Kyle Hill Battles the Laws of Physics at THE RACE TRACK | HOT LAP

Kyle Hill Battles the Laws of Physics at THE RACE TRACK | HOT LAP

– Come on! – Let it rip. – And he’s off! – Whoa! (tires screeching) – Yeah! Welcome to Hot Lap, the show where two of your favorite hosts take one of your favorite YouTube stars. We talk to ’em, we teach ’em how to drive. – And then we set ’em
loose on the track alone. – Where they compete for the fastest lap in our beautiful 2018 Mazda Miata RF. – And, the chance to win
what many are calling the most coveted prize in motor sport, a $500 Applebee’s gift card. – Appetizers all night, baby! – Our guest today is cohost of
Nerdist’s Muskwatch podcast. Is it a podcast? And host of Because Science, Kyle Hill. – This is pop culture’s
version of super speed. Oh!
(tires screech) It goes against every instinct in my body. Tensing up. – And this, – [Bart] is Hot Laps.
– [James] is Hot Lap. – Hot Lap. – You’ve been working on
this show for 25 years. (electronic action music) (bell dings) – So Kyle. – Yes, whoa, okay. – When was it you first knew
you wanted to do science? – I’ve always been a very geeky kid and my parents have been
very supportive of that. – Was there a moment
that you could remember, you were like, you know what, I wanna do this. – Near the end of my college education, I was doing engineering at the time. At the end of that, I decided that I actually like talking about and trying to explain science, whoa, more than actually doing
the science myself. – Who do you think is perhaps the least scientifically
plausible superhero? – Whoa! I got a problem with the Hulk. When you get that big, your volume increases but your mass would theoretically stay the same. At some size, the Hulk would be the
density of a beach ball, just bounce off stuff. – I now have a problem with the Hulk. But do you think, kids today, are getting enough science education? – In the current landscape of things, I think we’re lacking the same kind of science programming that we had when we were kids. I think that kids and teachers are going more and more to the digital space, more and more to YouTube to
get the science education that they think the kids want. That was unlike any
interview I’ve ever done. Thank you.
– Alright. We’ve got you the best free driving lesson that money can buy from our very own professional driver, – I don’t know if that makes sense, but it sounds awesome. (playful keyboard music) – Wow, you know Bart, it really is inspiring
to watch two science men speak in their native tongue. I think I speak for the
rest of the entire world when I say, I didn’t understand a single word you guys were saying. (laughs) – That’s right, James. As a fellow science man myself, we’re both interested in
teaching and learning. – Ooh! – So that brings us to, – [Cohosts] our skill of the day. (lively techno music) (bell dings) – [James] Your car’s
traction comes entirely from the four tiny contact patches between the tires and the road. Under braking, weight shifts forward and all your traction
is on the front tires. Accelerating puts it all on the back tires and turning moves it to
one side or the other. The car is most stable when its weight is evenly distributed over all four tires. The more smoothly the car transitions between braking, turning,
and accelerating, the more balanced it’ll be. And the faster you’ll go. When you’re starting out, that means you probably
have to make your inputs as smooth as possible. Don’t jab the brakes or jerk the wheel! And you won’t upset the car. If you’ve watched in-car
videos of racing legends like Ayrton Senna and Sebastian Loeb and James Pumphrey, you’ve seen them making
lots of sharp inputs. At their insanely
advanced levels of speed, they’re making fast, tiny corrections almost constantly to keep the car right at the limit of grip and balance. So be smooth. – Smooth indeed, James, smooth indeed. – Thanks, Bart. To put this skill into practice, let’s go down to the
track for our pro driver, Odi Bakchis. – I think it’s Bokcheese, – Bokchese? – Bok– – And just floor this thing. – I have zero experience racing. I feel like I’m a pretty fast learner, pun intended. – He’s a scientist pretty much so he thinks everything through. – I don’t know if I’m actually doing physics while I’m out there, but I’m thinking about it. – The whole objective is go smooth. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause smooth is fast. – It feels really, really unnatural to hard-break into a turn, and then to accelerate
like mad out of a turn. Every cell in your body is saying, wow, don’t do that. That’s dangerous. – [Odi] Yup.
– Whoa, wow, I– – Yup, see, go outside. – Wow, it turns real sharp.
– Yeah. He definitely remembers to keep it smooth. We’d like to work on that
fast part a little more. He needs to just go out there and just let that car rip. – I’m nervous. I’m taking this pretty seriously. I would like to do well. – Wow, training is tough. Do you remember when I
trained for that marathon all weekend? – I don’t, James.
(dramatic music) – Ope, I just got word
from the starting line. It looks like Kyle is ready to go. (electronic techno music) (bell dings) – [Cohosts] This is Hot Lap. (intense techno music) – Just gotta remember what Odi told me. Hopefully the science gods are on my side. In all honesty, though,
I am pretty nervous. Keep it together. – What if we do this in
front of a green screen? At the office? – Not only do I need to
be the fastest today, I need that Applebee’s gift card. – Let’s go to our starting line countdown, sponsored by Movement Watches. Three, two, one!
(horn blares) And he’s off! I tell ya Bart, we’ve done over 1,000 of these and every time it feels like the first. One, because of the excitement and two, because we make so many mistakes. – [Bart] He’s heading on
down the middle of the track. – [James] That’s exactly
where you wanna be. (car engine rumbling) (soft action music) – Oo, his line is getting a little wide but he’s picking up speed. – [James] Now Bart,
correct me if I’m wrong, is speed the thing that happens when you put your right
foot down on the gas? – [Bart] It’s all very technical, but all we need to know
is he’s getting after it. – And, he’s keeping good
pace through turn three. – Come on! Don’t fail me now, science gods. (car engine revs) Big turn, wide! Go, keep it serpentine. Wide, wide, wide. Goes against every instinct in my body. Go wide fast! – The Mazda Miata is
really handling this track. – Keep going. – [James] Kyle is eating this track like the two of us splitting a big ol’ plate of Neighborhood Nachos – [Cohosts] at Applebee’s. – We’ve been apex to apex. – [Bart] Agh!
– [James] Cut! Agh! Cut through the skid pad,
– [Bart] Coming around the– – [James] right now! – [Bart] Across the line!
– [James] Agh! – [Bart] He’s coming down the stretch! – Control, we’re gonna go. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Come on! Do it!
– And down the final straight and across the finish line. (car engine decelerates) – It feels like that was
one of the most stressful things I’ve done in a long time. – You know, if these laps
keep being this exciting, I don’t know how much
longer I can do this show. But let’s see how Kyle and Odi feel down at the finish line. In our Tic Tac post lap’s interview. (car zooming) – I don’t think that was
the best stop possible. Ugh. – Kyle, great job, how are you feeling? – Oh my gosh. – Here comes Odi, your coach. He looks happy. – Thanks for training, man.
– Good job, good job. – You did your hot lap.
– Yeah. – You’re feeling confident.
– Uh. – You think it’s enough to get you to the top of the leaderboard and get that $500 Applebee gift card? – Oh man, I don’t know how well I did. I did accidentally shift into fourth gear. – We’ll see if it hurt you.
– We’ll see. – We’re gonna throw it to James Pumphrey who’s waiting for us at
the Hot Lab leaderboard. James! – [Kyle] Come on. – Thanks Bart. What an amazing display. A true hero’s journey. But was it enough? To top our Hot Lap leaderboard and take home that beautiful, beautiful Applebee’s gift card? – Come on. – Kyle? – Yes.
– The time to beat is 1:15:95. – Science gods, don’t fail me now! – Your Hot Lap was one minute, 21:03,
– Blast! – I’m sorry.
– Blast! – It’s not a new record. – I’m nervous, I’m taking this pretty seriously. I would like to do well. (sad, dramatic music) Feel good, I feel good about it. – Well, you came a great showing. Uh, James? – Came a great showing indeed.
– You heard it here. (Kyle laughs) – And that’s what life is all about. Setting goals and achieving them. – Man that other guy was fast. (quick techno music) – Thanks for watching Hot Lap. Please subscribe so we get
to make more cool shows. Also, thanks to Mazda for providing us with our Hot Lap car. If you liked this show, watch the other episodes. – Check out Kyle’s
channel in the link below. – You wanna see Kyle do more car stuff? He made a video while he was here, another one. You want to watch that? Check it out right here. You wanna see someone else on Hot Laps? Tweet at them until they conform. Also, tweet at Applebee’s
’til they sponsor us. (slow old-school rock music)

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    Edit: Can Kyle answer how the headset moved sides at 2:38 through science?

  2. MX-5 RF yes! great car choice.. I just came over from the because science episode with kyle hill and im already won over by your EXCELLENT choice of vehicle

  3. Sean Evans from Hot Ones needs to do a crossover event with Hot Lap. BOOOM, the internet would cease to exist that day.

  4. found this channel because im seeing "Because Science" channel
    seeing this all remembering me about TOP GEAR series same format but with different method
    and im love it you got a new one subscriber in here

  5. Finally a youtuber i know and one of my favorite youtubers
    Looks like Bruce from funhaus is next, favorite youtuber but not favorite channel
    I want Michael (Vsauce), Matpat (Game/Film theory), Rayan (Nigahiga) and Doug though it may not be fair because he has experience unlike the others

  6. If I make the same comment on every one of the episodes in the series… would you guys take my idea of sending one lucky fan up to do a hot lap? =)

  7. "It feels really really un natural to brake hard as you enter a turn and accelerate hard as you leave the turn"

    Bro thats just how i drive.. feels natural to me hahh

  8. "…let's see how Kyle & Odi feel down at the finish line. In our Tic Tac post lap's interview."

    Bart then runs after them….

  9. very cool animation, one thing I'll mention is most normal drivers will not be driving that fast to "upset" the car by doing any input shenanigans with the brakes or the steering. I understand Kyle and if you ask him to drive smooth he will drive smooth, the proper instruction for him would have been to floor it until the tires lose grip, if it doesn't slip it isn't fast enough or aggressive enough. I also wouldn't worry about "driving line" for any normal driver, that is for later when they're flying down the track, that's when you can mention racing line and yeah the smooth instruction will make sense then. Better instructions for beginners would be to have them drive slowly around the track but pay attention to the weight transitions on very corner, it's more about feel and you have to teach the feel then have them try it faster. I followed the link from Because Science.

  10. Kyle will prob make a video about how he was slow using science and ruin racing forever, again. Just like he did with the drifting video.

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