and Liam and Amelia and then Daniel and these are, they’re
seven ounce smoothies. So yeah they’ll definitely all drink two and then I’ll show you their
little plates I make with this. This is Daniel’s plate plus he got his two strawberry smoothies. Here’s Miss Amelia’s plate, there you go. Woo! Got it? And then you got your two smoothies. It’s pumpkin pie time. I made a ton of pumpkin pies this weekend. You guys have probably
already seen that video or if not I’ll pop up a card for, how to bake a pumpkin and
make homemade pumpkin pie. When I’m recording this we’re still a week or
two out from Thanksgiving but we have our friendsgiving party with one of our homeschool groups tomorrow and so we’re gonna bring like
four or five pumpkin pies and then we’re having two
pumpkin pies for lunch today because we’re festive like that. So here’s two of ’em and look
what I found in this pie. Someone, little fingerprints
and then someone also took a little sampling
of the cinnamon crust. But Travis and the older kids
have been gone all weekend, they just got home this morning and so this is just my fun, like hey let’s have pie
for lunch family time. So this is how it’s going down for lunchtime at the Stewart’s. Now I was getting this chicken parm dumped in the pressure cooker for dinner and I thought oh man I gotta show it. So this is the chicken parm
I did several weeks ago when I did a whole bunch of low carb and Trim Healthy Mama and keto meals and so I’m doing two bags of it tonight. So, happy Tuesday. Still in my bathrobe, still cooking. We are going to, one of our
homeschool groups is having a Thanksgiving party today
called friendsgiving. We have three homemade pumpkin pies that are going to this party, then I just made a big thing
of banana pudding with yes, hello Aldi, inexpensive cheap
and quick pudding packs. And then we’re gonna take some cool whip and I have vanilla wafers we’ll put on top when we get there, I’ll show those to you. Oh and real quick, I’m
going to get two boxes of these ultimate cookie bars in the oven. So this is how our
contributions turned out to the friendsgiving party. I just put a ton of cool whip on top of this banana pudding
and the vanilla wafers. This is the cookie bar mix
from Aldi, that’s two boxes and this is a 10 X 16
deep dish glass pan there and then these are three of
our homemade pumpkin pies. Only three of the eight
pies I made made it. These two are the homemade,
like from the baked pumpkin and that is from the pumpkin in the can so you can see how the
color and the texture turns out different but
they taste fantastic. Okay so Daniel what have you been doing? What have you been feeding Benjamin? – Pie. – [Jamerrill] Pumpkin pie? – Uh huh, pumpkin pie.
– Pumpkin pie. Benjamin. Benjamin is having the time of his life. Yum. I say this is brothers helping brothers. Course he was done with me feeding him, now he’s letting Daniel feed him. Yum. So, happy Wednesday. We are starting today
off with hot chocolate. I’m gonna do–
(child screaming) Oh yeah Benjamin’s calling for it. I need to actually put some hot chocolate in a little sippy cup for
him, he will like that. Then we’re working on breakfast. The littles and half the
middle kids had some fried eggs and a few of ’em also had cottage cheese. These are black forest ham and then pepper jack
cheese omelet scrambles. And then on the top of them I put another piece of pepper
jack cheese that melted and so that’s mine and Travis’ and Jaden’s and Gabriel’s
and Naomi and Zian’s, they wanted the omelet scrambles, so yay. Had a lot of errands out. Took Zian out for new piano lessons, get settled with the piano teacher, all of that to say while we were out we went through Sheetz and I got a salad and I ate that while Zian was at his piano and then we’re supposed
to have snow tomorrow and so I went to Walmart to get some things that
we needed for that. Mainly hot chocolate
and marshmallow refills. A few little things I
wanted to have at the house. But then we had these
coupons for Dominoes Pizza that we got from Jaden’s graduation, where if we buy two we get two free and I thought, okay, tonight
is gonna be a pizza night and that’s what we’re
having here for dinner. I got myself hot wings
because I like that stuff. So here are my mama hot
wings and then over here– (child babbling) You’re having, you enjoying that pizza? Woo woo woo! It’s getting to ya. And then this is, oh, okay. Boy four pizzas goes quick,
we’ve got one left right? Good deal. So been doing, filming my
waffles today and snow cream so I’m gonna show you guys. We had these homemade
waffles for breakfast and I’ll pop up the video
now where you can watch how we made them and the snow cream. Both of those are in the same video because the snow cream was so quick, it was just like a little
addition to our day. So here’s what is left with the waffles. While we went outside
and played in the snow I have just let these
sit here and cool off. Now I’m going to bag
them up for the freezer and then here is what is
left of the yummy snow cream and also that recipe is in the
same video with the waffles, that just made sense. I’m gonna work on our Narnia
book, we’re reading book three, The Horse and His Boy. Still working on that. Hope to get through that this week. So today we had homemade
waffles for breakfast, we came in we had snow cream, they’ve had hot chocolate once, I’m getting ready to make
’em hot chocolate again. No protein. No protein yet on this day. So, on Monday I made some chicken Parmesan in the instant pot. I do have some of that left. It actually looks like a whole lot at this plate I’m staring at ’cause I’ve piled it all on the plate to heat it up in the microwave. So you can tell through
these weeks of watching what I fed my large family this week, this series that I’m doing, you can tell I’m like not
only the freezer meal queen, I’m the leftover queen. If there’s leftovers we’re
eating it in some way, we’re gonna get it done. Okay. So this chicken Parmesan
from Monday night, today is Wednesday and
several of you have asked me about how long leftovers are good for. So this chicken I did it Monday, today is Wednesday
afternoon, it’s still good. Today would be the last day I’d
probably try to serve it up. Sometimes I stretch it
on a little further. I go by smell a lot too
and things don’t go bad because we eat them beforehand. Here is the chicken Parmesan
that I have reheated for lunch and I’m gonna serve this up now. And of course some more hot chocolate because ’tis the season. Good morning friends, it is Friday morning
and I am going to take my little cooler here
to the outside garage and see what fruits,
veggies, eggs, et cetera I need to bring in to the house for today. So we got eggs going. Got four dozen eggs in there. This is a bag of apples
that needs to go first. I’ve got three bags of apples total. And then I brought in a load
of various discount yogurts from Sharp Shopper that we still have. Gonna put these in the house refrigerator and then you gotta check these out. Look, llama socks. Hello. Amelia’s helping mommy, you are unloading that yogurt aren’t ya? – Yup.
– Yes! Good job girlfriend. This is gonna be Naomi’s green apple and then the caramel
sauce, eggs are still going but we’re gonna have
these while we’re watching a Keith Green documentary this morning. Okay friends, this is the current state of our Saturday morning life right now. Benjamin is knocked out. There is mess all over the floor and our jackets from several
snow days and a boy with Legos. Hi boy with Legos. And a Dan the man. How are you doing? Oh you picking up? You don’t have to pick up right now honey. That’s very nice. You don’t, hey Daniel look at mama, I was just, (laughing) what’s on your face? – Chocolate milk. – Chocolate milk. We’ve been having a
relaxing Saturday morning. I’m gonna show everybody, let’s go show ’em what
we had for breakfast. What did mommy bring home for breakfast? (gasps) Where did all the donuts go? Shopping at Costco last
night and I met a friend. I got two dozen donuts for Saturday morning surprise breakfast. And these last few I cut in half and I got something I hadn’t
had around here lately. We got good ol’ chocolate milk mix. So this morning, we’re
all crashing I think, but the kids have had
donuts and chocolate milk. Yay. We have this balsamic rosemary roast. I’m going to get this in the instant pot, we’re going out for a walk now. We will have this and a
bunch of veggies for lunch. And I have, I’ll show ya
here in the refrigerator we got a big turkey, someone’s
collection of Diet Coke’s. Part of the perks of mama
having a food YouTube channel is we’re gonna have like
Thanksgiving all week and I’m gonna do a video here on how to do a turkey in the roaster oven and how to do homemade cranberry
sauce in the slow cooker. All that good stuff. Getting ready for walks right now to get a bunch of energy out. Bam. Yes. We’re still hand washing dishes. Travis ordered the part. Something, it’s something
up here, that’s going on. Here’s a part of it, I don’t know. Things are ordered, things are coming. I asked on Instagram for
dishwasher recommendations and I appreciate those. You can also go ahead
and leave me your best dishwasher recommendations
in the comments below. I of course figure that
if Travis could fix it for like a 10 or $30 fix,
let’s just let him do that. Now our very first house we did end up putting a dishwasher in like 20 years ago. And then our little apartment
that we had for awhile in between houses had a dishwasher and then our farmhouse
did not have a dishwasher, didn’t have room for a dishwasher and then this new to us
house has a dishwasher, yay. And we totally used and
abused the dishwasher that came with it for
about a year and a half, then just last year we had to put in, we wore that one out,
we had to replace it. And the way that I’ve always
done replacing appliances is I’ve always, I know this
is not the best way to do it. I agree with buying quality and then you have to buy
and replace less often. However when it comes
to things like washers I’ve always just bought the
cheapest washer that Lowe’s has, we run it like mad and it
seems like every, I don’t know, four to five years I just need
to buy another $300 washer. So with that same mindset I
bought the cheapest dishwasher but I’m seeing by all
these recommendations that I may want maybe a Bosch
dishwasher or a Samsung. Definitely I’ve learned from you guys that I’m gonna want something with a stainless steel
interior and this one’s plastic but again, for the 10 to $30 attempt fix we’re gonna try to fix it one time. If that’ll get us another six
months to a year out of it, or I don’t care, another
couple months, that’s fine. We got lots of other stuff going on and I just don’t want
to dishwasher shop today if I don’t have to. So we are back from our outside time. We got the steak roast in
there and under this layer here I’ve been chopping it
and serving it for lunch. So this is Amelia’s plate. She has her favorite
tomatoes, carrot sticks, we have hummus and then Greek yogurt dip. We have the steak roast
and then under here she’s got blackberries, raspberries and ta da, a little cool whip on top. So this is everyone’s just
picking what they want on their little Saturday
afternoon party plates. Daniel. What have you put together here buddy? (laughs) You’ve got one of
Benjamin’s paci’s dangling. Did you like your lunch? Did you eat all of it? Most of it? You ate all your steak and then you asked for
a little more didn’t ya? But you didn’t finish that. You gotta finish that, oh look at that! It flips around. Woot woo. So this is an example on
how quick we can take out. This is a bag of carrots,
this is a five pound bag. Brand new, just opened. One lunch, half a bag down. And that’s how much
hummus we went through. And we went through, we got half of this one
pack of raspberries done and this is our second
pack of blackberries. And we only really have
two to three tomato eaters so didn’t make a dent in that yet. And we ate all the steak roast, so I put some chicken in the
instant pot for dinner tonight. Okay. Couple hours later. Now it is dinnertime. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Whoa! Yummy. What do you think Benjamin? And then this is Gabriel’s. He got chicken, dip, carrots, the hummus and the Greek yogurt dip, applesauce and then there’s your milk. Good morning friends,
it is Sunday morning. And actually Travis has
everyone in the van. Okay I’m gonna leave that there. And I told him get all the kids in the van ’cause I’m gonna show what
I’m cooking up real quick. So that’s why the house is quiet. So what’s happening today, a perk of mom doing YouTube, there ya go that’s better light. Is we’re getting multiple
Thanksgivings this week. Number one, on Thanksgiving day we are all serving a Thanksgiving
meal to those in need or those who don’t have a
place to go for Thanksgiving and all that with a local group. So we will be having our
big family Thanksgiving the day after Thanksgiving. And then today we’re having a smaller version of Thanksgiving because for you guys I’m going
to film a video this evening of several turkey freezer meals that you can make with
your leftover turkey. So because of that my family is getting a mini Thanksgiving this
afternoon after church and then I’ll be making those turkey freezer meals this evening so be looking for that video. It’s probably gonna publish this week, Friday, the day after Thanksgiving ’cause I know you’ll have a
bunch of turkey hanging out and you’ll want some creative
things to do with that. So we’re gonna do a Thanksgiving casserole and a turkey noodle soup
and some yummy things but anyway, I won’t share all that now, you’ll be on the lookout for that. Let me show you what I
have going on right now. Okay so I have my almost 18 pound turkey in the roaster oven. I’ve got 15 pounds of potatoes
in this huge stock pot and actually those potatoes
are done, the pot is very hot, the heat is off, those
are just gonna sit there. And then I’m going to get these
cranberries in a slow cooker to do some slow cooker cranberry sauce and so I just wanted to show you that. I wanted to do a whole video on some Thanksgiving sides and stuff. Didn’t get to it, maybe next year. But this is how the
homemade cranberry sauce goes real quick. In case you want to do that this week. So how this worked out is it was the whole bag of cranberries, I put in a little vanilla,
a little cinnamon, a little ground ginger. It’s half a cup of orange juice. It’s a whole cup of sugar. Half a cup of brown sugar. Then I’m going to put
it in the slow cooker on high for about three hours then I’ll give it a good stir after that and we’ll check in on it. Breakfast wise this morning the kids all had yogurt and cheese sticks. Yogurt from Sharp Shopper. I’m gonna take a couple
cheese sticks with me. We wanted to make eggs
in a hole this morning, that’s what we said last
night we were doing. I just, we didn’t have time. Although we’re doing well on time, we’re not gonna be late or anything there’s just no time to
stand and cook this morning. So that’s it I’ll check in at lunchtime. Well it’s not lunchtime
now, it’s dinnertime. What time are you? Oh yes, 5:20, it’s 5:20. So whenever we picked
the kids up after church they did a neat thing in
children’s church today where they had all the kids
pack a lunch for their family. I just thought it was a sweet idea. So when I picked everyone up, Amelia had made a sandwich for Zian, and they made 10 sandwiches,
it was really sweet. And they had a bag of chips and everything was just wrapped in foil and in little baggies and
we had two bags of lunch to eat after church. All the kids did that for their families. Again just a really unique idea. So Travis decided to run some errands, he had to go to the tractor store and get two new tires for his
scoop, backhoe, digger thing and of course I had to go into Walmart, happens often around here. So since we had lunch on the run, once we finally got home I’ve
just been slowly poking around on finishing up some things here. I’ll show you this cranberry sauce and the other things I have going. Liam reminded me this is actually our second Thanksgiving dinner already, because we had friendsgiving with one of our homeschool
groups the other day. This is a gentle gift to myself because part of me would stay up late making these turkey freezer meals but the other part of me is gonna say, you know what Jamerrill, you’re gonna have all
those leftovers tomorrow. You can still film the
turkey freezer meals and get it out the day after Thanksgiving. No big deal. I won’t tell if you won’t. But here’s what we cooked up
so far for dinner tonight. So in here I’ve got some stuffing and then back here I have some corn. Here’s the big old bowl, this is 15 pounds of mashed
potatoes that Liam made, right? You mixed ’em all up with
some butter and some Parmesan, and salt and pepper and some garlic powder and I think we put some
parsley in there and butter, we did not put cream cheese in these, but they’ll be really good. This is the cranberry sauce. And so, it’s lovely, it tastes wonderful, worked perfect in the slow cooker. When we got home after it cooled a bit I put it in this container
and I’ve been letting it chill in the refrigerator for dinner. So here is how our dinner is looking. You can see where I’ve
pulled the foil back. Got our gravy and our
corn and some stuffing and again here is the cranberry sauce now that it has chilled. And we got an apple pie
and two pumpkin pies. For added fun, you know how it seems like if one thing breaks you
gotta couple things break? We went to turn on the light and the fan in our dining room the other day, it’s just not working, it’s
like the thing is dead. So Travis got the part in the mail, we found out for the dishwasher, he’s gonna fix that and
then he’ll be moving on to the dining room light and fan. So that’s why were kind of
doing this buffet style, this Thanksgiving dinner number two. And we’ll have a lighted
dining room real soon.

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  1. We have a Bosch dishwasher. Stainless interior. Its amazing. Cleans great and the baskets for the utensils is heavy duty. Our last one was a whirlpool and the utensil basket broke after 3 weeks of use….
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  7. My aunty days that if a machine costs her £365 and lasts a year, then that's a pound a day for the work it does. Which is a bargain! So any extra time is a bonus xx

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