Know Your Mods Ep4 : Tires – Hankook Ventus V12 evo2

Hey everyone! Welcome back to ModBargains and ModAuto for another episode of Know Your Mods. I’m your host Mike Brown
co-founder and CEO. Today I’m excited to talk to you about of really really
popular tire of ours; the Hankook Ventus V12 evo2. Now when you think about it
you’ve done a lot of mods on your car… hopefully at least… and the only one that
actually touches the actual asphalt is your tires. So this is not a decision to
take lightly when you’re choosing a tire you need to understand exactly what you
need for the conditions that you’re going through. The Hankook Ventus V12
evo2 tire is an Ultra High Performance Summer Tire. Now don’t be fooled by the
the term “summer” because it actually performs pretty well on the wet as well.
So what are you looking for an Ultra High Performance Summer tire? You want something that is going to grip in the dry, is gonna grip in the rain and is
also going to have low road noise as well as good tread life. This tire delivers
on all four of those categories, what is it not deliver on? Do not drive this
tire in the ice or in the snow. It is not designed for that because it has a
fairly soft rubber compound. Freezing temperatures will freeze -literally- this
rubber and make it dangerous for you to drive on those roads. We have other tires
which are specifically designed for those road conditions; however most of
you guys out there that are driving high performance cars that we help you modify….
are not necessarily looking to drive your nice 19 inch 20 inch wheels and
tires around in the snow. This tire is designed for conditions that are
summer-like or you know anywhere where your going to have rain but not have a ton of snow or ice. So what makes this tire
so popular? The Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 …why this tire? It’s got a great blend
of dry traction, wet traction, and it’s a really good bang for the buck. This is
why we sell a ton of these specifically for a lot of our European
high-performance, domestic high performance, and JDM high-performance. All the guys love this tire. Some unique things about it. It’s got a nice center patch
here that increases your dry traction, and on the side of that it has a large channels
which are designed to basically take rain and get rid of it. Now if you ever seen a track tire there is basically none of this tread on their. Why? Because you’re trying to
put as much of rubber onto a clean pavement surface as possible with the track tire and give you maximum traction. But for a street tire where your driving on multiple conditions… you need this tread in order to handle multiple conditions especially
wet where it can get a little bit dangerous on the roads if you don’t have the proper
tire. Speaking of motorsports Hankook is actually very involved in motorsports
you’ll see them on a lot of race cars. But we’re talking about for most of you,
your daily driven vehicle now for a daily driver you want something that is
gonna last have great traction and be really good
and affordable for the price. That’s why the Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 is so popular with our customers. Another great thing about the Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 tire is that
it’s in the Ultra-High Performance Summer category it’s not in the Max Performance
Summer category what’s the difference between the two categories? The ones in max performance are even stickier their softer rubber. What that means is that it
takes a little bit more force to get the tire rolling because your focused on
traction especially in corners. So that’s why this is a very popular daily driver
tire is because with that slightly harder but still soft compound tire, you’re
going to get the tires rolling faster and that means that you’re going to use
less fuel in order to do so going to get a little bit better gas mileage with this
tire. It’s also going to wear slightly better than your Max
Performance Summer tire category. A lot of vehicles these days are coming
from the factory with run-flat tires. The only thing that a run flat tire is better than
a standard radial tire at is… running went flat. it is worse in traction, its worse in
road noise, its worse in tread life its worse in just about every single category.
It’s like DOUBLE the cost. So if you go with a tire like this… you can
improve on everything except for if you get a flat tire. Now most of us have
things like AAA or some sort of roadside assistance to actually minimize
that risk. And if you think about how many times you’ve actually had a flat tire it’s not that often and it’s usually not
something where it’s going to be like life-or-death like they sell you on
run-flats. So keep in mind that this tire is going to be much cheaper have
better tread life and have lower road noise all the benefits that you get by
switching to a standard radial tire that we’ve been running on for decades. So
don’t be scared that it’s not a run flat and your factories are run flats because
it’s really not that big of a deal and this one is going to be cheaper and
perform better. So I’ve covered a ton of benefits for you with this Hankook
Ventus V12 evo2 tire. If you’re looking to get a set for your own car, we’re
happy to help you out here at ModBargains. We stock a ton of the inventory here, we’ve used it on our own personal cars, we have all the fitments in stock ready to go. So if
you’re ready to enjoy your tires, get rid of those stock run-flats which are
holding you back. We’re here ready to help you out at ModBargains. Give us a call

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