Know Your Mods Ep5 : Tires – Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

Know Your Mods Ep5 : Tires – Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

Hey everyone welcome back to ModBargains and
ModAuto for another episode of Know Your Mods. I’m your host Mike Brown, Co-Founder and CEO.
Today I’m here to talk to you about the new evolved Continental tire. This is the Continental
ExtremeContact DWS 06. Featuring extended tread life and stronger side walls, we’re
going to talk about all the benefits of this amazing tire today. So what is an Ultra-High Performance All-Season
Tire? This is a tire that is designed to work all seasons of the year hence the name. Essentially
this is a High-Performance summer tire with the addition of the ability to handle mud
and snow and slush. So its got some unique characteristics to it that we’re going to
talk about that basically allow it to handle light snow, medium snow, and even a little bit of that slushy-slippery type of environment. Because it has to last all season it needs
to also have long tread life. So if your in a non staggered setup that can rotate the tires all the way around, these can last up to 50,000 Miles. If your in a setup
where you need to run staggered and you can’t do a full rotation; expect around 25,000 Miles of tread life which is really-really good. And of course this is all pending that your
car is properly aligned, so your getting equal tread wear throughout the tire and your not running camber and wearing out your inner sidewalls or anything like that. You know
I did mention alignment, one of the really cool things about this tire is that it actually has markers
on the tire that can indicate if your car is out of alignment. Thats something you don’t hear very often coming from a tire normally you need to get your car on the alignment
rack to actually detect that. Or give it a really-really-good visual inspection and often times the visual indicators of improper alignment come far to late for you really to do anything
to save the life of that tire. Its often to late you’ve warn out the inner side wall and
you need to get new tires because its completely shot and the cords are showing. So on this tire, Continental actually debuted their SportPlus+ Technology. This is a new tread feature suite really. It has a bunch
of new features that were going to walk through. And its really setting this tire apart from
all the other tires in the Ultra-High Performance Category. This tire is extremely impressive, its something that I’d run on my own personal car especially if I was in the conditions
where I needed to be running through the treacherous snow conditions or anything like that. This tire, the D the W and the S, have a lot of meaning behind it. The D stands for Dry, the
W stands for Wet, and the S stands for snow. Now the’ve taken that and they’ve actually
designed it onto the tread pattern where literally I’m looking at this tire and I can see the
D the W and the S on separate tread blocks. Those have different depths that actually
will wear at different rates to tell you with a visual inspection of the tire if you are
still safe for all 3 of those conditions. The Snow is going to wear down first, the
Wet is going to wear down second, and the Dry is going to be the last thing to go on
this tire. So if you’ve run it through multiple seasons, over that 25,000 to 50,000 Mile tread
life, you can actually look at your tire as your entering the next snow season. Make sure that S is still there on the tire, and that means your good to go & you probably want to do regular inspections through out the season to make sure you got that proper traction for when the next snow storm hits. Alright so lets break it down letter by letter.
The D, Dry. What are the main features there? This tire has Chamfered edges on each of the
traction blocks. Whats a chamfered edge? I actual kinda had to look that up myself. Chamfered
edge is basically like imagine a granite counter top. Some counter tops are come across straight
and go straight down. That would be like non-chamfered. Chamfered would be where it kinda is rounded
on the edge or at least has some sort of an angle to it. Why is that a benefit on a tire
especially for dry traction? That means as the car goes through a corner and rolls; if
you think about it your going to have more surface area exposed to the road if it has
some sort of a chamfered edge to it. Your gonna need that chamfered edge on the dry
traction to have the best tread life. It also has a 35% stronger side wall then the previous
generation. Which helps as the car rolls this side wall is going to have a bit more consistency
to it and also its a protection against blow-outs from any sort of road hazard that comes into
contact. When you got that stronger side-wall your gonna have a little more protection and
reduce the probability of having any sort of problem on the road. Alright onto the W, so what is the Wet traction
features of the Continental DWS 06 Ultra-High Performance All-Season tire? On this tire
we have whats called “X-Sipes” Technology. That is a criss-cross groove technology thats
designed to cut through rain, puddles, standing water; what ever wet conditions you can throw
at this tire its going to handle it its going to put down the traction to the ground and
keep you safe as compared to your Ultra-High Performance summer tires. Thats why this tire
here has the tire tread to basically put the traction of your car down to the ground even in wet conditions. Alright onto the S of the DWS. So this is
for snow…slush…but mainly for snow conditions. The Continental DWS06 has a 3D Traction Groove
Technology on it. Now what is that? Its basically right here in the deepest channel of the tire
its got these little… notches is the best way that I can describe how they feel. Which
is specifically designed to take on snow and basically not loose traction as the tire is
rotating through it it kicks its out of the way and allows you to continue to have rubber
to pavement and thats how you maintain control of the vehicle. Now I live in Southern California, ModBargains
and ModAuto we’re right here in Orange County California. So why would a run this tire on
any of my cars. So lets say that occasionally I went up to the mountains. You know in the
past I’ve had like Season Passes to Mountain High and go snowboarding. And there were days
where I wouldn’t go because it was expected to snow and the tires that were on my BMW
at the time… I knew I couldn’t necessarily be safe in those and I didn’t have to have
chains and go through all that hassle. So this tire if I had it on the car I could confidently
go up there and get up and down the mountain with no problems. So don’t be concerned about
this or think that your getting a tire thats not useful for your car if you live in conditions
like Southern California. And obviously if your in the North East or the Mid-West where
you getting snow on a regular basis; your very familiar with this type of tire and we
are you know a national company we do ship wheel and tire packages around the country. Which
is why we keep the Continental DWS06 in-stock in our warehouse is to fill a lot of those
national orders, but we do get orders for this tires even from our local clientele;
especially if they have Big Bear or Wrightwood type of locations… they will specifically
ask for a tire in this category. Many of you out there might have run-flat
tires on your car from the factory. So why would you switch to a tire that is not a run-flat?
This tire does not come as a Run-Flat Technology. The only that that a Run-Flat tires are better
at then standard tire like this Continental is basically running flat. So how often have
you had a flat tire in your life? You might weigh the pros and cons of that. I’ve personally
have not had that many flat tires and when I did I was able to get to safety and either
put a spare on it or I didn’t have a spare on that particular car I was able to get AAA
to come pick me, or road side assistance or any of those various means. So if you want
to have better traction, better tread life, lower road noise, better road feel and over
all cornering ability… That’s where a tire like the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06
All-Season tire…(thats a mouth full) thats where that tire comes into play as better
then the stock run-flats that might be on your car right now. Alright so we covered all of the benefits
of the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Ultra-High Performance All Season Tire. Keep in mind
that the D, the W and the S represent Dry, Wet and Snow. So if thats what you need from
a tire… give us a call here at ModBargains. We can add the DWS06 to any of the wheel packages
that we have here in our warehouse in-stock at our location. If your local to us we can
actually install these on your car for you as well. So we’re here to help, we’re car
enthusiasts just like you, we run these on our own personal cars, we stock them in our
warehouse. So if your looking for a trusted source for you to buy Continentals from…
we’d be happy to help you out. Dont forget to subscribe to your YouTube channel
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  1. Have these on my Z. Never will drive the car in the snow and it rarely sees any rain let alone when the ground is even wet, but I got a good deal on them and 2 of the wheels I bought had these on them already so I got a set for the rear and I've been happy with them so far. Haven't been able to break traction under any hard acceleration and it really gave me a much smoother ride.

  2. Please note that there is absolutely no substitute for winter tires. This is a three season tire. Real winter requires winter tires.

  3. I got these tires, very good. However, if you drive on a road with rain groves, they will track a lot. So much that you actually have to adjust your steering. Other than that I recommend this tire, I will buy again for my other car when needed. Thanks.

  4. So.. how do you check your alignment with the feature it came with?
    I think he didn't explain how to use it..

    Does anyone know?

  5. So far so good. I really don't like to pay so much for tires, but because I hit a sunken storm drain and blew out the driver's side front tire on my 2014 Nissan Juke Nismo RS and used Sears credit card for replacement, it was the best choice for my car. I have noticed improvement over the "cheap" tires that I have been buying from Amazon. The Nismo came with Continental summer performance tires which didn't last long, but I live in Pittsburgh PA and knew that I needed winter or all-season tires. I am looking forward to seeing how long these last. Thanks for a great review.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to actually inform consumers in a thorough yet concise manner. Presentations like this really matter to me and will definitely influence future purchases. I know that pricing usually drives our purchase decisions but I think it's time to reconsider other factors which also create value. Keep it up Mod Bargains, you just earned a new customer!

  7. I have these tires on my S4. They don't perform as well as the summer tires in the summer, DUH! I'm still waiting to hit my first snow storm. 🙂

  8. Have these on my mustang. got through last winter no problem at all. I had the dws model previously on my e46 m3 and went through 3 winters with them without any issues at all. Thse dws-06 however.. have HORRIBLE tread life. If you check out tirerack there are countless reviews of people experiencing the same so I would suggest caution. I did have an alignment done, and did install adjustable toe and camber arms just for the specific reason that I could dial in the alignment. Its my dd and ive not done a single burnout on them but after 12k miles (12 months)  they are worn evenly but are very low and past the wear bars. I just ordered old stock DWS to replace the rears and Continental is working with me on the replacements.    Besides that.. they are fantastic. enough to get through the bad days and it drives like summers when roads are cleared even in -15c weather

  9. great review. just swapped out my run flats for these on my X5 50i msport and its like driving a completely different car. Highly recommended.

  10. i have run these for a year in seattle in dws conditions. theyre a mediocre tire on my audi b5 s4. i will be moving towards a summer, winter set up. #michellins

  11. i just commute everywhere. i dont race or anything but once in a blue moon ill go on my car. how will these look ?

  12. Picking these up for my GTI. I'm up in Vancouver where we see a fuck ton of rain. I have dedicated steelies and snow tires so these should last a while just using them in spring summer 👍

  13. Thorough tire review, amazingly in depth.
    Thank you, these tires are going on my car in 2 days.
    Great job Mike.

  14. Got mine new, balanced, and mounted for 130 out the door on 2.
    (They only had two but I'll be getting a set to replace the rear continental contact)

  15. I have these tires on our 2014 volvo S80 and they have about 25k miles on them and I hate them, the inside and outside of the tires are almost cupping, the tires are balanced and the alignment is checked at every rotation , the tires are making a lot of noise, the dealer Kauffman tire said Continental won't do anything about it, next time I'll go with Michelin or Hankooks.

  16. Just got these and did a video review on my channel. I switched from Continental SSR RFTs that came on my 2011 335i xDrive BMW and the DWS06 lends to a lot more body roll when speeding thru the twistes!
    Also when you mount these on stock rims they look bloated and not sleek at all compared to KUMHO Platinums or Mich Pilots!

  17. 23k and im about 4/32 tread left mostly highway on a 06 Merc E350 equal treadwear, planning on replacing with something else

  18. Great video, no bull sh!t right to the point, I have my second set of DWS, DWS 06 Will be my 3rd set, with this tires it’s really fun to drive my WRX ON SNOW WET or Dry

  19. These tires are great All-Seasons and perform much better than your average all-season. I found they even performed better than some summer only tires in dry conditions. Didn't expect them to hold up well in snow but I have pretty fast starts/stops with snow on the ground. Can't comment on deep snow as I haven't experienced that yet.

  20. Excellent video review my friend. WOW! I just put these on my Infiniti RedSport 400 and love them. The Runflats on the car from the factory are the WORST Tire I've ever driven on. Anyone looking to greatly improve the RS400, put these tires on the car. It''s not just a night/day difference, it's a difference that is planetary. Completely different car now.

  21. I chose to keep running summers on my OEM wheels and got a dedicated set of winter wheels and tires for the cold months.
    AS tires still don’t have the max performance of a top rated summer tire, nor the cold weather grip on ice and snow as a dedicated winter tire.

    It should also be noted that the “S” engraved into the tread only lasts about 10-15K miles, and once it’s gone, there’s zero winter capability left in the tires, and they’re now just mediocre grade summer tires.
    Since I drive 24K miles/yr, that would be a waste for me.

  22. These are great tires with one big drawback. The sidewalls are way too soft. I get bad tire roll regardless of tire pressure. It's really dangerous TBH. I just moved to an area that is no longer flat and I have done some canyon runs where I have experienced it. I thought the front driver side was flat, it was that bad. They stick really, really well, but I'm concerned with the tire roll.

  23. Excellent tire live in northeast and they griped well in 5 inches of snow…before i used to have to dig my self out when parked or keep going back and forth using momentum but with these i rolled right over the snow on single attempts

  24. I live in southern NY it does snow here and its nothing like what people think but these tires do work well I got a mustang i should know. Works well in the rain too. But when its summer in ny the tires will wear out quicker it gets hot here we got 4 seasons..

  25. Just got a Audi allwheel drive with these on new I was wondering if they where just a summer tire, now I won't need snowys.

  26. I DID have run flats on a recently purchased 14 CADILLAC CTS 2.0l. 45 K mile ONE REASON TO PULL OFF RUN FLAT is the rock hard ride that they provide. I did replace them with Continental DWS TIRES last week just so I could get a more luxurious ride and better snow traction as well.

  27. Even if you don’t go to the mountains often in SoCal or let’s say you drive a camaro as in SoCal would you still recommend these tires ?

  28. I'd love to have a tire like this but my car does requires the use of tires with Seal inside because it does not came with space for spare tire and no repair kit, for my application I could only find the pirelly cinturatto 4 seasons, I wish more companies had tires that fitted what I needed… very good review! thanks for bringing it out!

  29. Doing a follow-up that these tires handle nice for my Shelby GT500. Been through the rain and dry roads and the tires grips nicely and handling is better than expected. Tires are quiet cruising and high speeds. They do look low profile than the Goodyear tires I replaced. All and all I am glad I got the Continental DWS 06. Go Team Shelby!

  30. 25K – 50K miles? Seems low, I am driving on original equipment which are Goodyear Eagle LS2 which people seem to hate, but I have had no issues. I live in Chicago so at times I see all 4 seasons in one week, I am currently at 50K miles with 5/32 tread left. I am shopping for tires now because I know 60K will come fast, and I need to be ready. I was hoping to find something better if there is such a thing, but reading reviews and watching videos there seems to be issues and problems with all tires.

  31. if I need to replace it because the S for snow is not visible and need to buy a new winter tire then it has no sense.
    I can buy a set of summer tires and a set of winter ones and change them as season requests

  32. I just put these on my Tesla Model 3 Performance (20” wheels).

    Overall, they’re a great all-season tire.

    They’re just a hair louder than the stock Michelin Pilot 4S summer tires, but virtually the same.

    And the traction isn’t as strong as the Michelin summer tires, but that’s to be expected. I can get it to slip on hard launches, basically going from a 3.3 0-60 to maybe 3.5. I’m okay with that 🙂

  33. Would you recommend these for RWD cars like the Mustang EcoBoost? In general or as substitute for changing between summer and performance winter tires?

  34. Probably better than the Goodyear F1 runflats on my Camaro. I'm just waiting to wear those tires out before replacing them though.

  35. I just put a set of 4 Yokohama Avid Ascend GT's on a car, then saw a Nissan Juke in the WalMart parking lot that had these tires on it, and wondered why I didn't know about them. I'm definitely happy with the Yokohamas, and I also recommend the Cooper Zeon RS3's for this same type of situation, but I'm now wanting to try these Continentals on something.

  36. Just put a set of 275/40/ZR20 on my ‘18 Challenger R/T with the 20×9.5 Hellcat wheels and it rides like a totally different car in a really good way. They look great too but that’s just a bonus.

  37. Mike, i was looking at this tire and the General Tire G-Max AS 05. Which one do you prefer as the better all-round tire between both of them?

  38. This tire is one of 4 that I am looking into Great explanation on the specifics on this particular tire thanks .

  39. had these on my Maxima V6 7yrs ago. These tires are awesome in wet, i can corner like if it was on dry road. Dry road and cornering is good too. You'll get a very quiet ride especially on highway. Forget about the S for snow. you'll be a fool to think these tire can replace a set of dedicated winter. Lots of grip in dry/wet but don't last long. Good 3 season tire!

  40. Please get on the #topsnappodcast .. We will get the Chevy SS Sedan done #ssholdencar at your shop. We are going with CONTI DWS DRY WET SNOW this week.!

  41. I'm going to try these on my Subaru this fall. My pirelli p zero ultra high performance tires were awful in the snow. Decent wear life though.

  42. im on my second set of these tires on my acura rlx 245/45/18 I got 48k miles out of my first set and they still had tread on them. on dry road the grip and handling is great on wet road they were really good I felt very confident, in the snow they were surprisingly good we get a bit of snow here in the northeast if you want a tire that does it all I highly recommend this tire. I purchased the dws06  over the Pirelli cinturato p7 and glad I did not trashing the Pirelli but the conti's were just better.

  43. Your BMW is a rear wheel drive. You could have some alien tire technology that hasn't been developed yet that's amazing for snow conditions and you still wouldn't want to take that thing in the snowy mountians. Rear wheel drives are for non-snow conditions. I live in Minnesota so I know what I'm talking about

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