Kobalt 12-Volt Car Air Inflator (Free Air)

Kobalt 12-Volt Car Air Inflator (Free Air)

of course nothing’s ever for free well
with this Lowe’s car inflator it’ll save you a lot of time and money so let’s go
check it out hello and welcome to hindsight 101 wherel
you’ll learning about things that will help you in everyday life now here I’m
going to talk to you about the Lowe’s kobalt car inflator this thing has been
great it saved me time and money a little back story I would always go to
the gas station for the free air fill ups and they work just great
but recently they’ve been charging for it and I’ve had to have credit cards
quarters whatever and it’s just been a big hassle so I was like there’s got to
be an easier way and I found it the beauty of this thing is if you’ve seen
like some of the newer ones where that you just set your psi and it’ll do it
for you this one does the same thing that’s why I like it
plus you can plug it into the wall or you can plug it into your cigarette
lighter so this works beautifully so enough about its perks let me show you
how it works real quick we’re going to go over some of the features this won’t
be an in-depth review it’ll just give you an overview of some of the features
you have a display screen that displays the actual tire pressure so it’ll read
the tire pressure from your tire once you hook it up and then you can go plus
or minus how much tire pressure that you need and then this is when you activate
it or you can pause it while you’re filling up the tire good thing about it
like I said is you can either plug it into your home or you can actually plug
it into your car whichever one you choose then also right here it has
little tire valves extra ones but you can also has a little tire valve holder
so you can place the ones that you’re using in there so you don’t lose them
nice feature also on the back I’m not gonna really open it up but it gives you
the option of inflating a football or basketball or anything like that but I
really didn’t like it for using it those for those I could just eyeball how big
it humming how much air they need but with my car since it’s so important that
you have the correct tire pressure that I’d rather have this to rely on than
just me eyeballing it or guessing those are all really the features on
this thing that you need to know about so let’s go hook it up first what you
want to do is take the power cord out just wraps around like so and then on
the other side you want to take out the air hose attachment gloves won’t work
too well all right and you take that out like so I know what you want to do is
take off the cap to your tire valve nope I said like I said you can take this and put it right in here as a little holder just take my extension cord plug it in
you see that it has power so now what you want to do what you’re gonna do is
it’s not what you want to do is take the valve take it off kind of be gentle with
this I mean it’s pretty sturdy but if you keep hand manhandling this
connection you’re going to wear down very quickly so make sure you kind of
hold it at the top and don’t manhandle that connection so you just want to push
it on there and then put it down so as you can see
it’s reading 34 psi for my Ford it recommends 35 psi so I’m gonna have to
bump this up one so what you want to do is just press it up and it’s one you
have to wait till it finishes flashing because I mean not reading the
instructions I kept pressing and it’s not working once it finishes flashing
which it has then you can press GO and as you can see once it reaches the
correct PSI it stops on its own fully automated love it so I just turn it off
and then I’m gonna take the valve out you see a little air goes out and then
from here we’re going to test the tire pressure it reads 36 it’s usually plus or minus
about one to one and a half which isn’t a bad thing because when you’re checking
it a little air is gonna come out anyways but then also over time a tire
will lose a little tire pressure that plus one isn’t very bad I have no
complaints with it it’s very accurate very easy definitely would recommend it
so I hope you like it too I put links below and then also if you want to know
the tire gauge that I’m using it’s called the Accu tire highly rated on
Amazon I like digital screens so this one works well so you can pick this up
just check out the links below take care hope you enjoyed it

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  1. I bought one three months ago for the same reasons you described. Two gas stations, free air, went to a pay system to put air in car tires. I have the newer model, I can see from your video the design differences between the two. The newer version has the LCD display showing actual tire pressure along with what you have the compressor set to. Your model didn't seem to make much noise when in use, mine has some noise when in use, but not loud or obnoxious. Also, the cord storage is different. Does yours come with the needles used for filling basketballs, footballs, pool toys etc?? The newer one does.

  2. They are junk I have 1 stops working in middle of airing tire then have to wait 10 mins before u can start again

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